Wednesday, November 7th, 2012

Israel - Jewish war criminal murdered hundreds of Germans with rat poison after WWII - still not satisfied

Original plan: Poison water supply in five large German cities
But I still don't think the Germans have paid for what they did.
Nothing can balance what they did


Joseph Harmatz - Maim Mendele


According to other sources Joseph Harmatz was also known to use the alias Maim Mendele. The Jewish 'revenge movement' he was part of was calledNokmim or Nakam. In early 1998 he was living in an apartment in the fashionable suburb of Ramat Aviv, a block away from the home of the assassinated Israeli premier Yitzhak Rabin.



Allan Sørensen - Danish journalist for Christian newspaper Kristeligt Dagblad. Caption: [...]

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Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

Ivan the Terrible - Legal experts prophesize failure of Demjanjuk trial

Forensic evidence does not support the case - fatal errors by the prosecution


Report Mainz - June 8 2009 (ARD)


John Demjanjuk


Fraudulent ID Card - Click to enlarge


Anton E. Winkler, DA Munich


Acquitted in Israeli Court

Note that the experts and the program focus entirely on the question if the case can be won. Nobody seems concerned that a possibly completely innocent man who already was dragged through a former extradition and was sentenced to death, and already spent 13 years in an Israeli jail, (4 on death row) now again has to satisfy the never ending Jewish lust for putting their [...]

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Friday, November 7th, 2008

’Nazi hunter’ Efraim Zuroff shocked: Danish Nazi officer Soren Kam gets peace





Lise-Lotte Nilas
Public Prosecutor





Efraim Zuroff

The self appointed avenger Efraim Zuroff from the disgraced Simon Wiesenthal Center was shocked to hear that the Danish Justice Department has given up its attempts to have 86 year old wartime collaborator SS Obersturmführer Soren Kam extradited from Germany and put on trial.
I’ll translate from the Copenhagen newspaper Politiken:

Kam acquitted of the Nazi accusation
It can not be proved that Soeren Kam played a role in the effort to send the Danish Jews in German death camps, the State Prosecutor decided.
There has been found no reason to investigate Soren Kam's importance for the [...]

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Wednesday, September 17th, 2008

New book by Erik Haaest dealing with alleged Danish Nazi war criminal Soren Kam

Soren Kam - Hitler's Danish favorite


Soren Kam - Hitlers Danish Favorite
From Knight of the Iron Cross to the top of Simon Wiesenthal's list


Published by Bogans Forlag, 228 pages illustrated with hitherto unknown photographs and documents, hardback, ISBN 978 87 7466 494 9 - Can be ordered in advance from bookstores or here.
Price Dkr. 248,- including VAT



Dem SS Obersturmführer Sören Kam
anlässlich der Verleihung des Ritterkreuzes

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