Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

Denmark: Kurt Westergaard murder plot - Somali suspect’s sister accuses secret service

Pakistani Mullah Mohammad Yousaf Qureshi, Peshawar: the 1 million dollar reward still stands
Danish Secret Service alledgedly recruited, the Somali who attacked Kurt Westergaard


Fatima: I don't think he planned it


Mohammad Yousaf Qureshi Peshawar


Simi Jan (Pakistani reporter TV2) interview
Mullah Quereshi: I am delighted. He is a great warrior, who had to courage to do it for the sake of Islam. He was unlucky that he didn't reach his goal. That is a pity, because it is a duty to kill the cartoonist.


Simi Jan: Why is it [...]

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Saturday, January 2nd, 2010

Denmark: Mohammed Cartoonist Kurt Westergaard attacked by Somali immigrant

Somali immigrant shot by police


Kurt Westergaard


The famous Mohammed cartoon


Chief inspector Bent Preben Nielsen


Zubair Butt Hussein - Islamist

Of course the islamophile media immediately used the opportunity to invite one of Denmarks most dangerous islamic extremists Zubair Butt Hussein into the studio. Dangerous, because he knows what pays off in Denmark, and what to say in public, in order to further his sharia purposes. Of course he 'distanced' himself from the attack, because he knows it will be much easier to islamize the country by way of demography and political infiltration. Together with imam Abdul Wahid Petersen, and prominent [...]

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Thursday, December 18th, 2008

White cab drivers in Denmark: Too dangerous to pick up Somalis


Dansk version

Somali immigrants spread fear among taxi drivers
Taxi driver with 25 years experience: 'We don't want to risk life and limb'
Transcript of TV news broadcast TV2 Tuesday December 16, 2008

Danish cab drivers refuse Somalis


Dutch cab driver complains

Jes Dorph Pedersen TV2: Taxi drivers in the Danish city of Kolding have started a boycott of a special group of customers. The chauffeurs say that during the last six month they have been harassed by a group of Somalis, who perpetrate violence, [...]

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