Friday, May 15th, 2009

Anti-islamic Congress in Cologne - German TV used neo-Nazi provocateurs

False Flag? Serious suspicions of foul play by the media


As many people will know there was a large anti-islamic manifestation in the German city of Cologne May 10 this year, organized by Pro Köln [Now also a political party] .
Several prominent politicians from European nationalist parties such as Vlaams Belang [Belgium] and FPÖ [Austria] were present and gave speeches.

Pro-Köln is a coalition of political groups based in Cologne that seeks to halt the Islamization of the city, as well as the rest of Germany.
It has been active in forming alliances with groups in other countries, [...]

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Sunday, September 14th, 2008

Denmark: Street war between Hells Angels and immigrant gangs spreading

Clashes in Denmark between bikers, hangarounds and patriots, versus immigrant gangs and left wing extremists. Right hand column updated april 14, 2010.


(Off Topic News April 14 2010) National Socialist Leader acquitted of racism charges.
Update February 13 2010: 76 Bandidos bikers in Berlin are said to be joining the Hells Angels, Danish bikers have done the same.
Bandidos join Hells Angels (racial divide was given as a reason on TV, but is not reflected in the article)
Update August 20, 2009: Denmark: Violence explodes again - Policeman and two others [...]

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