Monday, November 5th, 2007

Asian Scotland Yard officer Ali Dizaei scorns Danish police and requires more racism in Denmark


Ali Dizaei - Iranian - Dual nationality


Extra facts:
The Danish police intelligence agency PET each year collects reports about racist incidents from the countries police precincts. The purpose according to PET is ‘to find out if signs of more organized and systematic criminal actions resulting from racism and xenophobia can be detected’. In Britain, the (alleged) victim exclusively decides if a case is registered and investigated as a racist crime. Only after the police have investigated the case more closely the claim of racism can eventually be dismissed.In Denmark, it is the police who exclusively decide weather a case is [...]

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Wednesday, June 20th, 2007

Flyer from the Danish Association ‘Dansk Kultur’ in English and German translations

News about the secretive EU »Euromediterranean Project« hardly mentioned in reports about the rebellion of a group of postal workers .
In stead the media exploded with senstional headlines about a 'racist flyer' that immigrant postal worker(s?) refused to deliver.
Also a look at our liberal Danish society and permissive attitudes to left wing extremsts and islamists for comparison.

Cover of flyer from Dansk Kultur
It reads:
Free Muslim Immigration to Europe

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