Thursday, July 19th, 2012

Denmark: Leading pediatrician accuses Chief Rabbi Bent Lexner of having caused harm during circumcisions

Danish Parliament discusses ban on religious circumcision
Video with English subtitles further down


Male Circumcision - Controversial Procedure


Steffen Kretz - DR News Anchor


'Doctor has seen complications'


Dr. Preben Kirkegaard


Keld Koplev - Born and Raised Jewish


Chief Rabbi Bent Lexner


Before becoming Denmark's Chief Rabbi, he was working as a kosher butcher.
Circumcision is not only a religious, but also a national practice
Circumcision is called Brith Milah in Hebrew, and is the name of the pact the Jewish people made with the patriarch Abraham See 1. Mos. 17 v.11-12. It is the Jewish viewpoint, that the circumcision of boys, [...]

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