Thursday, June 21st, 2012

FN Migrationschef, Goldman Sachs bestyrelsesmedlem og Bilderberger Peter Sutherland: EU skal underminere nationernes homogenitet

Nedenstående er et uddrag af den meget længere tekst:


Peter Sutherland - Bilderberg - Goldman Sachs - BP & UN's Advocate for Genocide


... Rumsfeld is an active Bilderberger. So is General Peter Sutherland from Ireland, a former European Union commissioner and chairman of Goldman Sachs and BP. Rumsfeld and Sutherland served together in 2000 on the board of Swiss energy company ABB. And ABB happened to have sold two light-water nuclear reactors to North Korea. At the time, of course, North Korea was not an active member of the "axis of evil". Source


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