Thursday, July 19th, 2018

Jews and the Western Tradition - The Luke Ford Show - Starring Rodney Martin

The influence of Jewish presence on American Society

Jews and the Western Tradition - starring Rodney Martin & Luke Ford
Moderator Halsey English

In case this video is censored by YouTube it can be downloaded here: 20180718-Luke-Ford-Rodney-Martin-Halsey-English-Jews-And-The-Western-Tradition.mp4 ca. 400 MB

YouTube Channel: Luke Ford Livestreams
Luke Ford debates Rodney Martin - Halsey English moderates:
Rodney Martin's sources:
Luke's sources: Judaism as a Group Evolutionary Strategy - A Critical Analysis of Kevin MacDonald’s Theory and PDF-FOR-RYAN.pdf (Mainly statistics from PEW research)


Luke Ford is an Australian born White convert to Orthodox Judaism, Halsey English is [...]

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