Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

Democratic Libyan TV-station Libya Alhurra’s new Head of News - Danish journalist Jeppe Nybroe; sacked for manipulating Iraq war news in Denmark

Danish Jeppe Nybroe new News Director for Libyan TV station 'Libya Alhurra'.


Jeppe Nybroe, DR - now Libya Alhurra


Systematic Torture.. (enlarge image)

Last year's 'Jeppe' May 18, 2011


Steen Noerskov [Nørskov] DR [enlarge]


Allegedly 'live footage' of torture of Syrian demonstrators was presented with great pathos while warning of 'extremely graphic images', and a rare critical question from the studio residing host to the 'reporter in the field'; Steen Noerskov [Nørskov] about the authenticity of these images was woven away. The caption under the at times very unclear pictures was 'Syria -SYSTEMATIC TORTURE'.
Denmark's Radio (DR) stressed that the footage was [...]

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