Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

Denmark: Marie Krarup - Politician from the patriotic philo-semitic Danish People’s Party supports genital mutilation of boys and girls

Judaized Priests & Co's True Colors


Marie Krarup - Danish People's Party


Morten Frisch - Stop the madness


Katrine Winkel Holm - Lutheran !?
Katrine Winkel Holm 20 februar 2014: Derfor skal drengeomskæring ikke forbydes - Øjenåbnende omskæringsdebat


Kathrine Lilleør - Lutheran !?


Jesper Langballe - Lutheran !?

Short video clip documenting Mrs. Marie Krarup's remarks further down - English subtitles.
During a debate about religiously motivated genital mutilation organized by the anti Islamic Free Speech Society [Trykkefrihedsselskabet], most recently in the news because of the attempted murder of the organizations president, Lars Hedegaard, Mrs. Marie Krarup, MP for [...]

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