Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

Tea Party Patriots - Potential terrorists? - Interviews with founder Jenny Beth Martin & SPLC’s Mark Potok


Jenny Beth Martin - Tea Party Patriots

'Ordinary citizens wanting to reclaim the fundamental principles that America was founded on, these are not radical ideas..'


Peter Keldorf - DR:'Some say it is an extremist and radical movement.'

Potok: Right wing extremist Nazis, ready to put other people into gaschambers
Peter Lavelle (R.T. News), Amy Cooter (University of Michigan) John Wallace, (American Patriot Movement and Oath Keeper) Mark Potok (Jewish dominated anti-white hate speech organization Southern Poverty Lawcenter [SPLC])
The first video is an interview by Danish Public Service broadcaster Danmarks Radio with Tea Party co-founder Jenny Beth Martin.
DR-Udland, host Ida Ebbensgaard [...]

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