Sunday, March 2nd, 2014

From Xenophobia to Oikophobia & Do we really want a Jewish state?

(Reblogged) Alimuddin Usmani Interviews Gilad Atzmon - we spoke about Dieudonné, the 'socialist' , The Zionification of the Left,  Oikophobia, the devastating impact of the Frankfurt Yeshiva and the 68 revolution, Bernard-Henri Lévy [BHL] , Shoa & Humour, the Jewish Question and more.. 25 février 2014 - Gilad Atzmon : «Se moquer des autres est un domain réservé aux seuls juifs»

Alimuddin Usmani: Joe le Corbeau is a French cartoonist. He is a friend of Dieudonné and often makes a mockery of Zionist figures like BHL, 'the Holocaust religion' and the New World Order. On January 28, he was [...]

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