Thursday, October 24th, 2013

Gilad Atzmon: Jewish power, is the capacity to stop us from talking about Jewish power

'the so called anti-Zionists, are actually far more dangerous'
Jewish infiltrated left wing liberals more dangerous than Alan Dershowitz and Abe-ADL-Foxman

Should I take the time to listen to one more lenghty, slow, often seemingly stuttering interview with Gilad Atzmon? And I did, and again it was time well spent in inspiring company!
I have transcribed a few paragraphs from the interview by Ryan Dawson; that is from the 15 minutes excerpt embedded below from the one hour interview.
Fearless as ever, and now it seems even with glee Atzmon provokes his opponents; his 'distractors', as he calls them, and says that the [...]

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