Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

Denmark: Homo lobby wanted to name Copenhagen square after convicted pedophile Axel Axgil

Iconic 'gay rights activist' famous for being the first homosexual to get officially 'married' served year in prison for sex with children
Politicians overlooked the dark side of 'gay hero'


Axel Axgil gay icon - Sodomized minors


Vivi Jelstrup - 'LGTB' activist


Jimmy Saville - BBC Pedophile
Why do the media keep on spreading homosexual propaganda?

A corner of the main public square in Copenhagen; Raadhuspladsen [townhall square] is not going to be named after 'gay rights' icon Axel Axgil anyway. The Copenhagen technical department has been made aware of the fact that Axel Axgil, who died in 2011, [...]

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