Friday, May 15th, 2009

Anti-islamic Congress in Cologne - German TV used neo-Nazi provocateurs

False Flag? Serious suspicions of foul play by the media


As many people will know there was a large anti-islamic manifestation in the German city of Cologne May 10 this year, organized by Pro Köln [Now also a political party] .
Several prominent politicians from European nationalist parties such as Vlaams Belang [Belgium] and FPÖ [Austria] were present and gave speeches.

Pro-Köln is a coalition of political groups based in Cologne that seeks to halt the Islamization of the city, as well as the rest of Germany.
It has been active in forming alliances with groups in other countries, [...]

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Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

German law now also applies in Denmark - neo-Nazi music producers to be extradited for thought crimes

Note: updated 7 October at 21:00 extradition victims to fight decision; further down.
'Denmark extradites two for hate-music'




I red the wrong book


Tazed by thought control squad



Ex Justice minister Lene Espersen


Justice minister Lene Espersen, now Minister of Commerce, two years ago said the same things her British colleagues did, even though experts warned. A newspaper quoted: Lene Espersen: 'EU is not going to change our racism laws.' EU's first racism law is ready. But the Justice Ministry maintains that the law will have no effect on [...]

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Thursday, August 28th, 2008

Nazi propagandists in Denmark demanded extradited by Germany

Danish freedom, liberal values and national sovereignty put to the test




Denmark has become a symbol of freedom of speech in Europe. Perhaps the last country in Western Europe, which has not yet succumbed to political correctness and the whims of the New World Order, when it comes to censorship and severe restrictions on free speech.
The pressure of islamists world wide, including burning of embassy's and death threats towards those involved in the publication of the so called Muhammed Cartoons, did not make Denmark stray from its course. Pressure from Jewish organizations, the EU and the Jewish / German [...]

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