Monday, February 23rd, 2009

Denmark: Two men accused of distributing Nazi music to be extradited to Germany on Tuesday

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Brigitte Zypries, Germany''s Jewish ''Justice Minister'' wanted to export the Jewish laws to all of Europe. Seems succesful at last.

Facts about the case


The two men deny having had anything to do with the production and distribution of the material, which is seen by Germany as offending to Jews. One of them admits to having stored the CDs for a friend.
After having spent 4 month in custody in Denmark, they were released on December 24, pending the demand to have the case tried in the High Court, on condition that they report to a local police [...]

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Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008

Denmark: Alleged Nazi-music distributors’ extradition appeal failed in High Court

Judicial farce exposing vicious EU laws continues - Denmark serves up it's own children to Stasi-Germany - Update December 23 Breaking news: Hostages to be released pending supreme court appeal!
Copenhagen December 22, 2008
Alleged Nazi music distributors to be extradited to Germany


A 33-year old Dane and a 34 year old German citizen will be extradited to Germany, where the German police want to prosecute the men for having distributed music which incites to racial hatred.
The Danish High court [Oestre Landsret] decided on December 22, 2008 to confirm the previous decision from the Court in Elsinore that the extradition warrant [...]

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Saturday, December 20th, 2008

Denmark: Alleged distributors of Nazi-music fight extradition - Verdict on Monday December 22


High Court in Copenhagen December 19, 2008
Lawyer fights hard against the extradition of two young men to Germany, which wants both on trial for the alleged distribution of 'Nazi-music' to German customers.


Arne Stevns -Prosecutor



Mikael Skjødt - Lawyer

'Extradition is compulsory'.
So simply did the North Zealand public prosecutor Arne Stevns present his case, when pleading for a go ahead and hand over the two men over to [...]

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Saturday, November 15th, 2008

Sweden refuses to extradite Danish Nazi-music distributor to Germany


Anna Ardin a Swedish Christian Social Democrat with
CIA connections who accused Julian Assange of sexual molestation, rape?

Original post continues below this update

Update Breaking:
Wikileaks Julian Assange to be extradited to Sweden and beyond?
Accusations of rape by two Swedish woman; Anna Ardin, political secretary of the Swedish Christian Socialdemocrats, who allegedly has CIA and other shady connections, and Sofia Wilén. Anna Ardin also is known to be a pro lifer otherwise known as anti-abortion activist, and as an animal rights activist, a species which sometimes can resort [...]

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Monday, November 3rd, 2008

European Arrest Warrant extradition victim Flemming - TV interview

Interview from jail cell with Alleged hate-music distributor Flemming, his solicitor Mikael Skjodt and German prosecutor Doris Möller-Scheu


Video TV2 Oktober 30, 2008 - Youtube


Zypries - Waffen ZZ


Doris Möller-Scheu
Prosecutor's Office in Frankfurt am Main


Michael Schjodt [Schjødt] - Solicitor


Flemming (left) Soren Juhler


Peter Skaarup - Danish People's Party

Jesper Steinmetz (news anchor): A 32 year old Danish man believes that he is wrongfully imprisoned for a crime he could not go to jail [...]

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Thursday, October 23rd, 2008

Denmark: Alleged Nazi-music distributors extradition case in court in Elsinore

Update October 23 and 31: Court ruled for extradition to proceed - Victims appealed [bottom]
Politiken: 'The small court room in the city of Elsinore, was packed so tightly, that Judge Ida-Louise Apostoli had to ask the latest arrivals to stay outside.'


Elsinore, a small city north of Denmark's capital Copenhagen, was the residence of William Shakespeare's main character in his famous play 'Hamlet'. From the same play, the phrase 'There's something rotten in the state of Denmark' gained notoriety.
And indeed, there certainly is something rotten in the State of Denmark these days. We are talking about a country [...]

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Sunday, October 5th, 2008

Extradition: Fredrick Töben, Danish Nazi music producers, 86 year old Nazi Soren Kam

This post is an effort to combine some similar and simultanously unfolding cases relating to the European Arrest Warrant, concerning Britain, Denmark, Germany and explain some of it to a wider public.
I'm warning you; this could become a bit confusing.
At lot of related things seem to happen at virtually the same moment these days.




Fredrick Töben 1999 arrest at Mannheim Germany | Download





'Holocaust denier' Fredrick Töben and two Nazi music producers face the same thing these days: Extradition to the currently reigning heirs of the Third Reich, commonly known as the Federal Republic of Germany.
A similar [...]

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