Saturday, June 13th, 2009

Danish People’s Party kosher certified: EJC Jews remove DPP from blacklist


Kosher Approved Stamps - Tax Paid


Moshe Kantor President - EJC



Finn Rudaisky - Jewish DPP Councillor

August 2008 - Finn Rudaizky, a former leader of the Jewish Community in Denmark, [Mosaisk Trosssamfund] member of the Danish anti-Nazi league, member of the Danish Council for Refugees, and former member of International Network against Islamophobia and Anti-Semitism, joins the xenophobic, nationalist, anti-EU Danish People's Party (DPP). More


Geert Wilders - Wailing Wall, skullcap


What will poor Wilders say..., when the blame won't sail away....?
I am wailing, I am wa-ai-ling, Oh Moshe hear me, set me free,.... I am saying, devoutly pray-ing, [...]

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