Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

Danish government criticizes Sweden for undemocratic election practices and censorship

The centre right Danish government made up of the two governing liberalistic parties Venstre and Konservative and their coalition partner, the nationalist Danish People's Party say that the Swedish elections ought to be monitored.


Elections in Sweden - Pick up your favorite party's ballot in full public view!

The governing parties think freedom of speech is under pressure in the Swedish election campaign.
The nationalistic Swedish party 'Sweden Democrats' [Sverigedemokraterna] is a victim of harsh censorship in the Swedish election campaign, according to Denmark's two governing parties and their coalition partner; the Danish People's Party [DPP - Dansk Folkeparti].
The three Danish parties [...]

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Thursday, March 4th, 2010

Freedom Party Holland - Geert Wilders’ victorious speech - Video English subtitles


Most of the Danish media presented the news about Wilders' succes in their traditional way; by interviewing people who don't approve of Geert Wilders. Many who vote for Wilders, according to the Danish media, don't approve of his 'islamophobic views', but vote for him anyway, but on other issues.

Holland March 4, 2010 Geert Wilders' anti-immigration, anti-Islamic Freedom Party (PVV) makes big gains in municipal elections. The party came out biggest in the city of Almere, and second biggest in the country's government seat, The Hague.
The biggest party!
And it looks like we will become the second biggest party in The [...]

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