Saturday, December 5th, 2009

Climate Gate - Dissent spreading: Senior Danish politician Thor Pedersen calls for fight against climate hysteria

Thor Pedersen: 'Get it back down to earth where it is no longer a religious movement, spreading itself around the world, while nobody really knows what it is we are really implementing, and what price we are really paying.' (Video further down)


Thor Pedersen - Venstre


Lykke Friis - Venstre's Climate Ministr.


Discarded Thor Pedersens comments as if they came from some old fool who still hasn't fully realized that in the age af global consensus on EU and UN 'science' , dictates and agendas have replaced traditional democracy, scientific debate and western freedom values..
Lykke Friis was primarily [...]

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Friday, December 4th, 2009

Denmark Climate Conference - Copenhagen brothels: Free sex for COP15 participants


Sorry to disappoint you. The lovely girl above is not offering her services (at least that we know of) at the Copenhagen Brothels. It is the author of the Ekstra Bladet article I quoted from in this post; Stine Bolther. But you will surely be able to find similar examples of Nordic beauty in Copenhagen.. Remember prostitution is legal only for girls at least 18. The general legal age of consent for sex in Denmark is 15 years. But if you feel like seducing a 13 year old boy for homosexual sex via the internet, it may only cost you [...]

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