Sunday, November 21st, 2010

Denmark - Israel: Danish Security Company G4S protects illegal Israeli settlements

G4S resumes strongly criticized activities, protecting Israelis on the occupied West Bank.


Alf Duch Pedersen - CEO G4S security


Yesh supermarket in the Modi'in Illit settlement, april 2010. Photo: DanWatch.


 G4S guard supermarket - settlement Modi'in Illit, Aug 2010 photo: DanWatch.


Yesh supermarked i settlement Ramat Shlomo, april 2010 photo: DanWatch.

More images from DanWatch


Danish lefties were found guilty of support of terrorism, for sending a small amount of money to the South American communist partisan group FARC. Why are others allowed to support Israeli terrorism, and to be actively involved in the suppression of the indigenous population? Fighters & [...]

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