Friday, August 21st, 2009

Denmark: Violence explodes again - Policeman shot in Copenhagen, shots fired i Odense


Danish rapper Niarn

A 43 year old plain clothes policeman was shot in the belly and in his arm, a white rapper named Niarn [real name Niels Roos] was slightly injured by a grazing shot, and a civilian whose identity was not disclosed was also hit by a bullet in the violence plagued borough of Noerrebro [Nørrebro] in Copenhagen last night around 22:30.
The incident happened outside Jaegersborggade 114. According to officer Mads Firlings from the Copenhagen police none of the victims was in a life threatening condition.
According to Ritzau 10 - 12 shots were fired, after which a [...]

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Friday, July 10th, 2009

Denmark: AK81 group saved elderly couple from attack by immigrant gang

Interference by Hells Angels support group AK81 may have saved elderly couple from tragic fate


Public feels safer with AK81
Police unable to protect citizens



Saint Jønke and the Jackal


Jonke (Jørn Jønke Nielsen) is a spokesman for Hells Angels Denmark who recently became famous for publishing the so called 'Jackal Manifesto' which resonated deeply with large parts of the Danish public and even a number of mainstream politicians.

The Jackal Manifesto
We use the word “jackal” about those we despise for good [...]

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