Forensic evidence does not support the case - fatal errors by the prosecution

  Report Mainz - June 8 2009 (ARD)
  John Demjanjuk
  Fraudulent ID Card - Click to enlarge
  Anton E. Winkler, DA Munich
  Acquitted in Israeli Court
  Note that the experts and the program focus entirely on the question if the case can be won. Nobody seems concerned that a possibly completely innocent man who already was dragged through a former extradition and was sentenced to death, and already spent 13 years in an Israeli jail, (4 on death row) now again has to satisfy the never ending Jewish lust for putting their favorite subject; the so called 'holocaust' at the centre of the stage.
  Dr. Wolfgang Steinke
Former chief of BKA forensic department
  BKA and Anne Frank Diary fraud

The German state forensic bureau, the Bundes Kriminal Amt [BKA] forensically examined the manuscript, which at that point in time consisted of three hardbound notebooks and 324 loose pages bound in a fourth notebook, with special forensic equipment.

The results of tests, performed at the BKA laboratories, showed that “significant” portions of the work, especially the fourth volume, were written with a ballpoint pen. Since ballpoint pens were not available before 1951, the BKA concluded those sections must have been added subsequently.

In the end, BKA clearly determined that none of the diary handwriting matched known examples of Anne's handwriting. The German magazine, Der Spiegel, published an account of this report alleging that (a) some editing postdated 1951; (b) an earlier expert had held that all the writing in the journal was by the same hand; and thus (c) the entire diary was a postwar fake.

The BKA information, at the urgent request of the Jewish community, was redacted at the time but later inadvertently released to researchers in the United States. - More

  Christiaan F. Rüter - Expert Judge
  Fraudulent ID Card - Click to enlarge
  Professor Thomas Feltes
criminologist and judicial expert
  Solomon (Schlomo) Morel - Jewish war criminal. Commander of Communist concentration camp 'ZGODA' in Swietochlowice, Poland - Israel refuses extradiction. More

Translation of transcript from German TV program about the many loose ends in the prosecution's case in the upcoming trial against alleged war criminal John Demjanjuk.

Those who understand German, may wish to view the program in stead of reading the translated transcript. Video first broadcast on Monday June 8 2009, further down.

Begin of transcript:

Speak: Often a story begins like this: In mysterious ways a confidential note from the Bundes Kriminal Amt (BKA) [German Federal Police] ended on our desk.

It stems from the year 1987, and is concerned with the simple question if a particular military ID card is genuine or forged.

In the conclusion the note states that there are a number of remarkable peculiarities, which do not speak for the authenticity of the document.

Why we (unintelligible) ?

Because it is about the alleged military ID from this man; Ivan Demjanjuk.

As a guard in the Sobibor death camp, he is supposed to have helped to drive thousands of Jews into the gas.

He is now to stand trial in Munich, and the mentioned military ID plays a decisive influence in the case.

Ulrich Neumann with some research:

The alleged war criminal Ivan Demjanjuk, 89 years old, who was recently extradited from the US to Germany.

As a Soviet solder he ends up as a German prisoner of war in 1942, and then according to the prosecutor, he becomes a so called voluntary helper of the SS, amongst others in the Sobibor death camp, situated in what now is Poland.

Anton E. Winkler, prosecutor in Munich:

The prosecution accuses Mr. Demjanjuk of being accessory to murder in 29,000 cases.

Speaker: As evidence there is amongst others a witness statement from the seventies in the former Soviet Union, as well as a list of transfers to Sobibor.

The most important piece of evidence is the alleged SS ID card.

Anton E. Winkler: There were forensic specialists from the US who already concluded at an earlier time that this ID is genuine. We do not have the details of this expert opinion, which is why we have decided to have the ID checked once more by the Bavarian police, and the Bavarian police concluded that this ID is genuine.

Speaker: And exactly this has already been reported through several months: The state of the evidence is clear. But is it really?

In retrospect:

In 1987 Ivan Demjanjuk already appeared in court once; in Israel.

The accusation: As Ivan the Terrible he is supposed to have been responsible for the gassing of 900,000 Jews. To begin with he is sentenced to death, but the Israeli high court acquits him in 1993. It is a unanimous decision. And also a preliminary examination regarding his alleged activities in the Sobibor death camp is ended after numerous witness testimonies because of lack of evidence.

Wiesbaden a Thursday in 2009:

We meet in secret with a high placed staff worker from the German Federal police (BKA), he says:

The BKA already examined the military ID in 1987 on request by the Israelis, and already at that time the BKA expressed massive doubt about the authenticity of the SS ID. There even exists a memorandum about it.

And that is the memorandum from 1987 which has come into our hands, which was produced for the president of the BKA [Federal Police].

The forensic experts point out several remarkable peculiarities, and thus doubt the authenticity of the ID card.

Dr. Wolfgang Steinke, at that time director of the forensic department of the German Federal Police (BKA), an institute with a world wide reputation.

We show him a number of important documents about the Demjanjuk case and ask for his judgment.

Amongst others the arrest warrant, expert opinions from the Bavarian police and the (afore mentioned) memorandum from the BKA.

Speaker: Were there light or serious doubts about the authenticity of the ID card?

Wolfgang Steinke: I would say there were strong doubts. For example the date stamp was missing; there were signatures from people who in reality had no authority to do so. There were remarkable features in the printing and the type writer, well already after a superficial examination there were serious doubts. This means that the ID would not have been acceptable as evidence in a court of law.

The Dutch judicial experts, judge Christiaan F. Rüter is one of the most internationally acclaimed experts on the subject of war crime trials.

Here his opinion about the relevant documents in the trial:

The BKA memorandum is serious, and the expert opinion from the police in Munich (Bavarian police) is not.

It does not meet the requirements for two reasons: It doesn't meet the standards for investigation, there were done no forensic analyses of the materials, not of the paper, nor of the ink, which is one thing which has to be done in such cases, and the other point is that because the alleged Demjanjuk ID is compared with three other IDs, and then concludes that those correspond, and thus are authentic, while I do not know anything about these other three IDs either, namely if these are genuine themselves.

That is worse than a mistake in the research; it is a mistake in thinking.

Wolfgang Steinke: It is not my purpose to protect an SS criminal. It is about carrying out a sober regular proceeding which meets the requirements for a state based on the rule of law.

And to do that, one has to submit documents of which it has been confirmed by scientific methods that they are authentic.

Speak: Let's rest here for a moment:

The evidentiary value of the most important document of the upcoming Demjanjuk trial is seriously doubted by renowned experts.

We have confronted the prosecutor's office with these statements

Anton E. Winkler (prosecutor): I don't have to rely on the research from the Bavarian police in Munich, in the end the court will decide if the expert opinion is sufficient, if it establishes the authenticity of the ID and not all the speculations which come from other parties, they are not decisive.

Professor Thomas Feltes is criminologist and judicial expert; his assessment after having studied the documents:

Professor Thomas Feltes: One cannot go to court with such weak evidence and than just trust that the court perhaps by itself relying on its own expertise decides to follow one or the other expert opinion. That doesn't work.

Speak: Conclusion - Is one of the last war crime trials in Germany doomed to failure?

Professor Thomas Feltes: For the victims it would be a failure because they have been given expectations which cannot be fulfilled.

For the justice system it would be a failure, because we have a ground rule that when a case is taken to court we have to be sure that such a case can be made successfully, especially in cases like this, which are about Nazi war crimes, one cannot allow oneself to make mistakes, and they clearly have been made here.

Speaker: The risk to be applauded for this contribution by the wrong side exists, but there also is the risk that the Munich process because of bad preparation becomes a failure for the state.

Who will applaud then, we already know today.

End of transcript.


Debating the Holocaust - A New look at both sides

Demjanjuk is accused of driving thousands of Jews into the 'gas chambers'. Now everybody knows about the gas chambers, isn't it? How come there are people who doubt that, and how come they jail people for asking this and similar questions?
The fact of the matter is, that there has never been found conclusive forensic evidence of these gas chambers! It all comes from eye witness reports.. Will we see another eye witness report from John Demjanjuk before he dies? And will he die as a war criminal, or as just one more late victim of 'the holocaust'?

Comment: It seems reasonable to conclude so far that the infamous ID card is a fake.

Which leaves the question, who would want to do a thing like that and why?

Also interesting; when Demjanjuk was standing trial in Israel, he was accused of being guilty of the murder of almost 900,000; near to one million Jews. Germany's new accusation speaks of 29,000 (twenty-nine-thousand), which is a reduction of 96.8 %!

Where do they get these numbers?


You may find some of the anwers in 'Debating the Holocaust - A new look at BOTH sides'.


Wie sicher ist die Beweislage gegen Demjanjuk?
Ausgestrahlt Montag, 8 Juni 2009 Das Erste - YouTube

Morris Venezia admits to murder on camera

Morris Venezia, a Greek Jew confesses to murder of a completely innocent fellow prisoner on camera.

  Morris Venezia - Murderdered fellow prisoner in cold blood
  Morris Venezia - Murder

Reason: He was a German

On an evacuation train out of Auschwitz:

'He couldn't stood up no more this guy..'

He offered me cigarettes: 'would you let me sit down? He gave me two or three cigarettes. I got up and he sat down. I finished smoking and after ten minutes I said; get up. He didn't get up.'

'Me and a couple of friends, we sit on him. After an hour he was suffocated. We threw him out of the wagon. I was happy. Because the Germans had killed my family, 30 -  40 people. What was a German? Psst that was nothing...'

From the BBC documentary 'Auschwitz'

Note that they had cigarettes and matches, the door was open. He was well informed about the whereabouts of his supposedly killed 30-40 family members, even though he had been interned in Auschwitz.



Balder Blog 13 april 2011 - FBI-rapport sår endnu mere tvivl om beviserne mod angivelig Nazi-fangevogter John Demjanjuk

Balder Blog 30 juni 2010 - Demjanjuk Complot stelt Dreyfus-Affaire in schaduw (Gawain)

Der Spiegel 9 september 2009 - Court Re-Examines War Crimes Suspect's Alleged SS ID

Politiken 13 juli 2009 - Anklageskrift mod kz-vagt er klar

Berlingske Tidende 13 juli 2009 - Tiltalt for 27.900 drab

How many men in the history of this country have been so relentlessly pursued and remorselessly persecuted? The ordeal of this American Dreyfus began 30 years ago.
Patrick J. Buchanan April 14, 2009 - The True Haters

Real Zionist News - German Jews Demand ‘No Mercy’ For Demjanjuk

Balder Blog - Index of recent extradition cases, European Arrest Warrant etc.

Der Jüdische Brigade - Mord und Rache in Deutschland 1945 - Articles about Holocaust, Zionism, Judaism, Jewish Censorship, Israel Lobby, persecution, Revisionism, Holocaust-denial

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»There is nothing like the smell of smells like...victory!«
Lektor Søren Hviid Pedersen (SDU) - Zionist - Facebook - Yndlingscitater

To af de største navne i Londons finansverden har ikke tidligere afslørede forbindelser til slaveri i de britiske kolonier, fremgår det af dokumenter som Financial Times har set.

  Nathan Mayer de Rothschild
  Nathan Mayer de Rothschild
  John Pierrepoint (JP) Morgan
  Jøderne og slavehandlen

'Jøder tog aktivt del i den hollandske koloniale slavehandel; vedtægterne af samfundene i Recife og Mauritius inkluderede en 'imposta' (jødisk skat) på 5 saldos for hver negerslave en braziliansk Jøde købte fra Det (hollandske) Vest Indiske Kompagni. Aktioner over slaver blev udsat hvis de fald på jødiske helligdage. I Curacao i det 17'e århundrede, såvel som i de britiske kolonier Barbados og Jamaica i det 18'e århundrede spillede jødiske slavehandlere en stor rolle ved slavehandlen. I alle amerikanske kolonier, de franske (Martinique), britiske eller hollandske var jødiske købmænd ofte dominerende.

'Dette gjald ikke mindre for det nordamerikanske fastland, hvor Jøder i det 18e århundrede deltog i 'trekantshandlen' der bragte slaverne fra Afrika til de Vestindiske øer, hvor de blev byttet til melasse (sukker sirup), der igen blev fragtet til England og omsat til rom der skulle sælges i Afrika. Isaac Da Costa fra Charleston i 1750'erne, David Franks fra Philadelphia i 1760'erne, og Aaron Lopez fra Newport i de sene 1760'ere og tidlige 1770'ere dominerede den amerikanske slavehandel på det amerikanske kontinent'

Fra: Rabbi Marc Lee Raphael on Jews in the Slave Trade

Lody van de Kamp, an unconventional Orthodox rabbi:

“Money was earned by Jewish communities in South America, partly through slavery, and went to Holland, where Jewish bankers handled it,” he said. “Non-Jews were also complicit, but so were we. I feel partly complicit.”

Though he holds no official position in the Dutch Jewish community, van de Kamp, 65, is among the best-known Orthodox rabbis in the Netherlands, a status earned through his several books on Dutch Jewry and frequent media appearances.

His forthcoming book, a historical novel entitled “The Jewish Slave,” follows an 18th-century Jewish merchant and his black slave as they investigate Dutch-owned plantations north of Brazil in the hope of persuading Jews to divest from the slave trade. In researching the book, van de Kamp discovered data that shocked him. Should Dutch Jews Speak Louder Against Racist 'Black Pete' — and Role in Slavery?

  I dag er den jødiske stat Israel et vigtigt centrum i et verdensomspændende kriminelt edderkoppespind med kvindehandel og prostitution.
  Retfærdiggørelse af slaveriet stammer fra Talmud ifølge Dr. Harold Brackman.

According to Dr. Tony Martin's book, The Jewish Onslaught, the Jewish invention of the Hamitic Myth "provided the moral pretext upon which the entire trade grew and flourished." "There is no denying," said Brackman of the story of Noah, "that the Babylonian Talmud was the first source to read a Negrophobic content into the episode..."

Brackman pointed out further that two third century Jewish "Sages" provided homosexual embellishments for the Biblical story as well.

This "curse" was the absolute basis for the Europeans' choice of dark-skinned Africans for chattel slavery. Many denominations of Christianity, Islam and Judaism believe it and teach it to this very moment! Kilde

Nathan Mayer Rothschild, bankfamiliens 19 århundredes patriark, og James William Freshfield, stifter af Freshfields, byens topprominente advokatfirma har nydt godt af slaveriet viser optegnelser fra de Nationale Arkiver, selv om begge ofte har været fremstillet som modstandere af slaveriet.

Langt fra at være en sag der handler om fjern historie forbliver slaveri i USA med at være et kontroversielt emne i USA hvor Rothschild og Freshfields begge er aktive.

Selskaber der beskyldes for at har haft forbindelser til fortidens slave-uretfærdigheder er kommet under pres for at betale erstatninger.

Investeringsbanken JPMorgan lavede en fem millioner dollars stor uddannelses-fond for sorte studenter i Louisiana efter i 2005 at have undskyldt selskabets historiske forbindelser til slaveri.

Dokumenter fra det britiske arkiv har allerede fået én af de i optegnelserne nævnte banker til at handle i USA.

Da Financial Times gik til Royal Bank of Scotland med information om dens forgængeres forbindelser til slaveriet, undersøgte banken påstanden, opdaterede sine egne arkiver og tilføjede afsløringerne af tidlige involvering i slaveri som selskabet tidligere havde deponeret hos byens autoriteter.

Men det er afsløringerne om Hr. Rothschild og Hr. Freshfield der sandsynligvis vil sørge for det største røre.

I Rothschilds tilfælde afslører dokumenterne for første gang at han tjente personligt ved at bruge slaver som sikkerhed ved bankforretninger med en slaveejer.

Dette vil overraske dem der kender hans rolle ved organiseringen af det lån der finansierede den britiske regerings erstatninger til slaveejere da kolonitidens slaveri blev afskaffet i 1830'erne. Regnet som procentdel af regeringens årlige finansbudget var det den største industri-erstatning nogensinde, og omkostningerne af sidste års bankpakker blegner ved sammenligning.

Chefarkivaren af Rothschild familiens papirer, Melanie Aspey, reagerede med vantro da hun for første gang blev konfronteret med de nye oplysninger fra de Nationale Arkiver, og sagde at hun aldrig havde hørt om sådanne forbindelser før.

Niall Ferguson, Laurence A.Tisch professor (skal forstås som i 'Jean Monnetprofessor') i historie ved Harvard og forfatter af bogen 'The World’s Banker: A History of the House of Rothschild', sagde at dokumenterne viste 'hvor meget slaveri var en del af strukturen af britisk rigdom i 1930'erne.

I Freshfields tilfælde viser papirerne at han og hans søn havde adskillige slaveejere som klienter, for det meste i Caribien. Advokaterne tjente som bestyrere af ejernes besiddelser, og forsøgte i ét tilfælde at få udbetalt firmaets udstående advokatregninger gennem regeringens erstatningsplan der skulle holde slaveejere skadesløse efter afskaffelsen af slaveriet.

Nick Draper, en akademiker fra Londons University College der undersøgte dokumenterne, der nu vil blive basis for en omfattende britiske slaveri database ved førnævnte institution, sagde at optegnelserne forhåbentlig ville sørge for en bedre forståelse af slaveriet i Storbritannien.

'Vi skal udfylde tomrummet mellem dem der benægter slaveriets rolle og dem der påstår at Storbritannien udelukkende blev bygget på slavernes blod,' sagde han.

Såvel Rothschildbanken som Bruckhaus Deringer fra Freshfields var ikke sene til at påpege deres forgængeres anti-slaveri akkreditiver.

Rothschild sagde at Nathan Mayer Rothschild havde været en prominent fortaler for borgerrettigheder med mange ligesindede kollegaer og 'set på denne baggrund ser disse påstande ud til at være selvmodsigende og tegner et misvisende billede af manden og hans selskabs moralsk holdning'.

Freshfields argumenterede med at James William Freshfield var et aktivt medlem af Kirkens Missions Selskab, 'som var engageret i slavehandlen'.

Apologier og indrømmelser

Adskillige institutioner har undskyldt eller indrømmet deres forbindelser til slaveriet, bl.a.:

Aetna, New York Life (forsikringsselskab), JPMorgan, Lehman Brothers, Wachovia Bank (blev senere til Wells Fargo), Yale (universitatet), Brown University, Tony Blair, Sentatet i USA.

(Om ovenstående navne er der i nederst i artiklen flere detaljer at finde som jeg har udeladt fra oversættelsen.)

Oversat fra:

Global Research, June 28, 2009 - Rothschild and Freshfields founders linked to slavery

Den oprindelige artikel stammer fra og er identisk med:

Financial Times 26 juni 2009 - Rothschild and Freshfields founders linked to slavery (kræver gratis login)


Balder Blog 25 juni 2009 - Korruptionsskandale: Organhandler Levy-Izhak Rosenbaum allerede i FBIs søgelys siden 2002

Balder Blog 24 juni 2009 - Tre borgmestre og fem rabbinere arresteret for korruption, pengevask, og handel med organer

Balder Blog 11 marts 2009 - Politiet i Tel Aviv jagter hovedmand i kvindehandler-netværk

Balder Blog 26 august 2008 - Kosmopolitisk erhvervsliv har brug for udenlandske slavearbejdere

Balder Blog 25 marts 2007 - Populær Filmatiseret bog ROOTS om Slaveriet var bedrag 10 januar 2005 - De skyldiges slægt (Slavernes Slægt - Det hele er vores skyld)

Blacks and Jews - Rabbi Marc Lee Raphael on Jews in the Slave Trade

The Last Outpost - The Judaic Role in the Black Slave Trade (med video)

Blacks and Jews - Jews and the Black Holocaust

Jewish Tribal Review - Jews and White Slavery

Name of ship Owners Ethnicity
Four Sisters
Anne & Eliza
Prudent Betty
White Horse
Aaron Lopez, MosesLevy, Jacob Franks
Issac Levy and Nathan Simpson
Moses Levy
Moses Levy
Justus Bosch and John Abrams
Henry Cruger and Jacob Phoenix
Mordecai and David Gomez
Mordecai and David Gomez
Nathan Marston and Abram Lyell
Wm. De Woolf
James De Woolf
Jan de Sweevts
John and Jacob Roosevelt
Moses and Sam Levy and Jacob Franks
Moses and Sam Levy
Source: Elizabeth Donnan, 4 Volumes, 'Documents Illustrative of the History of the Slave Trade to America' Washington, D.C. 1930, 1935 Carnegie Institute of Technology, Pittsburgh, Pa.


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» We will force this war upon Hitler, if he wants it or not« (Winston Churchill in 1936)

Mens den engelske regering vil lade muslimer slippe for forfølgelse for 'hate crimes' får to hvide 7 år og 2 måneder i skyggen for tegneserier!

  Simon Sheppard Stephen Whittle
  Simon Sheppard har en bachelor i matematik fra Sussex Universitet og har publiceret to lægefaglige videnskabelige artikler før han blev forlægger og webudvikler. Han havde skrevet adskillige artikler om informationsteknologi for The Guardian, og stiftede Issue Computer Company.
  'Sheppard: 'You can't blame a Jewish person for being a Jew, you can't blame a black person for being black and you can't blame a Yorkshireman for being forthright, which I am.'
In 2005, Rodney Grant gave a paedophile teacher three years.

Five and a half years for sexually assaulting three children aged between 9 and 11.

Seven years for a paedophile (19 counts) with two previous convictions.

18 months for burgling his own mom.

Woman given 12 months for sex with 13 year old boy.

Three years
for Asian kidnapping Asian.

  Klik billede for større
  Robert Crumb - When the Goddamn Jews (udsnit)

To britiske dissidenter; Simon Sheppard, og Stephen Whittle der efter forgæves at have forsøgt at påberåbe sig asyl i USA blev i dag fængslet i det som menes at være den første domfældelse for 'opfordring til racehad' på internettet.

Simon Sheppard, 52, og Stephen Whittle, 42, blev dømt i Crown Court i Leeds for adskillige overtrædelser af Englands stramme racismeparagraffer, der som vi lige har fået at vide helst ikke skal anvendes på muhamedanere, men udelukkende på hvide mennesker.

De to mænd havde ifølge anklageren 'publiceret groteske billeder af myrdede jødiske mennesker' side om side med karikaturtegninger og artikler der gjorde grin med andre etniske grupper.

Efter deres første retssag flygtede de to mænd til Californien hvor de søgte asyl fordi de mente de blev forfulgt på grund af deres meninger. De blev holdt fængslet i USA indtil de blev udleveret, for asyllovgivningen i USA lige som i de fleste andre Europide lande gælder ikke for hvide mennesker.

Dommer Rodney Grant fortalte de to mænd at materialet der blev brugt i foldere og på internettet var fornærmende og forhånende og havde 'potentiale for at tilføje samfundet stor skade'.

Han sagde: 'Dette er alvorlige forbrydelser. Jeg kan uden nogen form for tvivl sige at jeg sjældent har set materiale der er så grov og fornærmende mod racegrupper i vores samfund.'

Tales of the Holohoax

Undersøgelserne mod de to begyndte da der blev klaget over en pamflet der hedder 'Tales of the Holohoax', der blev rapporteret til politiet i 2004. Det blev sporet til en postboks registreret af Simon Sheppard i Hull, og senere fandt politiet hjemmesiden '' der bragte materialet.

Ifølge anklageren var der én artikel der havde forestillet Auschwitz som et feriested for Jøder som nazisterne havde stillet til rådighed. Anklager Jonathan Sandiford sagde: 'Det generelle tema i artiklen var at Auschwitz-Birkenau faktisk var et feriested for Jøder. Et gennemgående tema var at 'det jødiske folk havde fundet på holocaust-historien for at fremstille tyskerne i et dårligt lys'.

Seksuelt afsporede blodtørstige vilde dyr

Anklageren henviste til en anden artikel skrevet af Stephen Whittle, og sagde: 'Han kom tilbage til det som ser ud til at have været et foretrukket tema; ideen om at negre ikke er ligeværdige med hvide. De er seksuelt afsporede blodtørstige vilde dyr'.


Simon Sheppard fra Selby, Nord Yorkshire, der havde en tidligere racismedom, blev fundet skyldig i 16 overtrædelser og dømt til 4 år og 10 måneder.

Stephen Whittle, fra Preston blev kendt skyldig i 4 overtrædelser og dømt til 2 år og 4 måneder. I det materiale Sheppard blev dømt for var blandt andet tegninger fra Robert Crumb, kendt hos mange for tegneserien Fritz the Cat.

Adil Khan, chef for 'diversity and community cohesion' ved politiet i Humberside, beskrev den vellykkede forfølgelse som 'banebrydende'.

Opdatering 31 juli 2009 - Heretical Two in Court Again (A forfeiture hearing took place on Friday July 31st before judge Grant at Leeds.) June 2012 - News Update from Simon Sheppard (Sheppard released from Jail)


The Guardian 12 juli 2009 - British extremists who fled to US jailed for inciting racial hatred online

A MAN who claims accounts of the Holocaust are 'exaggerated' and describes Anne Frank's diary as 'evil' has been convicted of putting articles on the internet that could stir up race hate.
Yorkshire Post 12 juli 2008 - Holocaust denier convicted of trying to incite race hate online

Ved siden af de mere grovkornet-humoristiske end ondsindende karikaturer findes der en hel del seriøse artikler der beskæftiger sig med f.eks. feminisme og andre emner. Sheppard har også skrevet en bog om Anne Franks Dagbog, der umiddelbar virker ret seriøst. Jeg kan ikke forestille mig andet end at de fleste mennesker med lidt humor inklusiv Jøder må være i stand til at grine af tegneserien 'Tales of the Holohoax', uanset hvad de ellers måtte tro på. Men anklagere, dommere og jødiske pressionsgrupper kender vist ikke meget til humor.
Simon Sheppard og Stephen Whittles hjemmeside - - How the Jews Had Simon Sheppard Imprisoned

Tales of the Holohoax (pdf) tryksagen som Sheppard blev dømt for.

Listen med 18 anklager mod Sheppard

L.A: Times 3 juni 2009 - Convicted in England of hate-related writings, Simon Sheppard and Stephen Whittle believed they would find a free-speech haven in the U.S. The plan backfired

Kommentar: Hvor ironisk at man i England ca. samtidigt med en dom på næsten 5 års fængsel påtænker at lade muhamedanske overtrædere af de samme love slippe mest muligt..

Balder Blog 12 juli 2009 - England: Nye regler for politiet - Muslimer skal skånes for ‘hate crime’ forfølgelse 

Balder Blog - Indeks af Udleveringssager og forfølgelse tankeforbrydelser, europæiske arrestordre

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»The customs of that most criminal nation have gained such strength that they have now been received in all lands. The conquered have given laws to the conquerors« (Seneca 4 BC – 65 AD)

Dhimmificeringen af Storbritannien når groteske højder!


London: I et forsøg på at afholde muslimske ekstremister fra at blive mere militant, udstikker den britiske regering retningslinjer for politiet, der fortæller dem ikke at anklage muslimerne i mange tilfælde af hate crime, et udspil der har skabt forfærdelse blandt kritikere.

Retningslinjerne vil fortælle styrken kun at gå efter en domfældelse i tilfælde af klare kriminelle handlinger, og at afstå fra forfølgelse når bevis for lovbrud er 'på grænsen'.

Politifolk vil blive adviseret til at vende det blinde øje til kriminelle handlinger såsom opfordring til had eller at se på ekstremistisk materiale på internettet.

'For eksempel når der har været opfordret til had eller en person har været på internettet kan der være en gråzone hvor der er et vist spillerum, og det ville være mere fornuftigt at undgå at forfølge det juridiske spor,' citerede avisen Daily Express en kilde i parlamentet for at have sagt.

Kritikere ser derimod udspillet som et politiske korrekt forsøg på at lefle for ekstremister der hader Storbritannien, og advarede at udspillet kunne give radikale islamister friheden til at opfordre til vold.

'Dette lyder som en ynkelig underkastelse. Alle burde være lige i loven øjne. Alle burde have den samme risiko for forfølgelse. Der burde ikke være ingen speciale gunster for nogen del af befolkningen,' sagde David Davies, parlamentsmedlem for de britiske Konservative.

Udspillet følger efter en ny antiterrorisme strategi fra indenrigsministeriet blev bekendtgjort tidligere i år.

En talsmand for indenrigsministeriet sagde: 'Det er en central prioritering for regeringen at forebygge at mennesker bliver radikaliseret. Politiets respons skal være proportionelt i forhold til den kriminalitet der bliver begået, mens den skal mindske risikoen for den offentlige sikkerhed'.

Den nye strategi vil formentlig mindske sandsynligheden for strafforfølgelser mod islamister de protesterer mod vores tropper.

[Der har tidligere på året været voldsomme udskejelser fra rasende muhamedaneres side da hjemvendte britiske trupper der havde været i Irak eller Afghanistan paraderede i gaderne og blev fejret i britiske byer. Balder]

MSN News 11 juli 2009 - UK police issues guidelines to check hate crimes against Muslims

Daily Express 11 juli 2009 - Take it easy on muslim extremists, police told

Bloggen 'Socialisme - Venstrefløjens snigende diktatur' nåede lige at komme mig i forkøbet. Han har lidt flere detaljer, men ingen kildeangivelse.

Socialisme - Venstrefløjens snigende diktatur - Tag det roligt med muslimske ekstremister

Kommentar: Ja man skulle tro det var løgn, og indtil videre har jeg kun fået dette bekræftet af MSN news. På den anden side er det ingen overraskelse hvis sådanne politikker allerede uformelt bliver fulgt også i Danmark.

Samtidigt med denne nye planer om rabat til muhamedanere, blev to hvide englændere dømt sammenlagt 7 år og 2 måneders fængsel for en respektløs holocaust-tegneserie.

Balder Blog 12 juli 2009 - England: Sheppard og Whittle 4 år og 10 måneder for holocaust-karikaturer

Hadske muhamedanere demonstrerer i Luton | Flere

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Interference by Hells Angels support group AK81 may have saved elderly couple from tragic fate

  Public feels safer with AK81
Police unable to protect citizens
  Saint Jønke and the Jackal  - Skt. Jønke og Sjakalen
  Saint Jønke and the Jackal
  Jonke (Jørn Jønke Nielsen) is a spokesman for Hells Angels Denmark who recently became famous for publishing the so called 'Jackal Manifesto' which resonated deeply with large parts of the Danish public and even a number of mainstream politicians.
  The Jackal Manifesto
We use the word “jackal” about those we despise for good reason. A term that fits well in this context, and, seen from the true character of the animal, is well chosen. Jackals are easy to recognize from their stupid attitudes and cowardly patterns of conduct. Using this term for them is not based on prejudice or narrow-minded unwillingness to understand their “difficult circumstances”. Instead it is a term chosen after extensive consideration based on countless experiences and a life among them. From when there were just a few of them until today, when they are numerous enough to gather in groups. The Jackal Manifesto is not to be considered a derision of people with a certain tone of skin or a particular religion, nor is it a derision of the animal whose name is being used. Some self-righteous individuals will probably think of it in that way — peace be upon them, and then leave the victimization to them. No, the Manifesto is to be thought of as a usable tool for understanding those individuals who through threats, terror and violence hold innocent Danes, children, young and older, of all races and both genders, in an iron grip of fear. More

Mark Von Vogel suffered two immigrant attacks - the third time he didn't even bother to call the cops

After three incidents with immigrant youth, Mark Von Vogel has learned his lesson - there's no help to be found anywhere.

Twice Mark von Vogel, 39, a former swimming trainer and now coach, has experienced attacks by groups of immigrant youth aged 13 - 17 years.

Both times he miraculously succeeded to get away without suffering serious injuries. The incidents cost him a broken tooth, blows and spit in his face. Both times he found that the police at the Bellahoj Station (Copenhagen) were utterly uninterested in catching the young immigrants.

- It was my impression that the police didn't seem to find it worthwhile to arrest them and drag them through the legal procedures, because they would not suffer any serious sanctions anyway, Mark Von Vogel says.

Harassed elderly couple

Just a few weeks ago he saw an elderly couple being harassed by 4 - 5 immigrant males near Vesterport Station in the center of Copenhagen.

- I shouted at them and asked what the hell they were doing. They looked at me, and I just had time to think 'oh no not again'.

But then two crew-cut guys wearing vests and leather jackets appeared - I don't know if they were AK81 - and ran after them.

I then helped the elderly couple instead, both were rather shaken. I followed them to the Hundige train, and they were not interested in involving the police. And I had already learned from my former experiences: There was no reason to call the police, because nothing comes of it, Mark Von Vogel says.

Hells Angels biker Jonke is right

It is sad to have to say this, but Jonke is absolutely right in what he writes in the Jackal Manifesto.

The immigrant youth has never experienced any consequences from the side of Danish society, Mark Von Vogel says.

The first time he was mugged he broke a tooth after having been attacked by a group of 10-15.

He succeeded Mark Von Vogel to flee and get to the Bellahoj police station in order to file a complaint. The police told him they would call if they had any news.

They never called, he says.

Three years ago a police patrol refused to let Mark Von Vogel find security inside a police car, when he was attacked by a mob of immigrant youth who struck him and threw stones at him in Norrebro in the heart of Copenhagen

The police said there was no reason to stir up a situation, Mark Von Vogel remembers.


Translated from:

B.T. July 6 2009 - Optrappet kriminalitet men ingen hjælp

Masked immigrant gang members show off their weapons to the press
and threaten the natives with murder - English subtitles
(Hat tip Counter Jihad)



Copenhagen police believe a young man who was shot and wounded yesterday evening in the Nørrebro district of the capital, was mistaken for a well-known member of the Hells Angels support group AK81. Shots were fired at the corner of Raadmandsgade and Mimersgade streets from what is believed to have been be a black BMW 525 containing four young immigant men. The target of the attack was a group of young men who police say have nothing to do with the current gang warfare. Wednesday's shooting was the third in just over a week. More:
Politiken July 9, 2009 - Man shot by mistake

Gates of Vienna June 30, 2009 - The Jackal Manifesto (Written by the Hells Angels - Most of Denmark shares their point of view! - 'Jonke' could be elected in politics poll shows!)

Hells Angels Denmark - Sjakal Manifest 2008

Balder Blog marts 25 2009 - Australien: Hells Angels overfaldet af rivaliserende bande én dræbt

Balder Blog september 14 2008 - Denmark: Street war between Hells Angels and immigrant gangs spreading

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»Give me the power to issue and control the money of a nation and I care not who makes the laws«
(Anselm Rothschild)

Heute gehorcht uns Deutschland, Morgen die ganze Welt!

  Brigitte Zypries

Tysklands [jødiske] justitsminister Brigitte Zypries opfordrede udenlandske internet tjenesteudbydere til at fjerne nynazistiske billeder, tekster og anden indhold der kan ses i Tyskland, hvor der er love der forbyder ethvert 'nynazistisk symbol'.

Tyske autoriteter har meget lidt kontrol over tysksproget indhold der ligger på servere i andre lande inklusiv USA.

Justitsminister Zypries sagde at hendes ministerium ville opfordre udenlandske tjenesteudbydere til at bruge deres egne betingelser som grund til at eliminere indhold der 'promoverer det højreekstreme ideal'.

'De almene servicebetingelser som de selv har udstukket siger at had burde imødegås, so fjern ting der strider imod det,' sagde Zypries.

En anden debat over internet-overvågning i Tyskland begyndte sidste måned da statens lovgivere godkendte lovgivning der tillader blokering af hjemmesider der indholdet børneporno.

Brug af 'ideologi eller symboler fra nazisterne' [sikke en formulering!] er forbudt i Tyskland, men højreekstreme grupper der ikke associerer sig direkte med Nazister har straks mere spillerum.

Stefan Glaser, talsmand for en ungdomsbeskyttelsesgruppe der hedder '', sagde at organisationen sidste år havde katalogiseret 1.600 hjemmesider der drives af højreekstremister, og at antallet voksede.

Internettet er blevet det vigtigste propaganda-platform for højreekstremister, sagde Glaser.



Haaretz 9 juli 2009 - Germany calls for ban on neo-Nazi Web sites abroad


  The object of INACH, the International Network Against Cyberhate is to combat discrimination on the Internet. INACH is a foundation under Dutch Law and is seated in Amsterdam. INACH was founded on October 4, 2002 by and Magenta Foundation, Complaints Bureau for Discrimination on the Internet. Names: Christopher Wolf, Chairman, Ronald Eissens, Suzette Bronkhorst, Stefan Glaser,Thomas Günter, Brieuc-Yves (Mellouki) Cadat. Eissens is Jewish and together with his wife Suzette Bronkhorst they are some of those who are represented in many former and probably present similar organizations. MDI, Magenta, etc. Brieuc-Yves (Mellouki) Cadat supposedly is a Moroccan Jew. It is a 'policing the Internet business' dedicated to censorship and oppression of opinion..

Stefan Glaser fra '', højst sandsynligt en hjernevaskanstalt rettet mod tilløb til selvstændig tænkning under tyske unge, er i øvrigt forbundet til den B'nai B'rith styrede organisation INACH ( International Network Against Cyberhate) der var en af organisationerne der var i opposition til den berygtede Durban II konference, og medunderskriver af manifestet mod Durban II, som også mange danske forkæmpere for ytringsfrihed gjorde.

Det ville være forløsende hvis nogle af de personer og organisationer der stod side om side med Herr Glaser, gav ham og hans censuranstalt en lektie angående ytringsfrihed og utidig indblanding i andre landes affærer.

Uden at kende noget til Stefan Glaser, vil jeg godt sætte en kasse øl på højkant for chancen at manden også er af jødisk herkomst.

Er de dumme eller hvad?

Det er faktisk utroligt at disse jødiske censurbøller generelt ikke gør mere for at sløre hvor alt det skidt der gennemføres og planlægges kommer fra. Er de alligevel ikke så intelligente som man hele tiden går og påstår?

Man kan måske strides lidt om jødernes andel i bolsjevismens uhyrligheder, eller om antallet af omkomne under holocaust, men få ting er så veldokumenteret som jødiske organisationer og enkeltpersoners indsats mod ytringsfriheden.

The Traditional Opponents of Free Speech

David Irvings betegnelse: 'The Traditional Opponents
of Free Speech' er særdeles rammende, og man må sige at en hel del af de uvalgte finder et velsmurt levebrød i denne stadig ekspanderende industri, der tilsyneladende kom styrket ud af finanskrisen, hvis man skal tage det nye forslag alvorlig.

Og i Israel er de eksperter i det tekniske aflytnings og overvågningsudstyr der vil blive nødvendigt for at fange tankeforbryderne. Danske soldater (eller politifolk) bliver allerede nu sendt på kursus derovre i 'terrorbekæpelse' (og sikkert sideløbende i 'crowd control', og andet man har brug for når man skal holde en befolkning i skak). En sidegevinst er de gode forbindelser man skaber mellem den bevæbnede del af det danske folk og den eneste demokratiske stat i Mellemøsten.

Jeg er sikker på at de israelske værter gør alt for at gøre opholdet for de danske tropper behageligt på enhver måde der ligger i deres magt, og at de danske gæster kan tage sig som Brixtofte gjorde i sin velmagtsdage på restaurent Den Gyldne Trøffel. De vil således ikke udsættes for israelsk vin, men serveres det bedste huset Rothchild kan byde på, og så har vi endnu ike nævnt alle de andre muligheder sådanne arbejdsrejser giver. I denne forbindelse er det værd at vide noget om den rolle som Esther-figuren indtager i jødisk mytologi. Lad os håbe på at det danske forsvar noterer navnene på deltagerne, og sikrer at de aldrig bliver placeret på et sted hvor der forefindes følsomme oplysninger.

Mange fluer med ét smæk altså, såfremt det lykkes for Frau Zyrpriess at bevæge de normalt luddovne eller overbebyrdede internet-udbydere til at lære tysk, og bedømme hjemmesiders eventuelle nazistiske eller højreekstreme indhold, melodistrofer eller symbolik. Især da det næsten kræver en flerårig uddannelse at lære om alle de mange symboler, forkortelser og håndtegn der er dømt ude i 'den frieste stat nogensinde på tysk jord', og som jævnligt opdateres med nye emner. Wikipedia: Rechtsextreme Symbole und Zeichen


International Network Against Cyberhate (INACH)


Europas 'anti-had' love blev primært skabt af det jødiske Anti-Defamation League (ADL Europe).

ADL iværksatte også oprettelse af Europas hate crime Gestapo; 'Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe' (OSCE) og dets internet vagthund International Network Against Cyberhate (INACH) der omfatter 56 europæiske lande.

Jerusalem Post skriver:

Konventionen blev udviklet af European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation (ECTR), en gruppe der blev oprettet via et initiativ af det Europæiske Jødiske Kongres (European Jewish Congress).

Mere om jødiske organisationers direkte adgang til EUs lovgivende organer:

Balder Blog 24 november 2008 - Jødiske organisationer nu direkte involveret i EU censur-lovgivning

Relateret: 3 marts 2009 - Durban II Conference Protests Led by Censorship Promoters

Balder Blog 2 marts 2009 - Strange bedfellows - Protests against the Durban II conference - Jewish Involvement in Anti Free Speech Legislation - Holland

I Ungarn mislykkedes det seneste jødiske kupforsøg, så man kan jo håbe på at Frau Zypries forslag vil gå samme vej som i Ungarn og Spanien.
Balder Blog 3 juli 2009 - Ungarn: Grundlovsændring forpurret - Nederlag for den jødiske censurlobby

Balder Blog 31 maj 2009 - Mark Rutte, formand for det hollandske liberale VVD vil afskaffe holocaust-benægter-lov

Balder Blog 30 marts 2009 - Jødekartoteket - Om ADLs kriminelle historie og praksis

Balder Blog 10 november 2007 - Spanien afskaffer holocaustbenægterlov - Forfatningsdomstol: Ytringsfrihed en grundlæggende menneskeret - Artikler om Holocaust, Zionisme, Judaisme, Jødisk Censur, Israel Lobby, forfølgelse, Revisionisme, Holocaustbenægtelse, Fornægtelse

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» We will force this war upon Hitler, if he wants it or not« (Winston Churchill in 1936)

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