(Video) Olav Christensen interviews Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders live on Danish TV after election results became known.

The Dutch elections were covered live on Danish TV which had reporters in Holland and commentators in the studio.

Geert Wilders interview after election victory Wednesday night June 10 2010

Most of the Danish journalists were very negative about Wilders gains, and feared for their multicultural and European Union dreams. This whole session; all evening live coverage of the Dutch elections, an interest never seen before, reflected the deep fear of the whole gang of dedicated Multicult and Globalisation loving (I won't name the rare exceptions) journalists, who are seeing their whole rosy dream falling apart.

So easy to see that this was very far from objective journalism as it always is whether they are reporting about an immigration law in Arizona, or similar developments in neighboring countries.

A bit more like Russia?

Western journalists often complain and say there is little freedom of the press in Russia. Sometimes I wish we would be more protected from the freedom of the press to impose its own personal views on us, the public.

These journalists are constantly abusing their position by spreading political propaganda. Not only on subjects where they might have a lot of backing in the population, but also on subjects such as the European Union, which is looked at skeptically by a majority of the public. Still all journalists are clearly fervent believers.

Especially one journalist; Svenning Dalgaard couldn't hide his disappointment and kept on listing all the terrible things which would happen now.

Bad things

Pulling the Dutch troops out of Afghanistan for example, and trying to stop the EU from taking even more power from the national Parliaments and the people, taking a harder line against immigration and foreign criminals. All terrible things according to Mr. Svenning Dalgaard, who was on the verge of weeping, or so it seemed. But God knows if he just suffers from an ulcer.

But now we know his opinions: Pulling out of a stupid bloody war in which Holland has nothing to win is a bad thing. Being against the EU-dictatorship is 'anti-European', being against more Muslim immigration is 'hostility to foreigners'. All of it together was rubricated as 'inward looking', 'isolationist', etc.

All night long concerned media people and invited experts, amongst others Dutch Professor van der Laan agreed on the disaster, and a lot of time was spent trying to keep up hopes that in some way it would still be possible to keep Wilders from gaining real political influence.

They are sure siding with the people, these Danish journalists!

Notably, the interviewer Olav Christensen seemed to be in a better mood than his colleagues back home in the Danish TV studio.

No wonder; he could probably see and sense for himself, that the happy celebrating party members were not the dangerous anti-social threat to society; the system press wants us to believe.

Viva Wilders!


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