Jenny Beth Martin - Tea Party Patriots
  Jenny Beth Martin - Tea Party Patriots
  'Ordinary citizens wanting to reclaim the fundamental principles that America was founded on, these are not radical ideas..'
  Peter Keldorf - DR
  Peter Keldorf - DR:'Some say it is an extremist and radical movement.'

Potok: Right wing extremist Nazis, ready to put other people into gaschambers

Peter Lavelle (R.T. News), Amy Cooter (University of Michigan) John Wallace, (American Patriot Movement and Oath Keeper) Mark Potok (Jewish dominated anti-white hate speech organization Southern Poverty Lawcenter [SPLC])

The first video is an interview by Danish Public Service broadcaster Danmarks Radio with Tea Party co-founder Jenny Beth Martin.

DR-Udland, host Ida Ebbensgaard - Interviewer Peter Keldorf

As usual in interviews like this by heavily biased TV-channels with a multicultural, globalist agenda, the interviewer Peter Keldorf uses most of the time reiterating allegations of racism, extremism, etc., against the Tea Party Movement, which are effectively countered by Jenny Beth Martin.

After a short introduction in Danish, the interview in English starts at 42 seconds into the clip.


The last thing Ida Ebbensgaard, the Danish host, says before the interview begins, is '[..] We asked her [Jenny Beth Martin] why the Tea Party Movement has been so successfull.



Tea Party Patriots Jenny Beth Martin Interview Danish National TV - May 18, 2010

The other video is an interview produced by R.T. TV, with Amy Cooter, John Wallace and director of the heavily Jewish dominated extreme left anti white hate speech organization SPLC; the infamous Mark Potok.

Here a few loose quotes from the Jewish alarmist to set the tone:

[Oklahoma City bombing] I was there when the fires still were burning, The language they are using in public square, the demonizing of political opponents, It's not merely the government or the Democrats who do something they don't like in terms of healthcare. It's that they are Nazis, as some Tea Party leaders have described them. In other words they are human beings ready to put other people into gas chambers.

Comment Balder: Potok: 'The demonizing of political opponents'.

What an appropriate comment, for a Jewish extremist who made a career out of demonizing freedom loving American Citizens who wish to uphold the Constitution!

R.T. TV CrossTalk: The Rise of the Militias


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