Jonni Hansen - DNSB - Not guilty

Tuesday April 13: A court in the Danish city of Roskilde found Jonni Hansen, leader of Denmark's National Socialist Movement (DNSB) not guilty of spreading racist propaganda in the cities of Gladsaxe and Bagsvaerd as well as on the party's web page.

The National Socialist leader was indicted for having printed and distributed alleged racist propaganda contained in flyers which were distributed in living areas.

The Court found that the flyers did not constitute 'propaganda', but were flyers which intended to inform about the points of view of a political party, according to the Roskilde Court.


Ekstra Bladet 13 april 2010 - Her går Nazi-Jonni som en fri mand (With video)

  Carlsberg Breweries - Copenhagen

In Denmark the National Socialist Party headed by Jonni Hansen is legally registered, and participated in municipal elections in the city of Greve near Copenhagen where the National Socialists have their headquarters.

The National Socialist leader who heads a small but stubbornly 'traditionalist' National Socialist Movement was interviewed outside the court house after being found not guilty of the charges.

He expressed his surprise about the verdict.

Ekstra Bladet TV-interview

Ekstra-Bladets reporter: 'Jonni, what do you think about the acquittal?

Jonni Hansen: 'Well, of course I am happy about it. It shows that there still is a little bit of free speech in Denmark, in spite of the existence of people such as those [pointing over his shoulder at a group of red fascist Antifa thugs that were demonstrating in front of the court house]

Ekstra-Bladets reporter: 'Did you expect this?'

Jonni Hansen: 'To be honest, no I guess I didn't really. I am kind of surprised. But it shows that this jury could differentiate, and of course I am happy about that.

Ekstra-Bladets reporter: 'So you can continue [distributing leaflets] as usual?'

Jonni Hansen: 'We will [would have done] do that anyway'.


The case against Jonni Hansen started after residents i Gladsaxe had flyers dumped into their mailboxes and reported this to the police.

Public Prosecutor: 'Nazi Propaganda'

During the court case the prosecution tried to convince the court that the distribution of this particular leaflet was a violation of the so called 'Racism Paragraph' (§266b), the Chief Prosecutor Gyrithe Ulrich from the Zealand Police said about the pamphlet.

She pointed out that there were two swastikas printed on the pamphlet - symbol for German National Socialism 'which during WWII cost millions of Jews their lives'.

But the allegation that the presence of swastikas was an aggravating circumstance, and that the flyer supposedly offended certain citizens in the area where they were distributed, was rejected by the court.

[..] The prosecution has 14 days to appeal the courts decision.

Politiken 13 april 2010 - Jonni Hansen: Der er fornuft i de danske domstole


Prosecutor: 'which during WWII cost millions of Jews their lives'

Apparently the other millions of non Jewish victims don't matter much to Prosecutor Gyrithe Ulrich, since only the Jews are worth mentioning. Just another example of the mysterious transformation of a World War into an affair where Jews and 'holocaust' occupy most of the stage, while those who actually lived and played an important role in that war, such as Winston Churchill and Charles De Gaulle, never even mentioned the word 'holocaust' in their memoirs. Well we have been gratuitously compensated for those shortcomings by now.

Here the complete translated text of the pamphlet

  Pamphlet - View original full size

May 9. 2010

Finally I succeeded in getting the pamphlet; earlier inquiries directed to the creators of the art work were not answered.
Funny how often it is hard to find out exactly what statements such a case happen to be about.

Which is one of the reasons I think it is important to present the material in question. How else is anybody really going to judge cases such as this one?

Further down a translation.

Does it really pay?

For years and years the Danish National Socialists, or Nazis as they are called most often, have been spreading fliers similar to this one in city streets around the country.

They usually publish their actions on their website using messages like: 'Yesterday we distributed more than 4000 fliers in Copenhagen '. I wonder if they ever recruited a single new member this way.

What keeps them using extremely old fashioned media such as a telephone hotline, in these internet times?
I mean, the National Socialists in Germany invented the jet motor, rockets, and some of the most advanced military hardware of that time, while modern day National Socialists seem to prefer old technology. Weird!

Send 10.50 in stamps

It makes me think of a long time ago when I was a little kid; Send 10.50 in stamps and 20 wrappings from Bazooka Joe's bubblegum, and become member of the Magic Circle Club. You'll receive a membership card, a secret code for communication, and a portion of invisible ink..

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