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The Wiesenthal Center, which loves to promote itself as a 'humanitarian organization', is known to have built its 'Museum of Tolerance', right on top of an age old Muslim cemetery in Jerusalem. The Jewman Rights organization also supports measures against Christian proselytizing in Israel.

Chairman Efraim Zuroff: about the burning of Christian books in Israel: 'It would have been better if there had been found other ways to dispose of the books - but the main problem; the missionaries, remain.

The Wiesenthal Center is also known for having started at rumor suggesting that Iraq's Saddam Hussein had 'German built gas chambers for Jews'. Complete with photoshopped images and Zyklon B., and for having published doctored images from Auschwitz. The organization has also been accused of greed.

The international Zionist money making machine known as the the Simon Wiesenthal Center calls upon Jews in Holland to cut their ties with the Protestant Church. The Wiesenthal Center wrote this in a letter to the board of the Protestant Church Association Netherlands [Protestante Kerk Nederland], which is in the possesion of the newspaper Trouw and Nederlands Dagblad.

The Wiesenthal Center calls for the boycott in connection with a letter to the Board of Deputies of the Protestant Church sent to the Israeli Embassy in Holland.

'The Israeli government possesses an important key to peace in the Middle-East, and has to show compassion with the people of Palestine', the Protestant Church wrote in the letter.

The Dutch Protestant Church with its statements undermines the right of the Israeli state to exist, the Wiesenthal Center concludes.

The Protestant Churches in Holland ask from the Israeli government to implement measures to ensure more respect for the Palestinians. The Church Council also demanded from the Israelis that they respect international law, and stop expansion of settlements on the occupied West Bank.

The Israeli ambassador, Harry Kney-Tal said he was 'astonished' by the letter. 'I ask myself why the concerns of almost half of the Jewish people who live in Israel have not received the proper attention to a reasonable extent, before the appeal to the Israeli government was made,' thus the ambassador.

Also the 'Central Jewish Council' [Centraal Joods Overleg] responded 'with amazement' to the letter from the Protestant Church [PKN]. The organization calls the letter 'one sided' and asks why the Protestant Church doesn't write a letter to Hamas or the Palestinian authorities.

Odd reactions from Jews

The Protestant Church sent out a statement on Saturday, saying that the Council finds the reactions 'odd', and that they do not plan on withdrawing the letter.

'No way', a spokesman says. We have not yet received the letter from the Wiesenthal Center. We are of course going to read it first, and than we see how we are going to respond. But we are certainly not going to retract the letter.


De Telegraaf 7 marts 2010 - Simon Wiesenthalcentrum wil boycot PKN


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