Most of the Danish media presented the news about Wilders' succes in their traditional way; by interviewing people who don't approve of Geert Wilders. Many who vote for Wilders, according to the Danish media, don't approve of his 'islamophobic views', but vote for him anyway, but on other issues.

Holland March 4, 2010 Geert Wilders' anti-immigration, anti-Islamic Freedom Party (PVV) makes big gains in municipal elections. The party came out biggest in the city of Almere, and second biggest in the country's government seat, The Hague.

The biggest party!

And it looks like we will become the second biggest party in The Hague!

When about a half year ago, we decided to take part in the municipal elections in this beautiful city, Almere and The Hague, people laughed at us.

People said, the liberal press said; they'll never make it.

But we did make it, the biggest party,

All of the left wing, all of the left wing octopus went into action against the PVV, the State Media broadcast a new anti-PVV program every day.

Watch the video (transscript continues below):

March 4, 2010 - Geert Wilders, Freedom Party Holland - Victorious Speech - English Subtitles
Interview - Geert Wilders, leader of the Freedom Party in the Netherlands (English)
  Agnes Kant - MP Socialist Party - SP
  MP for the extreme left wing Socialist Party (SP), born on January 20, 1967 in Germany
  Raymond de Roon - PVV
  Raymond de Roon - Victor in Almere
  The PVV's oldest MP, according to many also the wisest. De Roon is known as a heavy weight legal expert; he has been Public Prosecutor and Solicitor-General. He is the PVV's spokesman on judicial affairs, and treasurer of the fund which administrates the party's finances.

Left wing demonstrators came to Almere. Campaign posters were destroyed and of course the well known anti-PVV rhetorics, profanities, intimidation, Agnes Kant, I don't know if you've seen it even said a few days ago during a TV-debate that Mr. Wilders was a threat to our society.

Agnes, thank you very much!

But the liberal Church, the liberal Church Ladies and Gentlemen, had forgotten one important thing; which is that we have sent one of our best people to Almere, and see here who's the victor tonight.

That is one individual, one individual who won together with his fantastic team of candidates, our one and only Raymond de Roon.

And Raymond, with his team, ran a fantastic campaign..

Dear friends, now something very important. I want to say to you from today, because today the nation wide campaign for the parliamentary elections has begun, I want to whisper you a number. Because this success is gigantic.

What can be done in Almere, what can be done in The Hague, can be done right now in all of Holland.

This success is the springboard to our victory on the 9th of June. Today Almere and The Hague, tomorrow all of Holland.

And I said it already, I said it already, the campaign has begun, and those of you who have seen last nights poll from Maurice De Hond, that with 27 seats in Parliament already today we virtually are the biggest party in Holland.

And the number; the number I wanted to tell you about, is the number 5, because that is the number of our party-list on the 9 of June.

Our 5, the number 5, is going to be the winning number of Holland.

With the number 5, list 5, we are going to reclaim Holland from the liberal (left wing) elite, that still beliefs in the cuddling of criminals, that still beliefs in the sense of Islam and the multi-cult, and the nonsense of the foreign aid and the European Super State.

But the rest of Holland fortunately thinks about that differently, but this silent majority deserves a voice, and with List nr. 5 we will on the 9th of June conquer Holland.

Today the voters in Almere and The Hague, have chosen for a new, better and stronger sound from their city, the sound of the PVV.

And I predict to you, on the 9th of June, we together with the hundreds of thousands of others, perhaps even a few million Dutchmen who belief in a more secure and stronger Holland, with less crime, and less Islam, we will see to it that we will gain a giant victory, and I dare to..

We have the chance to, No; we are going to be the biggest party in Holland on the 9 of June.

End transscript



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