The Danish Intelligence Agency (PET) has struck against extreme left wing groups in several locations in the country.


A number of people were arrested and there were conducted a series of house searches.

One alleged left wing extremist was remanded for 24 days, and charged with amongst other things, support of terrorism.

According to the charges, the individual in question is a leading figure in the red fascist Antifa / AFA organization. The criminal activities are supposed to have taken place since 2008.

AFA spokesman Anders Lind denies that the organization is involved in the case, but knowing a little bit about the extreme left in Denmark, it is most likely that the suspects have intimate connections with AFA. It is a very small country after all.

  This is what 'Anders Lind' looked like in 1996. Supposedly the now deceased Martin Lindblom.
The new 'Anders Lind' must be a reincarnation.
  Poster found on lamp post in Horsens, Jutland, february 2010, source Uriasposten
  By all means, class struggle, anti-fascism

AFA is connected with the legal far left party Enhedslisten through countless 'anti-racist' activist groups in which members of Enhedslisten play a part. Pernille Rosenkranz-Theil, now Social Democrat (!), when still a prominent member of Enhedslisten was responsible for the invitation of left wing extreme 'activists', who managed to throw paint over prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen inside Parliament. She also donated money to an AFA music project.

There have been house searches in Aarhus and in Middle and West Zealand where the police have impounded a computer. An individual is charged with computer hacking.

On the computer the police found sensitive information about people with connections with the right, and the information is said to have been acquired through computer hacking. Also information about political parties and organizations as well as information about several politicians.

The Danish Intelligence Agency comments: 'Confrontations look more and more like organized violence, and we have also seen that right- and left wing extremists try to uncover and expose political adversaries through activities which resemble private intelligence gathering,

This case illustrates the development and is part of PET's endeavor to prevent and fight violent political extremism. This does not mean that the criminal offenses in this area only come from left wing extremist environments, we see the same tendencies in extreme right wing groups, and PET is working hard trying to counter all forms of violent political extremism'.


The daily Ekstra Bladet wrote that one of the arrested individuals belongs to the left wing extremist 'REDOX', by its own admittance a left wing intelligence gathering organization.

The shady organization tries to keep up a serious appearance as 'a documentation center', and is often used as a source for information about alleged right wingers by the left wing Danish media, which means most of them.

This in spite of the fact, that the 'spokespersons' of the organization; often a 'Jonas Jensen' are interviewed anonymously and off camera.

REDOX is perceived by most people from the opposite spectrum as a primary source of intelligence about political opponents by the street fighting car burning Antifa / AFA combat groups.

But there are more connections between the left wing press establishment and left wing extremist groups and individuals. One individual an academic by the name of René Karpantschof (Jewish) for example, is also often invited by the media as a source of information and knowledge about left- and right wing violent groups, despite the fact that he has been deeply involved with several left wing extremists in the past, and still meets with people of the left wing fringe. The recently deceased Erik Jensen (REDOX predecessor DEMOS), who is said often to have led AFA street battles from the side line, was also often invited into the TV studios as a neutral expert witnesses.

Blogger Kim Møller relieved

  Kim Møller in news show 'Deadline'

According to the left wing newspaper Politiken, one recent victim of a red fascist attack; blogger Kim Moller feels relieved.

The threat level against me has gone down with 50%, says historian Kim Moller, the man who writes Uriasposten, a blog which has enraged the extreme left.

Kim Moller was attacked in broad daylight in the middle of the street in the beginning of February, when covering a red fascist demonstration in Aarhus.

Kim Moller tells Politiken that as it is now, he has had to stay away from Aarhus City, in fear of attacks from left wing extremists. And he has also experienced that friends and family have been nervous accompanying him.

'They are afraid of being photographed for the REDOX archives,' he says, referring to the left wing extremist archives the police have found.

Kim Moller: 'There is something which suggests that there is a new generation of people ready for violence. There is no doubt that there are maniacs on both sides. They are just as tough as the guys from White Pride [Aarhus football hooligans*], but a little more intelligent. That makes them more dangerous'.

Moller continues:

'It is important to put the spotlight on the anti-democratic elements. But I think that the left wingers are allowed to go further than the right wingers, because the media write about them.'

Today Kim Moller has a secret address to avoid attacks on his private home.


*) The only violent 'right wing' group I have heard about in the media lately, are the White Pride football supporters, hardly a political group, although they may share some views with the right.


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