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  Toger Seidenfaden - Politiken
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As a belated result of the publication of the famous Danish Mohammed Cartoons in the newspaper Jyllands-Posten in 2006, an organization which alleges to represent thousands of direct descendents of a deranged medieval Arab warlord Mohammed, threatened with legal proceedings against Danish, Norwegian, and probably other countries' newspapers.

Ageement with Islamic pressure group

So far the Danish media have refused to let themselves be intimidated by these vague threats from obscure Middle East quarters, but yesterday Denmark's major left wing (to extreme left wing) newspaper Politiken published what it calls an 'agreement' between the Middle Eastern Islamic pressure group.

In it, the newspaper's Chief Editor, Toger Seidenfaden stated that his newspaper apologized for hurting the feelings of Muslims, by reprinting the most offensive cartoon; Mohammed with the Bomb in turban, two years ago as an act of solidarity with cartoonist Kurt Westergaard, who was threatened by terrorist plots, inside and outside Denmark.

Seidenfaden said that this was not a promise never to print the cartoons again. He also said, that he was not apologizing for having printed the cartoons, but only for hurt Muslim feelings.

I am sure the fine details of Seidenfaden's by all standards weird apology, will not have been wasted on the peaceful and intelligent Muslims and Master Scholars in Middle-eastern Mohamedanistan.

Country wide condemnation of dhimmie editor

But the reactions from the most prominent Danish politicians and representatives from the media have been unanimously condemning towards the silly move from the more and more erratic Editor in Chief.

Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen:

It is part of the freedom of the press, that it has responsibility for its own actions. That also applies to Politiken, and just as I don't like to judge what is being printed or published, I don't want to judge how it is being handled afterwards.

But there is one element in this case that worries me; that if this is a sign of solidarity falling apart amongst Danish media which had decided to take a stand up for free speech, if that solidarity is falling apart, I think that is worrying.

Opposition Leader Helle Thorning Schmidt (Social Democrat):

I think it is completely wrong to apologize; we can not compromise when it comes to freedom of speech.

I think that what Politiken has done is outrageous.

Jorn Mikkelsen Chief Editor Jyllands-Posten:

We neither wish our newpapers to be edited from Saudi Arabia, nor by 94,000 direct descendants of the prophet Mohammed..

Similar reactions came from all over the political spectrum; only the now tiny (and still in decline) Radical party defended the Politiken editor's surreal action.

Muslims in Denmark expressed their satisfaction over the prostrations of Mr. Tøger Seidenfaden.


In the video below you can also watch Poul Madsen, Extra Bladet, Denmarks biggest tabloid daily's Chief Editor demanding an apology from Politiken and Tøger Seidenfaden:

I think Toger owes Denmark an apology in all of this.

I think he owes an apology, for having raised doubt about the independence of the Danish media, and the Danish media's dedication to freedom of speech.

One could have one's doubts after what Politiken has done now.

But no one should doubt, that at Ekstra Bladet no one can be threatened into any kind of silence.


Politicians and media condemn Politiken / Seidenfaden disgrace
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