Denmark is bracing for a new clash with the Muslim world after a controversial former Social Democrat politician Hamid El Mousti, sent an SMS message to 300 people in the Islamic world, begging for support from the international Islamic Ummah against the Danish government.

The SMS text message:

From 45 23909031

danmark is ruled by an anti-islamic party that say that muslim men rape and kill their daughters and nieces.
muslim countries agree with that.
please pass on the message

hamid el mousti


El Mousti appeared on national TV steaming with rage.

  Hamid El Mousti
  'Integration' (Georghine Sandhi)
  Muslims burning Danish flag
  Jesper Langballe - No regrets
  Klavs A. Holm - Foreign Office
  We are taking this very seriously
  Young Danes join the fight!
  Nikoline Astrid Nielsen
  Nikoline Astrid Nielsen (17) produced a YouTube video in suport of Muhammed Cartoonist Kurt Westergaard. Soon after a facebook hate group was formed and the brave girl received death threats and was slandered and accused of all kinds of evil connections by the extreme left... Nikoline for Prime Minister

According to the offended Muslim immigrant, Denmark is ruled by the anti-islamic Danish People's Party that accuses Muslim men of raping and killing their own daughters.

The row started when Lars Hedegaard, president of the Danish Free Speech Society in an interview with Asger Trier Engberg, from the anti-muslim organization Stop the Islamisation of Denmark (SIAD), focussed on sexual abuse in Muslim families. Hedegaard's statements were a bit imprecise and could be interpreted as a generalization, although they clearly were not meant that way.

Muslim fathers rape their daughters

Hedegaard was heavily criticized for his remarks, but was backed by the Danish priest and member of Parliament for the Danish People's Party (DPP), Jesper Langballe, who 'corrected' Hedegaard's remarks, by saying that Hedegaard, who had said that Muslim fathers raped their daughters, was actually wrong.

According to Langballe, Muslim fathers engage in honor killings, and turn a blind eye while uncles do the raping. His statement was also not meant as a generalization against all Muslims, but pointed towards certain tendencies in Muslim societies. Later Soren Krarup, also a priest and a high ranking member of the DPP, also backed Lars Hedegaard and Jesper Langballe's statements.

The leader of the Danish People's Party, Pia Kjaersgaard said that Langballe's statements did not represent the party line, and dissociated her self from his statements. Langballe himself does not regret anything he said.

Demands intervention from Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen

'We are not going to take it anymore - our kids are fed up with it. It is that simple', Hamid El Mousti said to TV2 and continued: 'The Prime Minister has to stop these terrible accusations against Danish Muslims.'

The controversial Muslim who was expelled from the Social Democrat Party last year talked about a conspiracy between the DPP's Leader Pia Kjaersgaard and Langballe.

When TV2 interviewer Jesper Steinmetz reminded him of the fact that the DPP is not part of the government, as El Mousti had stated in his SMS text message, he brushed that argument aside and kept demanding that the Danish PM Lars Lokke Rasmussen discipline the anti-islamic politician.

The journalist also asked El Mousti if he was trying to start new islamic fires in the Mideast, similar to the violent protests against Kurt Westergaard's now famous Muhammed cartoons.

El Mousti said amongst other things:

'If there is uproar in the whole world, because of these things, the Danish People's Party should be punished.' He added a threat: 'If this SMS chain I started spreads all over the Islamic world, one never knows where this is going to end.

Leading Danish politicians unanimously condemned EL Mousti's attempt to stir new unrest by trying to get support from the Islamist world abroad.

The Danish foreign ministry is taking the matter very seriously and prepares for the worst. Klavs A. Holm, 'Ambassador of Public Diplomacy' from the Danish Foreign Office said: 'Ever since the cartoon crisis, it has occurred on a regular basis that false information is being spread about Denmark. That is why we are prepared to extinguish these fires as soon as they are started, by means of the foreign ministry in Copenhagen and also through our embasseys abroad.

Angry Muslim backed up by left wing fringe

Hamid El Mousti's attempts to set the Mideast on fire once more were met positively by the extreme left.

Carsten Agger wrote the following on his blog 'Modspil':

Hamid El Mousti has acted as a man of honor. What have you done dear reader, to open the eyes of people abroad for what a totalitarian and racist plaque ridden country Denmark has become under the iron heeled boot of the Danish People's Party?

Modspil 25 januar 2010 - Hamid el Mousti og udlandet

Interview med El Mousti - Youtube

Anti-Muslim sentiments are on the rise in Denmark. The government has presented a new proposal yesterday aimed at making it harder to obtain Danish citizenship.

The Minister for Integration wants to make it even more difficult to earn a residence permit. Foreigners should no longer be assured permanent residence in Denmark after a certain number of years, according to a report in Jyllands-Posten.
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