From: Bashy Quraishy Chair-Advisory Council-ENAR - Brussels Chair - Jewish Muslim Co-operation Platform - Brussels Senior Advisor - COJEP International

The message below was sent to subscribers to Quraishy's mailing list on January 22, 2010

  Bashy Quraishy

Queraishy is a Pakistani immigrant who has made a good living from fighting the indigenous population for many years. He once was the president of a multicult organization called POEM, but had to leave his post after he was accused of fraud.

Bashy Quraishy has been involved in many subversive organizations. One of them was the millitant 'Common initiative agaisnt Racism [Fællesinitiativet mod Racisme (FIR)] From this position is is quoted for having said: 'We don't have much respect for the constitutional freedom rights'. Source: DDF

  In this 2008 video the treacherous Pakistani calls for boykot of Denmark

Dear **** It is my great pleasure to send you my latest You Tube Video which will give you a glimpse of the situation ethnic minorities are living under in Denmark.

I believe that if unchecked, this issue can have dire consequences for this beautiful land. You may not agree with my opinions as was clear from 2008 discussions, but this video will be good for your readers intellectual health.

In William Shakespeare's play Hamlet- Act I, there is a line: Something is rotten in the State of Denmark.

I believe that after 400 years, this terrible description of Denmark is being repeated again today. This has happened because of the right wing present government, which opened the door for racist official policies and anti-Islam ideology in the mainstream politics, through ultra nationalist Danish Peoples Party.

Mind you, there is nothing rotten with people. Most of them are polite, kind and accommodating. They are just being mislead by some populist politicians and a sizeable section of media with racist and Islamophobic agenda.

As if this was not enough, now some intellectuals, academics, Think Tanks and bloggers have extended this anti-Islam hate into a regular campaign.

A common decent vision for Denmark is still possible to create. but it requires that people like Lars Hedegaard and Danish Peoples Party must be isolated and their hatred stopped.

Denmark is very sensitive to publicity of its bad image in the world.

Please complain to Danish Embassy in your country and let them know what you think of racism and anti-Islam propaganda in their country.

You can also send e-mails to; Danish Foreign Minister at Prime Minster at

For further information, I can always be contacted on below mentioned details.

Kind regards Bashy Quraishy Chair-Advisory Council-ENAR - Brussels Chair-Jewish Muslim Co-operation Platform - Brussels Senior Advisor - COJEP International- Strasbourg Mobile; 0045 40 15 47 71 Phone; 0045 38 88 19 77


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