Evaristti hunting for Jewish Gold: 'I had to disguise myself and cut my hair so I looked like a neo-Nazi'

Danish Jews hired infamous Jewish bad taste 'artist' Marco Evaristti, notorious for exhibiting live goldfish in blenders and serving meatballs made from his own body fat. But since the Israelites started worshipping the Golden Calf the minute Moses turned his back, I suppose we shouldn't be surprised at the lack of good taste in picking artist and material this time either. Who is really perpetuating stereotypes here?

Auschwitz main gate allegedly made of gold teeth from Jews
Auschwitz main gate allegedly made of gold teeth from Jews


80% Pure Jewish Gold

Marco Evaristti

In a TV program January 13 he explained that he had been invited to do the project by the Mosaisk Trosssamfund, the major Jewish organization in Denmark.
Evaristti is also known to have joined a pro circumcision initiative..

  Goldfish blender art - 'Helena'
  The appliances were connected to the power outlet, and could be activated by the public at any time, which some did.
  Evaristti to KD Jan 19: 'I traveled to Germany and Austria to buy old weapons and accidentally come into contact with the man. I had to disguise myself and cut my hair so I looked like a neo-Nazi' [..]

Why Rolexgate: Switzerland is know for its Rolex watches. The country declared itself neutral during the war, but I question their neutrality. I don't belief Switzerland didn't receive gold from the Nazis'

Gold teeth from holocaust victims were used in the 'work of art' Rolexgate, according to Jewish-Chilean 'artist' Marco Evaristti.

The expensive model of the entrance gate to the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp can be seen on 'Auschwitz-Day' January 27. According to the Jewish magazine Goldberg 80% of the gold comes from 'Jews and other minorities who ended up in the gas chambers'.

When 'Rolexgate' was exhibited for the first time in Berlin, it was removed because of the public's reaction to the controversial work of art.

Now it is shown for the second time; this time in Denmark where the 'work of art' can be seen for three hours in the Art Gallery Nikolai in Copenhagen January 27, 2010.

The exhibition contains amongst others an about one meter long model of the entrance of the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp.

It is made of 2.3 kilos of gold of which 80% comes from the gold teeth which were the Nazis pulled from their victims before they ended in the gas chambers. [NOTE sentence literally translated from KD - In this version the Nazis didn't even wait until the victims were dead; they pulled out their teeth even before killing them!]

The Chilean 'artist' Marco Evaristti, in Denmark mainly known for exhibiting goldfish in blenders at the Trapholt museum in Kolding, has created the exhibition.

According to the Jewish culture magazine Goldberg Marco Evaristti who has Jewish roots, said that about one year ago, he was presented to an Austrian man who sold Nazi memorabilia from the Second World War.

Gold teeth in glass jar

The gold teeth were standing in a glass jar between uniforms and other 'wartime loot' in a big barn.

Apart from reminding the world of the horrors of the extermination camps Evaristti also wants to point at greed.

Therefore the tower is equipped with a Rolex watch which has stopped at five minutes to twelve.

Also belonging to the exhibition is a set of rails and a train carriage in white gold with 11 karat diamonds.

In the carriage sculls of red gold are looking out of the window. According to the magazine Goldberg in order to show that time cannot erase the past: diamonds are forever.

Grandmother's teeth

The Auschwitz entrance also contains teeth from Evaristti's grandmother. She survived the extermination camp, so Evaristi has according to himself, not bought, but inherited them.



Kristeligt Dagblad 15 januar 2010 - Makaber Auschwitz-udstilling

Balder: I don't think there is much sense in analyzing the motives of the so called artist. In this kind of business it is customary to leave a lot of room for interpretation, and above all, appear mysterious and strange.

Diamonds are Forever


Usually such artists' greatest concerns are their own fame, career and finances.

Should prevailing winds change, such an artist can always maintain that he 'work of art' expresses something else or even the complete opposite.

In stead of pointing at the holocaust as something we should have rubbed in our faces at any given opportunity, it could for example be seen as a message about Jewish greed, preoccupation with gold, and to show how easily people will belief far fetched stories, such as buying 1.6 kilos of Prime Jewish Gold + accompanying teeth on a flea market.

The melodramatic quote 'Diamonds are Forever' sums it up..

As for me, I keep remembering Gurdief's opinion on artists of almost any kind, and the story of the painted birds.

What is worse is the bad taste of the Mosaisk Troessamfund, which seemingly has no lower limit for quality when it comes to the promotion of its favorite Gospel.

The whole holocaust cult which is creeping into the public sphere at the same rate with which Christian symbolism and other traditional connotations are being expelled from it, is a disgrace.

Campaign of self hatred

Also this year the government is sponsoring what in essence is a campaign meant to install self hatred in innocent Danish school children, and at the same time promoting some archetypal image of the persecuted Jew; comes in handy for when the next white phosphorous bombardment of civilians stirs criticism of Israel.

Program for Auschwitz Day Wednesday January 27, 2010:

  American History X - Eat the curb

Film arrangement for primary schools Cinemateket, Gothersgade 55, 1123 København K

Room Carl - 09.00 – 12.00 American History X for 9. – 10. grade and discussion with Frank Esmann
[American History X is a rabid anti-white propaganda movie full of extreme brutality picturing whites as evil racists.]

Room Asta - 09.00 – 11.30 The boy with the striped pyamas 6. – 8. grade discussion with Birgit Fischermann.

[Another holocaust fantasy meant to demonize Europeans. At least it doesn't officially pretend to be based on reality.]

Workshops i Cinemateket, Gothersgade 55, 1123 København K

Room Carl: 12.15 – 14.45 Bowling for Columbine and discussion with Jacob Holdt

[Bowling for Columbine; another film used to demonize whites as evil doing racists. The movie doesn't tell that one of the actual murderers was partly Jewish, that both listened to extremist left wing bands, and published many anti-white statements on their website. If they were racists, they were anti-white racists. Still they are portrayed as 'white supremacists' by this film and the media.

Jacob Holdt mainly known for his 'American Pictures' photo series made in the US, and is a self appointed Jesus who lends a hand to anybody who wants to show the white indigenous population of Denmark in an unfavorable light. He doesn't shy away from close contacts with Islamic extremists. He is a fruitcake, with a deep dark side, notwithstanding his angelic appearance and smooth talk about world peace.]

Room Asta:

15.00 – 16.30 The Gipsy holocaust and discussion with Fritz Petersen

12.15 – 14.45 Hotel Rwanda and discussion with Øjvind Kyrøe

15.15 – 16.00 Anti-Semitic propaganda in the Danish media with Therkel Stræde

[A favorite subject for Jews in order to secure good relations with their hosts. Reminding us of how evil we are will certainly help. Therkel Stræde is a well known historian and Zionist. Of course the alledged anti-Semites of the past will neither be able to respond to the Jewish allegations, nor should we expect a fair representation of past judaic/christian controversies from that side. There was an exhibition in Odense around that subject in 2008.]

16.30 – 18.30 Jud Süss commented by Peter Tudvad

[The famous Nazi propaganda film which relevance in this modern world probably is maginal, except as yet another scare. This crude piece of outdated propganda can of course not compete with Steven Spielberg's highly specialized million dollar budget sublime subversions of history.

I could suggest a few other films which would be worthwhile in order to start a discussion, but I suppose that is not the aim of the event, which obviously is solely meant to enforce anti white European stereotypes, without concern for objectivity of any kind, and of course without any reflection or self criticism on the Jewish side. In that sense our priesthood has shown it has learned it's lessons from Jud Süss and the other Nazi propaganda films.]

Exhibition of Marco Evaristtis work Rolexgate at Art Gallery Nikolaj

The above from: Auschwitzdag 2010

The arrangement is sponsored by the Danish taxpayer, thanks to the Copenhagen Municipality..


Just a few days ago, it was uncovered that a seminary for the education of school teachers used a book by Helle Hinge, who also teaches at the school herself, in which Danes and Danish values were pictured as negative, narrow minded, xenophobic, etc.

Some proposals which were presented as logical, desirable and inevitable: No more Christmas at schools, no more Christian songs, no more Monarchy, no more Christian holydays. Forbidding burkas is intolerant, accept Islamic fanatics, democracy is dangerous, stop national feelings, Danish People's Party wants only white Danes, capitalism destroys woman's rights, etc. etc. This book has been used since 2008!

Every religious minority and left wing extremist ideologue and every opportunistic greedy con artist that can creep or crawl seemingly enjoys him or her self with relentless attacks on the host nation and the bulk of its indigenous people.


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