Pakistani Mullah Mohammad Yousaf Qureshi, Peshawar: the 1 million dollar reward still stands

Danish Secret Service alledgedly recruited, the Somali who attacked Kurt Westergaard

  Fatima: I don't think he planned it
Mohammad Yousaf Qureshi Peshawar

Simi Jan (Pakistani reporter TV2) interview

Mullah Quereshi: I am delighted. He is a great warrior, who had to courage to do it for the sake of Islam. He was unlucky that he didn't reach his goal. That is a pity, because it is a duty to kill the cartoonist.


Simi Jan: Why is it a duty to kill him?

Mullah Quereshi: Because he has defamed the prophet, which cannot be tolerated in any way. If somebody kills him and says he did it on my command, my reward still stands.

My message to the Somali jihadist is: Well done, you have shown a fantastic courage. Go on untill you have reached your purpose

Mullah Quereshi is a advisor of the most important religious court in Pakistan, and a member of several other sharia courts. He is an influential man listened to by many people.

Simi Jan: So you hope some day someone will succeed?

Mullah Quereshi: Certainly. God willing. Those who made the drawings and published them must excuse in public.

According to Fatima sister of the Somali attacker who is now in police custody, her brother was approached by the Danish Security and Intelligence Service (PET) one or two years ago.

In a sensational interview on Danish TV2 at 22:00 local time the sister of the Somali wannabee assassin appeared on TV, and alleged that her brother had been approached by the Danish Secret Police (PET) in order to recruit him. She said the Intelligence Agency he had been pressuring him to cooperate with them and to supply it with information about his friends. According to Fatima he had refused, but it had been very stressful for him, she said.

The girl who appeared in profile in dark light so her face could not be identified, also said that her brother certainly wasn't crazy.

She mentioned what everybody else also may have thought: who would do such a thing with a knife and an axe. She said she didn't believe that her brother was crazy enough to do it that way, even if he would have planned the attack himself. She suggested that he would have used a gun.

Attack could have been prevented

This morning judicial expert Peter Vestergaard said to TV2 that the Danish Security and Intelligence Service could have stopped the attacker beforehand. He says PET had enough information to charge and convict the Somali attacker. He suggests that PET didn't take action, in order to learn more about the Somali's connections.

In court yesterday Muhudiin M. Geele denied the charges against him. He also denied connections with Al Queda and Al Shabaab.

Update January 5:

'While they observed him, PET tried three times to get him to help them or work for them in another way. That is what he told me says [Muhudiin Geele's] Attorney Niels Christian Strauss to TV2 News.'


It is of course not sure that Fatima's words should be taken seriously; the experience with Muslims in Denmark is, that many times friends, family (and other Muslims in general) of criminal suspects, tend to deny even proven facts.

Sometimes whole clans show up at trials cursing the judge and the judicial system and proclaiming the innocence of the accused inside and outside the courthouse. Massive police presence is always necessary at trials involving Muslims.

On the other hand in another recent Danish terror case the role of an unidentified PET agent was also central...

With the new hype against Yemen taking off so quickly at this point in time, it can hardly be denied that this case comes at a very welcome moment for those who obviously want to see another military conflict in the Mideast.


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