Somali immigrant shot by police

  Ibrahim Shkupolli Kosovo Albania Muslim immigrant Had two previous convictions for illegal possession of fire arms
  Kurt Westergaard
  Ibrahim Shkupolli Kosovo Albania Muslim immigrant Had two previous convictions for illegal possession of fire arms
  The famous Mohammed cartoon
  Chief inspector Bent Preben Nielsen
  Zubair Butt Hussein - Islamist
  Zubair Butt Hussein - Islamist
  Of course the islamophile media immediately used the opportunity to invite one of Denmarks most dangerous islamic extremists Zubair Butt Hussein into the studio. Dangerous, because he knows what pays off in Denmark, and what to say in public, in order to further his sharia purposes. Of course he 'distanced' himself from the attack, because he knows it will be much easier to islamize the country by way of demography and political infiltration. Together with imam Abdul Wahid Petersen, and prominent Danish based Muslim politicians, he recently met with Ahmadinejad in Copenhagen. One example of how he tries to make himself acceptable, was by sucking up to the prevailing 'morals' by distancing himself from Amadinjads alleged 'holocaust-denial'. He knows that Jews are a specially protected species, and strives to gain the same martyr status for Muslims.

The now world famous Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard, who has lived under police protection since threats against his life were made after the publication of the Mohammed Cartoons, was attacked in his home in Viby near Aarhus, Friday night around 10 PM (22:00).

A 27 year old Somali immigrant (later identified as Muhudiin M. Geele) armed with an axe and a knife broke into the premises, Kurt Westergaard was close to the secure room when the attack started, and only barely managed to lock himself in the secure room.

He didn't have time to take his five year old grand child Stephanie with him (was on the couch with a broken leg) , and as he said, he couldn't have done anything to protect her and could possibly have done even more harm by staying. He fled into the specially protected room and alarmed the police. The islamist thug tried to force his way throught the door with the axe for a while, but had to give up.

The police arrived after three minutes, the Somali tried to flee and then attacked the police who shot the perp in an arm and a thigh.

The immigrant is being treated in a hospital, and will be charged with attempted murder of Kurt Westergaard, and the police officers who arrived at the scene.

Chief inspector Bent Preben Nielsen from the East Jutland Police confirmed that the suspect was a 27 / 28 year old Somali immigrant, who lived in the other side of the country, on Sealand, the main island, and came to Jutland for this purpose. The nationality of the suspect has not yet been cleared up. [Finally Sunday night we were told that the perpetrator is a Somali citizen.]

The suspect is not known by the police, except from having lost passport and drivers license and similar things.

The whole quarter where Kurt Westergaard lives was temporarily evacuated, since there were rumours about possible explosives at the premises.

Westergaard angry

Kurt Westergaard said on the phone to Danish TV2 that he was shocked and angry.

This is the third concrete plan to murder Kurt Westergaard.

Earlier two Tunesian immigrants were caught with plans to murder Westergaard. They were not brought to trial, because the secret police (PET) said producing all the evidence would compromise 'foreign partners'. They were administratively expelled from Denmark, but are still here after a media campaign about the 'human rights' of the two Tunesians, and the danger to their lives if they returned to their islamic homeland.

The most recent affair is connected with the arrest of the two Pakistanis in the USA.

Sources: Danish TV and newspapers.

Live update:

Jakob Scharf head of the Danish intelligence service PET suspects connections with a supposed East-African (Somali?) terror organization 'Al Shabaab', with supposed connections with Al Qaeda. The agency classifies the incident as 'terror related'. A PET Press release (see link further down) said the suspect had participated in 'terrorist related activities' during a stay in East-Africa.


Broke into the house with an axe

The perpetrator forced his way into the house by crushing a glass door in the backside of the house with the axe, and then he tried to break into the door to the 'secure room', where the 74 year old cartoon artist had sought refuge, while 5 year old Stephanhanie who had a broken leg, remained in the living room.

Kurt Westergaard: 'I saved myself in our secured room, from where I managed to alarm the police, while he energetically tried to break into the door with a hammer or something like that, but he didn't succeed.'

He was shouting abuse. I don't exactly remember what, he only spoke broken Danish; in the end he promised he'd be back.' Later Westergaard recalled having heard words such as 'vengeance', and 'blood'.

After realizing he couldn't break down the door, the perp tried to flee but a police car blocked his way. He then attacked the police car with the axe, and broke a side window with the axe. Another patroll arrived. The Somali then threw the axe towards a policeman, only missing him by inches.

The officer then shot the jihadist and hit him twice.

This morning the jihadist was freighted into the court house on a stretcher, in order to hear the charges against him.

  Jacob Scharf - PET Director

Suspicious minds

The way things are going now, so quickly; the terrorist organization connections, it already starts to look suspicious and terribly familiar. The american president with the new face for familiar policies will certainly welcome this incident as yet another excuse for assasinations by remote controlled drones, and as we also learned, now American troops on the ground to support the Yeminite dictatorship in its 'war against terrorism'.

Just like with the last Nigerian Muslim with the Yemenite connections, this Somali seems to have been a mental case, judging from the descriptions of his behavior.

How come the secret service man Scharf can tell us all these things, while they cannot even tell us a simple thing such as his official nationality status.

Denmark has a perfect registration system; everybody has a unique number assigned at birth or immigration. A cop who stops you at a traffic light knows the name of your father and mother before you can lower the window.

Is a secret service man at all supposed to release details in an on going investigation at this stage; four hours after the incident?

Or is he just a propaganda officer in just another manipulating campaign?

Is this the standard of these dangerous terrorist organizations:

A rampaging Negro cross country with an axe and a knife?

A 23 year old Nigerian upper class son of a bank director without a valid passport and registered as a terrorist suspect, who pisses in his pants allegedly trying to blow up a plane?

Whose movie am I in?

Webster Tarpley on Russia Today 12/29/09

Webster Tarply - The recent failed attack on a US passenger jet traveling from Amsterdam to Detroit was a set-up provocation controlled by US intelligence, author and journalist Webster Tarpley stated to RT.

[The terrorists] father, a rich Nigerian banker, went to the US embassy in Nigeria on November 19 and said my son is in Yemen in a terrorist camp, do something about this. Nevertheless, the son is allowed to buy a ticket in Ghana, paying cash, $2,800, for a one-way ticket, Tarpley said.

After that, a mentally deficient young man who doubtfully could make it from one gate to another managed to illegally enter Nigeria and get on a plane to Amsterdam.

There was a well-dressed Indian man who brought him to the gate and said, my friend does not have a passport, get him on, he is Sudanese, we do this all the time that is impossible! said Tarpley.



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