Breaking: TV-interview with KLA supporter Ibrahim Shkupolli

Finnish police inspector thinks Esbo shooting spree should not trigger gun law debate.

  Ibrahim Shkupolli Kosovo Albania Muslim immigrant Had two previous convictions for illegal possession of fire arms
Ibrahim Shkupolli
  Kosovo Albania Muslim immigrant
Had two previous convictions for illegal possession of fire arms and a conviction for violence.

The Finnish police inspector Mikko Paatero says the tragedy in shopping mall in Esbo near Helsinki shows that even in Finland anything can happen, whenever, wherever.

In Finland gun ownership is wide spread, but the police chief doesn't think the massacre in Esbo should raise questions about the legality of fire arms.

It is rather about integration of immigrants, and more generally about how people adjust to society, is his conclusion.

We have to be more careful about which asylum seekers can reside in Finland, Paatero says, referring to the fact that the perpetrator is not a Finnish citizen.


Paatero thinks the bloody shooting which hit random customers and employees could have a negative impact on Finn's feeling of security, but hopes the effects will be temporary.


Politiken 31 december 2009 - Politichef: Det handler om integration

Comment: Switzerland is one of the European countries with the most wide spread gun ownership. It also has a very low level of violence involving fire arms.

Finland which has only seen mass immigration for a relative short time, is already experiencing the backlash of Muslim mass immigration. Amongst others, Somali immigrants are now infamous for rape. Finnish Nationalists are rapidly gaining support.

Ibrahim Shkupolli KLA supporter - Finnish TV-interview



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