Glædelig Jul og et godt Nytår til alle ønsker Gregorius Nekschot, der lige som Kurt Westergaard må betale en høj pris for at udøve sin ytringsfrihed og sin kunstneriske frihed.

Greetings from Copenhagen
Cartoon: East meets West - A Happy New Year  - Gregorius Nekschot
East meets West - A Happy New Year


I am sorry to have to say that I have not kept track of where Gregorius currently is in the legal machine and otherwise.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year too Gregorius, and thank you for exposing the flaws of our system, even though it brought you trouble.

In the middle of all our multicultural globalist mumbo jumbo and climate voodo misery, it is good to know that many courageous people from many different backgrounds and persuations have decided to identify, challenge, and fight the schemes and dictates of the shady elites which were instrumental in bringing about our present desperate conditions.

The most universally important human right, if any, must be freedom of speech

Let us use a moment to think of the jailed or persecuted heroes of free speech

Let us think for a moment now, during our wait for the Winter Solstice, or the celebration of the birth of Christ, or just the returning of the light, about those unfortunate souls who are locked up in dungeons in so called 'democratic' countries in the 'free westerne world'.

For drawing cartoons, for mocking the sexual preferences of a Mohamedan prophet, for publishing popular 60'ies cartoons, for mocking anti German war propaganda such as lampshades, soap bars and shrunken heads made of Jews, and magic futuristic holocaust ball point pens, for doing essential scientific chemical research on alledged crime scenes, for doubting 9/11, and soon to come probably for being guilty of Climate Change Denial.

Gregorius Nekschot - Website


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