Bent Melchior - B'nai B'rith Denmark
  Bent Melchior - B'nai B'rith

Bent, Alan, and Karen Melchior warn openly and strongly against mixed marriages, which are the gravest danger for the Jewish community. (Magasinet 10/4-94 and Politiken 24/4-94)

  Naveed Baig - Imam - Ex- Minhaj ul-Quran
Muslim radical - Approved of some uncanny islamic ideas
  Bashy Quraishy, a Pakistani opportunist, who picked up some tricks from his Jewish friends, like how to make a good living off subidies and promoting your own agenda at the same time. He was a partner of one of Melchior's Jewish/Muslim project before this one (2008). He has been accused of fraud in connection with one of his projects.

Muslims and Jews join forces in new network

The referendum in Switzerland about a ban on minarets is a sign of increasing problems for religious minorities that strikes a note in Denmark.

At least this is what a new Jewish Muslim network which calls itself Jewish-Muslim Platform in Denmark [Jødisk-muslimsk platform] .

The purpose of the organization is to uncover and prevent anti-Semitism and islamophobia in Denmark. As an example we see Danish support for the decision in Switzerland as a clear sign of discrimination, prejudice and lack of knowledge, says imam Naveed Baig, who is one of the organizations spokesmen.

Naveed Baig points out that minor religious insults are made in everyday life in Denmark. He would like to counter this development, before Danish society risks ending up as Switzerland, forbidding the religious symbols of minorities.

I think there is much more that binds the monotheistic religions together than which divides us. Therefore we must find the humane values and apply them in every day life, Naveed Baig says.

The Jewish-Muslim platform in Denmark apart from Naveed Baig counts more than 20 outstanding Danish Jews and Muslims, aomong which former Chief Rabbi Bent Melchior, Chairman of the Jewish/Zionist brotherhood B'nai B'rith Denmark, who for many years has fought for the rights of minorities and their acceptance in Denmark.

Through the years Bent Melchior has tried to unify Jews and Muslims in several coalitions, among which MP Naser Khader (Syrian/Palestinian), who is known as a beer drinking pork eating 'cultural Muslim', who has not much support from Muslims in Denmark..

It has been more difficult than I thought years ago, he says and continues:

This time the organization is built on a broader foundation. We hope it will become a voice in the public debate and a club of friends, where for example our children can play soccer and play together.

Melchior thinks that only in meeting those one holds prejudices against, one learns 'these are completely ordinary people'.

Among the planned activities are dialogue meetings, trips to places which are sacred for both Jews and Muslims, and an active participation in the public debate.

The network connects for broader cooperation in a EU framework, which tries to expand understanding between religions.

So far the article in Kristeligt Dagblad (Not a word by word translation but amended with additional information)

Kristeligt Dagblad 9 december 2009 - Muslimer og jøder går sammen i nyt netværk (Ida Klement)
(Det nye netværk Jødisk-muslimsk platform i Danmark kritiserer forbuddet mod minareter i Schweiz - Læs mere om debatten om minareter på

Now let's not be mistaken here. I am actually not that impressed or alarmed by Mr. Melchior's latest attempt to put himself in the spotlight. As is refered below he has been involved with similar projects several times already. But let's keep a watchful eye anyway.

Bent Melchior

The former Chief Rabbi Bent Melchior, (born in Germany in 1929) a Zionist, admirer of the racist Jewish philosopher Maimonides and a student of the Talmud , left Denmark after returning from his comfortable exile in Sweden during WWII, and took up the gun to join the Zionist terrorist organization Hagana from '48 - '49 in order to grab Palestinian land.

cartoon Spitting Jew

Although he at more than one occasion professed his opposition to mixed marriages involving Jews, and being on record for apparently for no reason [he thought they were Palestinians] having spat two Muslim woman in the face during a demonstration in Copenhagen, he is still hailed by the Danish media as som kind of mini Mandela humanitarian, and even was awarded honorary membership of a Danish 'anti-racist' organization Danish Refugee Agency [Dansk Flygtningehjælp].

Smooth talking Zionist Jew

The message is clear: As long as you are a smooth talking Zionist Jew, you can get away with extreme ethnocentricism, nationalism, racism, and even physical abuse, praise racist supremacist philosophers as Moses Maimonides, and the wisdom of the hate filled and utterly perverse Babylonian Talmud, and still be hailed as a laudable humanitarian by the media. No wonder the former Chief Rabbi often has this characteristic smirk on his face.

I can only imagine too easily, how scared politically correct left wing humanitarian journalists get tied up in an inner conflict when confronted with one of these two extremely uncharming old bats, who obviously make it hard not to vaguely think of stereotypes no sensible human being would like to think of, thinking of the fate of those who did and all.....

In the newspaper Politiken of March 17 2008 Melchior was quoted for:

A quick look at any European society today should be enough to convince all enlightened Jewish and muslim communities and individuals that cooperation is in their own interest.

Muslim groups have many members, but little influence, while the Jewish community does not have many members, but is well organized and is prepared to share its experience and knowledge.

He then goes on to praise the 'great civilization' during the Muslim rule of Spain, and says: The Jews were the first who brought the islamic civilization to the West. [Yes the Jews shifted sides several times in the Arab / Spanish conflict]

Religion and Human Rights: Universalism, Cultural relativism, and Integration

A Downside to Integration?

In a country which is nearly completely monocultural, as Denmark is, integration often becomes assimilation, according to Bent Melchior. There does indeed seem to be an attitude among many Danes that ”Jews are so well integrated that one can't tell who is a Jew.”


Although this level of assimilation probably helped the Jews retain a low profile during the occupation and eased the escape to Sweden, we must not overlook the loss of culture that occurs when a minority population is assimilated rather than integrated.

Bashy Quraishy states that etnic minorities should have their own language and culture even when they take part in the Danish society.

Perhaps we should not view the extreme extent of Jewish integration into Danish society in a solely positive light.

Although it is impossible to know what factors led to the increasing secularization of the Jewish community in Denmark, Bent Melchior attributes some of the loss of religious Jewish life to assimilation, stating that in country as homogeneous as Denmark, the majority culture wins in the long run.

The ongoing process of Muslim integration gives Denmark an opportunity to welcome a new culture and religion in Denmark without assimilation.

From: The Danish-American Dialogue On Human Rights: Summer 1997 af Christoffer Badse & Rebecca Swank

Bent as well as his Brother Arne - Melchior recently protested against the expulsion of 14 convicted criminal Iraqi Asylum seekers, thieves, rapists and murderers, and called it inhumane!

Bent Melchior's politician brother Arne [also former president of the Danish Zionist Federation] has also for many years been one of the most prominent immigration advocates. He is partly responsible for a special law which gave 'humanitarian asylum' to 500 (?) rejected Palestinian asylum seekers who had occupied a church. An other prominent politician to back this law was Elisabeth Arnold. Over the years these few hundred Palestinians and their numerous offspring left a trail of crime and destruction behind them.

Immediately after the 'Palestinian Law' [Palæstinenserloven] was passed, it came out that about 200 of the Palestinians had gone home 'on holiday' to Lebanon and Syria during the time their case was decided in 1990 and 1991, in order to celebrate their staying permits for Denmark. Of 110 children who were born after they gained legal status in Denmark by 2005, 62 were registered by the police for criminal behavior. Source

The result is what counts, never mind 'collateral damage'

All in all the Jewish 'sympathy' for the Palestinians paid off. The Palestinians soon became notoriously unpopular in Denmark, next most unpopular after Somali immigrants, because of all the murders, rapes and general detestable behavior, which caused a change in popular Danish perception of the Israel - Palestine conflict, making the Zionists more popular. Even the far left has stopped most active support of the Palestinian cause in the Mideast. Israel rules in Denmark. No wonder these Jews wanted the Iraqi asylum seekers to stay. The more Muslims come to Denmark, the greater the resentment against Muslims, and the greater support for Zionist friendly foreign policies, since most leading Danish opponents of immigration are so blindfolded that they can not distinguish between cause and effect.

Once again

Arne Melchior with his Iraqi proteges during church occupation 2009

While this disastrous event still fresh in memory, both Bent and Arne once again (2009 - some month ago) indulged in their favorite pastime; enriching Denmark with more Arabs.

This time it was a bunch of rejected Iraqi asylum seekers, among them thieves, drug dealers and rapists, the two unscrupulous Zionists wanted to give the same royal treatment, courtesy of the Danish taxpayer. The Iraqi thugs had occupied a church as well, and finally had to be forcibly removed by the police. A number of them have now been flown home.

Now I don't recall any of the two Zionists urging Israel to let these displaced Palestinians return to the land of their birth did I? On the contrary; Brother Arne was thrown out of the extremist multicult party 'Centrum-Demokraterne' for having defended infamous Shin Beth torturer Carmi Gillon and his methods!

A third well known Melchior; Michael Melchior, Chief Rabbi Bent's son, is the leader of an Orthodox fundamentalist right wing party in Israel.

Bent and Arne Melchior have a mean habit of accusing people who don't agree with them of 'anti-Semitism', which in their eyes is one of the most important problems in the world. If not the most. Perhaps next after mixed marriages.

  Logo Jewish - Muslim network

The Political Council for Coexistence

More Jewish/Muslim networks with participation from members based in Denmark: The aforementioned Naser Khader, the disgraced Pakistani immigrant politician Kamal Quereshi and Copenhagen City Councillor Finn Rudaizky (Jewish formerly Anti-Nazi League) once were members of a Jewish-Muslim network; 'The Political Council for Coexistence', founded by the Vice President of the World Jewish Congress, Lord Janner of Braunstone.

Rudaizky later defected from the Social Democrats and joined the nationalist pro-Zionist Danish People's Party in its struggle against the Muslim invasion and its pro-Zionist policies.



Last year Melchior offended Christians on live TV

Danish state TV Denmarks Radio, with former president of the Danish Zionist Federation Arne Notkin as chairman of an important part of the background news coverage, on the screen often presented by Jewish journalists, has a nasty habit of imposing all kinds of foreign religious enrichments on their viewers during the days preceding Christmas.

'Jesus was a Pharisee'

Also last year. December 23 Danmark's Radio in stead of preparing for Christianity's most important holyday had invited the former Chief Rabbi Bent Melchior in the studio, where he didn't waste the opportunity to insult Christian beliefs, by amongst other things saying that the Pharisees were the good guys, Jesus was a Pharisee, and would have made a great Rabbi, had he not breached Jewish Law.

Jesus cleanses the temple  

The usual general blaming of Christians for all and every misfortunes experienced by the poor persecuted Jews, and 'Christian hate' of course, was not left out by the self confessed Talmud and Maimonides worshipper.

The Jewish talkshow host Adam Holm ended the broadcast saying: 'Happy Hannuka'.

* * *

I wonder what it'll be this year.

Anyway most Danish priests are atheists nowadays, imposters who use their pulpits for preaching the multicultural creed, and lately for pushing the global warming religion as well.

In stead of fighting Pharisees in the spirit of Jesus Christ, they have become Pharisees themselves.

Instead of throwing the money lenders out of the temple, they associate with them and praise their virtues.

In stead of preaching the Gospel, they falsify the truth and tell their sheeple that Islam is a great religion and that Judaism and Christianity are like brothers and sisters!

The fact that no Jew of stature will agree with such assumptions is utterly unimportant to these self indulgent narcissist exhibitionists, who wouldn't recognize Christ if he stood right in front of him. Such 'Priests' would probably consult a psychiatrist in stead, or take some more Prozac.

Split in the Jewish community

But not all Jews share the Melchior clan's appetite for ever more Muslim immigrants, and suffer from this seemingly unsatiable appetite for cheaply bought sympathy from the multicultural establisment, or appreciate the increasingly dangerous position of some orthodox Jews who live in Muslim infiltrated areas.

74% of Danes want minaret ban

Just as Councillor Finn Rudaisky, parts of the Mosaisk Trossamfund the Jewish religious organization, are now connecting with individuals inside the nationalist Danish People's Party.

The same organization put pressure on the Zionist organization European Jewish Congress (EJC) to take the Danish People's Party off a list it had published of xenophobic, racist and anti-Semitic parties in Europe shortly after the European Parliament elections.

When the Zionists heard that the DPP only was islamophobic, and strongly in favor of Israel and most Zionist policies, they immediately took their misjudged friends off the list. Some weeks later others succeeded in convincing the EJC Jews of Geert Wilder's undying support of Israel and Zionist policies, his party was removed from the list as well.

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