Thor Pedersen: 'Get it back down to earth where it is no longer a religious movement, spreading itself around the world, while nobody really knows what it is we are really implementing, and what price we are really paying.' (Video further down)

  Thor Pedersen - Venstre
  Lykke Friis - Venstre's Climate Ministr.

Discarded Thor Pedersens comments as if they came from some old fool who still hasn't fully realized that in the age af global consensus on EU and UN 'science' , dictates and agendas have replaced traditional democracy, scientific debate and western freedom values..

Lykke Friis was primarily known as an often Tv-studio invited EU expert. She is a complete EU apparatchik, who suffers from nervous tics, like blinking her eyes five times in quick succession every 3-4 seconds, constant extreme facial gymnastics and trying to speak faster than an auctioneer at a Japanese fish market. EU critical arguments were easily brushed aside as the result of uninformed 'conspiracy theories', whenever needed. Lately she had been serving as a pro-rector of Copenhagen University. She went straight into politics when Barosso Bonaparte decided he wanted another EU fanatic; Connie Hedegaard as 'Climate Commissioner', she replaced Hedegaard as 'Climate and Energy Minister'.

Just three days before the COP15 Climate Conference in Copenhagen former finance Minister Thor Pedersen voiced his concerns about freedom being trampled by the climate agenda.

Probably emboldened by the latest revelations about the dishonesty and manipulations by members of the IPCC which came to light as a hacker published e-mail correspondence and other incriminating documents, Thor Pedersen a highly respected senior MP from the centre right governing party Venstre, former Finance Minister (2001 - 2007) and currently serving as the Danish Parliament Speaker, declared that individual freedom should not be trodden under foot by climate legislation.

His own party Venstre that recently took in a new 'Climate Minister' from the cold as replacement for Connie Hedegaard who became the European Unions new 'Climate Commissioner', stressed that these were Thor Pedersen's private opinions, and that the Party's climate policies were unchanged.

Thor Pedersen not alone

According to the newspaper Berlingske Tidende Thor Pedersen is not the only one in the party who are skeptical about the climate hysteria. Several members are concerned that a new Bill about energy labels for houses will infringe on personal freedoms.

Danish building regulations have already for many years dictated high standards for insulation and other forms of energy conservation of buildings. As far as I remember the minimum insulation thickness for roofs is now 300 millimeters of mineral wool.

Isolation madness has actually gone so far, that people are now changing perfectly good quality double glazing for multiple layered glazing, og course there are subsidies backing this up. While we are surely conserving energy, many people in Denmark suffer today from indoor climate related problems, overinsulated and under ventilated houses (in reality most Danes live and breeze inside a plastic tent) seem to have been part of the cause of ever increasing numbers of people suffering from various allergies, and ever more over-isolated houses being hit by harmful and destructive fungi.

From TV interviews it became clear that Thor Pedersen is very skeptical about the 'science' which is being relied on in the climate debate, although he doesn't want to be called 'a climate skeptic'. It appears that the Danish media most of which are pushing the climate agenda very zealously, provided a comical setting for Thor Pedersen's statements, by interviewing a family that excels in American Las Vegas style 'Christmas decorations' with hundreds of flashing lights, animated reindeer and other nutty visual pollution of their neighborhood in the same program. I'm sure the family are sweethearts though.

TV2 Interview December 4:

TV2 speaker: Thor Pedersen doesn't want to name himself a climate skeptic, but then again..

Thor Pedersen: And it's this we got to go back to; what is theory, what is it we know, and then get it back down to earth where it is no longer a religious movement, spreading itself around the world, while nobody really knows what it is we are really implementing, and what price we are really paying.

Thor Pedersen in Berlingske Tidende:

'This rise in temperature can only be two degrees Celsius compared to what it was average on earth in the pre-industrial time from 1200 to 1750. This temperature is unknown. It is very strange that we decide on specific numbers such as 2 degrees Celsius on that background, says Thor Pedersen, who thinks that politicians should not give the impression that they can control the earth's temperature.

Because as he said, there is no divine power that has stated what the temperature of the globe should be.

'Therefore it doesn't belong in the world of politics; unless one thinks one is almighty. I don't think I'm almighty, Thor Pedersen says.

Thor Pedersen lufter klimaskepsis - TV2 News 4 december 2009 | Sorry only in Danish
Flere klimavideoer her:
Christmas Las Vegas style at the Fjelde family residence in Randers

Am I happy I don't live close to this family! Think about walking in your garden in the evening, or having a bedroom facing this family's private Tivoli! This has nothing to do with Christmas. From whatever point of view one sees Christmas; Christian, Pagan or just a warm winter family thing, it should be about looking a bit inward if it is to have any other meaning than just a couple of days off from work and spending a lot of money on rubbish. I pray that this trend will not spread, but so far the media are doing everything they can to promote this kind of folly. It is funny how Tv-stations which all seem to be constantly preoccupied with all kinds of 'educational' stuff and talk about human rights and values, also excel in promoting all kinds of more or less perverted rubbish of which the Christmas garden light shows are only the most innocent example.

Now I don't think these people should feel guilty because of what I write; if they think it's fun and their neighbors don't complain, then God bless 'em. They seem like a nice family, and as long as it is an isolated thing, who cares. But God forbid that it becomes a trend. Even though I live in a city, I like to be able to experience some nature around me, not a flashing neon light freak show.



December 8 and 9, 2009: Copenhagen Climate Challenge Conference to be held at the Danish Writers Union, Dansk Forfatterforening Strandgade 6, 1401 København K (Copenhagen, Denmark).
Copenhagen Climate Challenge Conference

Copenhagen Climate Challenge - En alternativ konference af klimaskeptikere. Deltagere bl.a. Jens Robdrup, solforsker Henrik Svensmark, Lord Christopher Monckton, og den svenske geofysiker Nils-Axel Mörner. Fox News og Al Jazeera skulle dække begivenheden.
Berlingske 8 december 2009 - "COP15 hviler på en løgn" (Lars Henrik Aagaard)

Politiken 5 december 2009 - PM Lars Lokke Rasmussen: Obama’s changed plans a COP15 boost

Note: Politiken uses the confusing word 'Liberals'. To be understood as 'liberalistic', not as 'liberal' in the American sense of left wing.
Politiken 4 december 2009 - Liberals on Climate: A bridge too far?

“We should all shake hands and agree to do everything possible to create good living conditions. That has nothing to do with the climate debate, in which we try to determine the globe’s temperature. It is common sense,” Thor Pedersen says in his interview with DR.
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For Decades, the Media Chose to Champion, Not Scrutinize, Claims of Global Warming Alarmists

More than 20 years ago, NBC’s Andrea Mitchell admitted how the media had taken sides on global warming. “The networks have made that decision now, where you’d have to call it advocacy,” Mitchell announced at a September 16, 1989 global warming conference held at the Smithsonian (later quoted in the Wall Street Journal). When journalists become advocates, they inevitably fail to hold both sides accountable. If reporters had maintained an unbiased approach to global warming, they conceivably could have uncovered Climategate years ago. The question now is, will they admit the Left’s global warming scandal even exists?
Media Research Center - The Left's Climategate: A Scandal for Journalism, Too (Rich Noyes)
And while we are at it; the media use the same tactics when it comes to 9/11, the swineflu 'pandemic', immigration, foreign wars, and last but not least 'the holocaust'.

Wallstreet Journal 30 november 2009 - The Climate Science Isn't Settled (Richard S. Lindzen)

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