Sorry to disappoint you. The lovely girl above is not offering her services (at least that we know of) at the Copenhagen Brothels. It is the author of the Ekstra Bladet article I quoted from in this post; Stine Bolther. But you will surely be able to find similar examples of Nordic beauty in Copenhagen.. Remember prostitution is legal only for girls at least 18. The general legal age of consent for sex in Denmark is 15 years. But if you feel like seducing a 13 year old boy for homosexual sex via the internet, it may only cost you a suspended sentence if you are caught, even if you are a well known politician. The Danish politician Flemming Oppfeldt who was arrested Oct. 24, 2004 and was subsequently convicted of pedophilia, for doing just that, still received a lot of votes at the local elections recently, when completely unashamed he decided to continue with his political career. If only Roman Polanski had known, he would not be facing spending the rest of his life in an American hell hole right now...

Copenhagen brothels offer free sex to the participants of the COP15 summit, if they show ID and infamous 'morality postcard' published by the Copenhagen municipality.

Danish sex workers are so angry about the municipality's anti prostitution scare campaign, that they offer free sex to participants in COP15.

The municipality has published free postcards with the slogan 'Be sustainable: Don’t Buy Sex', the aim of which is 'to make people understand that Copenhagen's ethical rules forbid commercial sex. The postcard has been distributed to hotels, the Bella Center, and other central locations in Copenhagen, hoping that this will keep the participants on the narrow road of virtue.

Nowhere does it say that prostitution actually is a legal business in Denmark.

Sex for Postcard (image further down)

The local organization of sex workers were deeply offended by the initiative of the municipality, which made them start their own campaign; 'Sex for Postcard', as an answer to the municipality's campaign against a legitimate business. The Copenhagen hookers suspect Copenhagen's unpopular Mayor, the Social Democrat Ritt Bjerregaard is behind the campaign.

In order to get the 'free ride' the participants must show their COP15 invitation, and present one of the anti-sex campaign's postcards. Employees of the Copenhagen Municipality or Copenhagen politicians are exempt from the offer.

(In the name of justice, Balder is considering a complaint to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg for discrimination of the Copenhagen politicians. It is not fair, that when foreign participants can come to the meeting after a relaxing night of free sex, while the local politicians come to the job with the usual headache after the usual fights with their unsexy feminist wives at home.)

According to Susanne Moller, spokesperson of the Sex-workers Interests Organization, (SIO) the Copenhagen municipality has begun its own criminalization of sex customers.

It is annoying that the Municipality holds the Climate Conference and us hostage to its agenda, Ekstra Bladet quoted Susanne Moller for saying.




Postcard sent to hotels on orders of Mayor Ritt Bjerregaard  



Ekstra Bladet December 3, 2009 - Gratis sex til COP15-deltagere (Stine Bolther)

Politiken 4 december 2009 - Prostitutes offer free climate summit sex | Prostituerede giver gratis topmødesex (Peter Jørgensen)

Rumours have reached us that after hearing about the initiative from the Copenhagen Hookers Association, Al Gore, who originally announced that he is not coming to the Copenhagen Conference, is considering changing his mind and coming anyway.

Coming to Copenhagen with a truck load full of Bullshit - Gore, Blair, Obama | Large high res.


Denmarks greatest pimp

  Above: The Poll at Ekstra Bladet
  Results Friday December 4, 7:45 AM

Ekstra Bladet is not only Denmarks largest tabloid newspaper, but is also often called Denmark's greatest pimp.

The newspaper makes quite a bit of money from advertizements from sex workers, in the printed paper (look for 'massage' in the back pages) as well as the Internet.

Here is what their website has of sex adds for the Copenhagen / Frederiksberg area

You'll find phone numbers here and links to a number of brothel websites

Ekstra Bladet Poll

What is in your opinion the reason for Al Gore's cancellation?

1. He has got other more interesting arrangements
2. He doesn't care about the climate summit in Copenhagen
3. He is afraid to get critical questions

Current results Friday December 4 at 6:00 am local time:

1. 16.31 %
2. 17.07 %
3. 66.62 %

Visit the page and vote






Don Surbur 3 december 2009 - Al Gore cancels speech in Copenhagen (Al Gore aflyser foredrag i København)

En Luders Dagbog (A Hooker's Diary)

  Imagine there's no Global Warming

Image right: Minarets and Muslims are no fun. Let's get rid of those and keep the brothels in stead!

Remember that Copenhagen can be a dangerous city for tourists. Immigrant gangs routinely rob people, sometimes even kill them. Gang rape also is becoming more and more common. Beware of certain taxi-drivers1 and hustlers trying to sell you drugs! 1) Females: if you want to be on the safe side; when you call the taxi company, tell them you have a dog with you. This is commonly understood and appreciated.

Don't respond to Nigerian hookers in the street. If you are caught with a woman who is 'trafficked' you may share Polanski's fate (sort of). Don't be afraid though when you see Hells Angels or AK81 badges. They are only here to protect the streets from immigrant thugs. If you spot one just pat him on the shoulder and tell him how much you appreciate them being around. But make it a short encounter, for these brave guys are often targets and you wouldn't want to accidentally be hit by a stray projectile.

Don't openly proclaim doubts about the Global Warming Lobby's dogmas, intentions, theories and 'solutions'.

30,000 'protesters' from the far left are coming to town in order to ensure that nobody will doubt Al Gore. They are deployed to divert attention away from real serious opponents of the Global Warming scam, who are also conferring in Copenhagen simultanously with the 'New World Order How to Install A One World Government Summit'.

Don't fuck with the Danish Police!

The police are bracing for the expected gigantic riots, except they have announced that the officers will have to work 16 hours each day for two weeks. Police from all over the country will be in Copenhagen, so some criminals will have a happy hour outside Copenhagen. The effectiveness of the police will not exactly be boosted by this tiring scheme. And remember, the dum dum bullet / no safety pin /9mm Heckler & Koch handguns the Danish police are equipped with can rip off an arm or a leg when a tired and edgy policeman nervously pulls the trigger in your direction.

Warning to car thieves

Wannabee car thieves are hereby warned: The police shot dead a car thief at point blank range, just a few days ago (his second confirmed kill) . So far I remember no police officer has ever been punished for any of a relatively large number of police killings the later years. Often psychiatric unstable people armed with a pocket knife. Before this car theft case there was one where the suspect was shot through the roof with an incredible number of bullets. Eye witnesses called it 'murder' and 'an execution'. Justified said the courts..

So follow police orders my friends, or you risk coming home in a coffin. The only exception being red fascists who can always count on a little better treatment because they have scores of lawyers, witnesses, secret and openly political backers, sympathetic media and cameras at hand. Then there are of course the immigrants, shooting one of them would be quite racist, don't you agree?

  Fighting for Peace, fucking Change
  Nick Griffin - MEP Britain (BNP)
A modern day political genius

I heard it through the Grape Vine

So that leaves a lot of ammo to go your way if you are not careful. Don't wear badges with Ron Paul, Confederate flags, Celtic crosses, (sorry Irish) don't ask for movies with John Wayne at the video shop, don't mention you think Al Gore is nuts and don't talk about Obama's birth certificat or mock his affirmative action Nobel Prize for peace for sending 30,000 more troups to Afghanistan.

Obama is fighting for peace, and so are the commies who promised to make the city a war zone, and so is the police, who may crush your scull if you don't belong to a protected species.







Balder Blog 5 december 2009 - Climate Gate - Dissent spreading: Senior Danish politician Thor Pedersen calls for fight against climate hysteria (Ex. finance Minister expresses doubts about climate religion)

December 8 and 9, 2009: Copenhagen Climate Challenge Conference to be held at the Danish Writers Union, Dansk Forfatterforening Strandgade 6, 1401 København K (Copenhagen, Denmark).
Copenhagen Climate Challenge Conference (Climate Skeptics alternative conference)

Copenhagen Climate Challenge - En alternativ konference af klimaskeptikere. Deltagere bl.a. Jens Robdrup, solforsker Henrik Svensmark, Lord Christopher Monckton, og den svenske geofysiker Nils-Axel Mörner. Fox News og Al Jazeera skulle dække begivenheden.
Berlingske 8 december 2009 - "COP15 hviler på en løgn" (Lars Henrik Aagaard)

Flopping Aces 5 december 2009 - Gropenhagen: Hookers Offer Freebies for Climate Conference Delegates!

Eco Tretas 5 december 2009 - Na pegada do sexo de Copenhaga

De Telegraaf 4 december 2009 - Gratis seks tijdens klimaattop

VG Norge 4 december 2009 - Tilbyr verdensledere gratis klima-sex

Nick Griffin (British National Party) represents the European Union in Copenhagen - He is a so called Climate Denier, but he is supported by many fine scientists! Professor Ian Plimer has called the claim that the planet is threatened by man-made climate change, a 'load of hot air underpinned by fraud' and condemned the climate change lobby as 'climate comrade' keeping the gravy train going.
British National Party 3 december 2009 - Copenhagen Countdown: Nick Griffin’s stance backed by academic

Euro-med 4 december 2009 - The Climate Religion and Copenhagen I. UN: “Environment Should Compete with Religion, So That We can Shape People and Countries” | Deutsch | Dansk

Socialisme og Dhimmikrati 4 december 2009 - Dr. Ian Plimer - Klima forandrings svindel

De Telegraaf 29 november 2009 - EU stuurt klimaatscepticus naar Kopenhagen (Nick Griffin - BNP)

Balder Blog - Denmark: Street war between Hells Angels and immigrant gangs spreading

Balder Blog - Indigenous victims of the multicult

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