The following is a sarcastic rewrite of an article of November 3 in the Ottowa Citizen, by the Zionist British ex MP Denis MacShane, update who now October 2012 has been uncovered as a swindler and has left Parliament in shame. | Dansk | Guardian

His article is titled 'Global anti-Semitism demands a united response'. Read it before going on, if you want to be able to fully appreciate the following humorous parody. [Note: Many of the links in the article below lead to Danish pages; but since most of them are translations from English articles, you will find links to those there]

By Balder, Citizen Special November 18, 2009

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The recent desecration of a Christian cemetery and the harassment of a homosexual Danish vicar by Muslim youth in Tingbjerg, Denmark, vandalism against a Christian Center in Australia perpetrated by Jewish teenagers, as well as regular attacks on Christians in Israel, and the rape of two Danish girls by Jewish kibbutzim which went unpunished should be a wake-up call.

Christians are also routinely spat upon, and copies of the New Testament are publicly burned in Israel by Jewish hate groups. Jewish organizations and individuals lobby to ban Christian symbols from public life in the US, and even want to ban Christmas trees and nativity scenes. Zionist state paid rabbis openly endorse the murder of Gentile children, and the Israeli government sponsors racist campaigns in the US telling American Jews not to intermarry with Gentiles! Hatred of Christians and Gentiles in general is back.

In Europe, lobbyists who deny Communist atrocities such as the Holodomor and trivialize the massacre of Ukrainian peasants and Armenian Christians, are courted by the European Parliament. Racist and extreme Zionist and anti-Gentile Jewish sects such as Chabad Lubavitch and the ADL of B'nai B'rith have direct access to European and supranational politicians, presenting themselves as humanitarian organizations. Daniel Goldhagens blood libel on the German people is just one extreme example of the virulent hate against Gentiles which is spread by Zionists Jews these days.

During the Gulf war the Zionist Simon Wiesenthal Center and Jewish Press published an article claiming that the Iraqis had German made gas chambers and Zyklon B. ready for the next holocaust. Zionist friendly media in the US showed footage of a nurse who lied about witnessing Iraqi soldiers throwing prematurely born babies out of their incubators in Kuwait, in order to take the machines home to Iraq. The nurse was presented as the trusted witness of the Zionist extremist Representative Tom Lantos, Zionist controlled outlets such as's purposely wrongly translated speeches and interviews with Iran's president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

The same lies are perpetuated almost on a daily basis by Zionist friendly news outlets around the world. CBS' famous program 60 Minutes and its Jewish host Mike Wallace were exposed for having manufactured gross manipulations of an interview with the same Ahmadinejad.

Another of the age old anti-Gentile stereotypes is that of the 'anti-Semite'; a fictuous character who for no reason whatsoever finds pleasure in slandering, persecuting and torturing Jews and secretly dreams of putting them into gas chambers.

Hundreds, perhaps even thousands of Jewish hate sites all over the world keep repeating that unless Gentiles are being gagged, cuffed and stuffed with holocaust propaganda they are a danger to all other people such as Gypsies, homosexuals, people of color, and especially to Jews.

A US report based on material from Jewish organizations such as the SPLC, and the ADL offended millions of ordinary Americans who were diagnosed to be a danger to the Nation and potential terrorist material based on their support for conservative candidates, their choice of films, their views on same sex marriage and abortion, their interest in upholding the constitution, the removal of illegal immigrants and a number of other similar characteristics. Police are being instructed to keep a watchful eye on such alledgedly potential terrorists. The villification of Gentiles must stop, before the Zionist propaganda may push Zionist extremists further along the path of violent action.

Just a few days ago a secret anti-Gentile group of criminal hackers most likely connected to the Jewish Defense Organization or similar Jewish hate groups, managed to break into the famous WWII historian David Irving's website, and published names, correspondance, e-mail addresses, phone numbers and credit card details of people who had signed up to hear the historian speak were published on the Internet, so that they can be sent anti-Gentile e-mails and phone calls or what is worse. Previously the infamous Jewish communist Gerry Gable was convicted for breaking into his house.

In Britain, the leader of anti-British Labour Party, recently exposed for cheating the British people by having a secret agenda and purposefully lying about their intentions, had close relations with prominent British Jews who paid cash for honors and Israel friendly war mongering policies such as the attack on Iraq, has been suggested as the new president of the EU.

In the European Parliament, a self admitted Jewish pedophile, convicted fraudsters, communists and Zionist bought stooges openly mock Christianity, traditional European values, democracy, national sovereignty and the rights of the indigenous Gentile peoples of Europe, while they enjoy parliamentary immunities and lavish allowances and expenses to spend peddling their poison, while some of them shamelessly defended a Jewish pedophile and tried to shield him from prosecution.

Or take the Israeli MP, Avigdor Lieberman, who speaks for the extreme Zionist party Ysrael Beitu. He said Israel was under threat from 'Arabs and Iranians -- who want to devour the entire world, especially Israel'. His party could be the biggest next year and his anti-muslim ramblings and openly genocidal intentions are defended by the party leadership.

Then there are the difficulties with Britain's Conservative Party. Its leader, David Cameron supports Israel and is a sincere friend of Britain's Jewish community, just as Labour's Tony Blair. His Zionist friends have made an alliance with neo-cons in Europe and America who celebrate the destruction of Iraq, the Israeli murder spree in Gaza blessed by state supported Rabbis who advocate the murder of Gentile children, and dream of starting a nuclear holocaust against Iran.

Britain's Jewish Labour foreign Minister David Miliband recently defended terrorism against white people in South Africa. Miliband, who's father was a communist hardliner till the end, despite the communist massacres of tens of millions, mainly Gentiles, advocates merging the EU with most of North Africa and parts of the Mideast, happy to destroy our unique Christian and Pagan European Gentile cultures with an unlimited influx of Muslims.

The Zionist communist David Miliband assisted Polish based Jewish special interests organizations in vilifying the people of Poland by the usual accusations of 'anti-Semitism'. Of course Miliband would deny the heavy Jewish involvement in the repressive Communist regimes, and finally their prominent role in the Cheka death squads and in the upper echelons of the Bolshevik revolution, which might be part of the reason for the unwillingness of Eastern Europeans to deliver the desired 'special treatment', that is routinely expected by the self appointed God's Chosen, examplified by Lenin who's first act after the Bolshevist take over was to install laws punishing 'anti-Semitism' with death.

Miliband also is a Goldstone Denier, but he cleverly tries to disguises his bias by taking the report from the formerly by Jewish circles highly esteemed Jewish Judge Richard Goldstone apart bit by bit, without altogether condemning the whole thing. Perhaps he is not a denier, but a 'negotiator', another even more dangerous brand of denialism which is growing at an alarming pace. Large parts of the organized Jewish community as a whole refuse to recognize atrocities and war crimes committed by Jewish 'partisans' against Gentile civilian Christians in Poland, the Ukraine and the Baltic states, and in stead produces movies in which murderers and rapists are being iconized as Jewish heroes. Of course Israel refuses to extradite Jews accused of war crimes committed during the Second World War. As the Talmud prescribes: 'Even the best of the Gentiles must be killed.'

It is as if Europe's nerve-endings on anti-Gentilism have atrophied and a new tolerance of what a few years ago was politics beyond the pale is now the norm. At the same time global anti-Gentilism has the endorsement of state leaders such as Israeli President Binyamin Netanyahu and his right hand man Avigdor Lieberman, and is propagated throughout Europe by an enormous network of Jewish institutions and lobbyists financed by organizations such as the Anti Defamation League of B'nai B'rith, numerous other Jewish and Israeli organizations and probably the state of Israel backed up by intelligence from the Mossad.

There is an alarming increase in anti-Gentile publications, such as the hateful books by Daniel Goldhagen, accusing the German people of being genetically predisposed for genocidal behaviour, and recent books by Efraim Zuroff, Manfred Gerstenfeld and the Israeli extremist Zvi Mazel in which they accuse half of Western Europe, and specifically people from Holland and Scandinavia of 'anti-Semitism'.

Injust Zionist induced policies and the creation of a wide variety of gagging laws have permitted dislike of Gentiles to become tolerated politics again. Of course to criticize Gentile policies is not anti-Gentilism. But Gentiles in Canada, the US, Europe or elsewhere in the world should not be made to feel that their beliefs and affinities can face even more anti-Gentilism when other forms of racism are combated.

That is why the initiative of the European-American Movement for Liberation from Jewish Supremacy to set up its own commission of inquiry into anti-Gentilism, which will begin hearings today, is to be welcomed. In Sweden and France and Hungary we welcome the appearance of dedicated anti-Zionist parties, which unite people of all races, religions and backgrounds in the fight against Zionist racism, Goldstone denial, the ongoing genocide against the Palestinian people, and the second planned genocide against the people of Iran.

I have the honor of representing the Gentile Federation of the Lost Generation after I chaired a similar commission of inquiry which reported in 2006. There was no doubt after our evidence sessions and visits outside of London that British Gentiles faced levels of anti-Gentile and anti-Christian pressure that was not acceptable in a modern democracy.

Girls frightened to wear a British flag or a Christian Cross, boys jostled on their way home from school if they were fewer, less violent, smaller, and in the possession of Nike shoes or a mobile phone, were minor incidents, if frightening enough for students.

Worse were the attacks on priests, politicians or students and teachers of history, the heavy pressure from the British Israel Lobby on the BBC and other British media, the bribing of British politicians and the organized network of anti-Gentile Jewish and philosemitic ideologues making university life a misery for Gentile and Jewish students and professors alike if they did not bow to the anti-Gentile hate of the ADL, SPLC, INACH, Zentralrat der Juden, and the rest of the international Zionist censorship and thought police lobby.

Now is time for a fightback. Government departments, editors, university leaders, diplomats, religious leaders and all decent politicians have to wake up to the return of organized anti-Gentilism in too many of the world's democracies. France, Sweden and Hungary are showing a lead in Europe but the struggle against 21st-century anti-Gentilism has to be global or it will fail.

Balder is a front line non violent advocate for the recognition of the human rights of the suffering indigenous European populations, heavily burderned by the plots and schemes of international Zionism, of which mass immigration and perpetual wars in favor of international Zionism only are the most obvious consequences.

Without bending down to profess his adherence to popular folklore popularized by Jewish and Zionist interest groups shamelessly bent on legitimizing the occupation of foreign lands and the blackmailing of Europeans for their alledged responsibility for the so called Jewish holocaust, he calmly explains the simple principles of Gentile morality, fairness, logic and reason, and supplies priceless information about the virulent anti-Gentile activities of organized world Jewry which have infected the vital organs of Gentile society at every level.

dansk Ottowa Citizen 3 november 2009 - 'Global anti-Semitism demands a united response (By Denis MacShane)



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Comment: Typical behavior from haters like Mr. Denis MacShane; he suggests that e-mail adresses were published with the names to be used for sending hate messages, but when one looks at the site, there is nothing of the kind. Hundreds of Jewish websites publish lists of Jewish names, surnames etc. themselves.
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