Norman Finkelstein was interviewed on Danish public service TV on November 13 by Jewish TV host Adam Holm (Video: bottom of page)

  Norman Finkelstein: You are just repeating Israeli propaganda. They have no right to East-Jerusalem.
  Adam Holm: 'But you are very extreme in your criticism of Israel'.
  Brigadier Rabbi Avichai Rontzki - IDF

The Israel Defense Forces' chief rabbi told students in a pre-army yeshiva program last week that soldiers who show mercy toward the enemy in wartime will be damned. Brig. Gen. Avichai Rontzki also told the yeshiva students that religious individuals made better combat troops. Speaking Thursday at the Hesder yeshiva in the West Bank settlement of Karnei Shomron, Rontzki referred to Maimonides' discourse on the laws of war. That text quotes a passage from the Book of Jeremiah stating: 'Cursed be he that doeth the work of the Lord with a slack hand, and cursed be he that keepeth back his sword from blood.' Source: Haaretz 15 nov 2009 | Haaretz - West Bank rabbi: Jews can kill Gentiles who threaten Israel | På dansk

  Adam Holm: How can we have a neighbor who doesn't recognize our legitimatacy?

The recently judged too overtly pro-Zionist Adam Holm was reprimanded by his superiors from the public service TV station Danmarks Radio for having published a news paper article expressing his strong support for Israel in relation with the Israeli attack on Gaza.

On this occasion a stoic Finkelstein manages to get Adam Holm off balance as Holm more and more desperately tries to counter Finkelstein's simple message: Uphold international law in connection with Israel as with any other state.

Adam Holms clearly emotional approach speaks volumes. In the introduction Holm used the word 'controversial' about Finkelstein, who has been denied access to Israel, and is chronically suffering from virulent attacks from Zionist organizations.

So far they have been able to keep Finkelstein from getting tenure [Danish: fastansættelse] at DePaul University, thanks through a vicious campaign of hate led by Jewish extremist neo-con Alan Dershowitz.

Every very time Finkelstein is to speak somewhere, Zionist activists try to get the event spoiled by all conceivable methods, so far only lacking physical attacks. Exactly the same methods slightly diffently disguised which are being used against WWII historian David Irving everywhere he sets his foot.

Anybody, who speaks out against the interests of Israel and Zionism world wide, is mercilessly persecuted by the mainly Jewish mob without regard to creed, race, or color of the offender.

Excerpt from the interview:

Norman Finkelstein: Hamas is not obliged under international law to accept the legitimacy of the state of Israel.

If you go back for example 1947 Gandhi said he'll accept the reality of Pakistan, but he would never accept the legitimacy of the state of Pakistan.

Hamas is not expected to be held to a higher level of diplomacy than Gandhi..

Gandhi said: 'Pakistan is a reality which I'm forced to accept, but I don't accept it as legitimate.' And that's the same position of Hamas. They said we'll solve the conflict on the June '67 border.

Adam Holm: 'This is what makes Jerusalem unwary of Hamas because they keep saying how can we have a neighbor which doesn't recognize our legitimacy.

Norman Finkelstein: But you see the problem is; listen to yourself,.. your own language..

You're just spouting Israeli propaganda..

Why are you saying 'Jerusalem'?

East Jerusalem is occupied Palestinian territory under international law, that was the ruling of the International Court of Justice since July 2004, and if you look at the Goldstone Report that just came out a month ago, they refer to East-Jerusalem as occupied Palestinian territory.

But now you've given over Jerusalem to the Israelis..

You're just repeating Israeli propaganda; they have no title under international law to east Jerusalem

Adam Holm: But speaking about my Israeli propaganda, which I'll refute, but anyway..

End transcript


Listen to the whole interview. The introductory part (in Danish) of the program is not in this clip. The clip starts with a very short statement in Danish before the interview with Norman Finkelstein begins.

Norman Finkelstein Interviewed on Danish TV (Deadline 13 november 2009)
Adam Holm begins the interview by asking Finkelstein why he doesn't believe in the Israeli government's intentions when it declares to be willing to work for a peaceful solution in the Mideast.
Ethnic cleansing in Israel - Interview with Jerusalem Mayor Naomi Tsur

After 1:40 minutes introduction in Danish the rest is in English with Danish subtitles.

30 Palestinian families driven out of their homes. Israelis angry about Swedish Proposal to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine. We watch how Israeli setlers drive Arab families out of their homes and how the Israeli systems uses all kinds of tricks.Danish Public Service Television Danmarks Radio - Israel evicts 30 Palestinian families. Interviews with victims of settler terror and interview with Jerusalem Mayor Naomi Tsur. Interviewer Tine Gotzsche Broadcast December 7, 2009

Gideon Levy (Haaretz) on Israel's addiction
Gideon Levy: 'Think it's a combination of a very very powerful Jewish lobby, which in spite of all the predictions, is still as powerful as it used to be, quite a powerful and meaningful [influential] Christian lobby in the United States and a very manipulative Israel, who can manipulate Europe and manipulates the whole world in many ways, and manipulates the States.

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See whole the interview with Israeli Ambassador Danny Ayalon in Denmark (just a few days old, appears in the Finkelstein interview) here:

Balder Blog 10 november 2009 - Denmark: No government support for closer EU ties to Israel after visit by Avigdor Lieberman (Ayalon interview)

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Norman Finkelstein - Homepage

dansk Channel 4 Video - Dispatches: Inside Britains Israel Lobby ['Anti-Semitism' goes mainstream] Video blocked in a number of countries. Shorter version here

Left-wing groups enraged by Germany municipality's decision not to allow anti-Zionist Israeli historian Ilan Pappe to speak at governmental institution. Pappe writes to Munich mayor his policy reminiscent of Nazi Germany. [..] Prof. Pappe wrote an open letter to the mayor, stating that "in the 1930s my father, a German Jew, was silenced in a similar manner, and I am saddened to discover the same censorship in 2009." Pappe noted in his letter that he had not experienced oppression or such a strong desire to silence his opinion in any other European country. He said that "a handful of people" attempted to frighten the mayor, "people who view themselves as representatives of the Jewish people and the disaster they went through in Europe."
Ynetnews - 12 november 2009 - Ilan Pappe silenced in Munich

The Danish media's obsession with the holocaust
(Remember: In Denmark there are no laws which enforce government endorsed historical views yet)

Another journalist; Nikolaj Sommer showed an unprofessional moralizing and condemning conduct on the same 'Deadline' show when interviewing an Irianian born woman, who had an un-kosher view of the situation in Iran, during the attempted 'orange revolution' and defended president Ahmadinejads freedom to doubt or contest historical theories. Later Samira Niknam Tavin turned out to be a student of journalism, currently employed by Danmarks Radio as part of her education. She was reprimanded and reminded of the fact that anything Jewish especially the holocaust defines the unwritten but strictly monitored limits of free speech. She'll probably not have a career in the tax payer financed institution outside of the sports department where she was or still is working. The system demands appeasers; not individualists strong personalities and people who still trust the workings of their own brain.
dansk Balder Blog 23 juni 2009 - En anden utilsløret Iransk stemme: Samira Niknam Tavin stemte på Ahmadinejad | Transskription af DR Deadline 22 juni 2009, hvor iranskfødte Samira Niknam Tavin og Jaleh Tavakoli debatterer valget i Iran

In this remarkable case a Muslim fundamentalist politician was allowed her fundamentalist views, but was expelled after a rather innocent link to an article by David Irving on her website:
dansk Balderorg 28 marts 2008 - Safia Aoude, Conservative Muslim candidate accused of mentioning David Irving

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