When Israel's foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman returns home after visiting Denmark and meeting foreign Minister Per Stig Moller he will be coming home without results.

Denmark is not ready to meet Avigdor Lieberman's demands for more Israeli cooperation with the European Union

  Avigdor Lieberman
  Per Stig Moller - Foreign Minister
Danish Anti-Zionist activists organize protest week 'Tear Down The Wall' against the Apartheid policies of the israeli government riv-muren-ned.org.
  Soren Espersen - DPP

The Danish newspaper Berlingske Tidende has spoken to foreign Minister Per Stig Moller and senior spokesmen from other parties. Only the nationalist Danish People's Party is ready to accept Israel's wishes for closer cooperation with the EU, a subject which was high on Israeli Minister Avigdor Liberman's agenda during his visit to Denmark.

Settlements blocking progress

'I don't think the situation has changed in such a way that it would legitimize a new EU initiative for closer ties with Israel, and refers to the fact that EU negotiations with Israel have been frozen for almost a year after the Israeli attack on Gaza last year.' Mr. Per Stig Moller said to Berlingske Tidende.

And not just the atrocities in Gaza are blocking for upgrading EU relations with Israel. The Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian areas are also standing in the way.

EU - Israel negotiations frozen

The European Union last summer extended the freezing of negotiations with Israel for six month. This means that EU-nations soon will decide how to move onward. According to Per Stig Moller, the necessary initiatives will have to come from the Israeli side.

Humanitarian organizations such as the State Church's Relief Agency (Folkekirkens Nødhjælp) and the Reseach Centre For Victims of Torture (Forskningscentret for Torturofre [RCT]) who are not known for normally praising the Danish government are happy with the decision, and Søs Nissen (RCT) noted that it was the right signal to send to Israel because it has not changed it's policies. Sos [Søs] Nissen's
anti-torture centre has been involved in projects in the Israeli occupied territories and in Israel itself.

Four Clinics destroyed during Gaza war

Henrik Stubkjaer from the State Church's Relief Agency came with similar comments, and also notes that not even Israeli rhetorics have changed. Property belonging to both organizations had been destructed by Israeli bombardments during the attack on Gaza. Three mobile clinics and a stationary clinic for children and woman were destroyed, according to Henrik Stubkjaer.

The State Church's Relief Agency and the anti-Torture Center RCT together with MS Action Aid, KFUM (YMCA), FN Forbundet and the Euro-Mediteranean Human Rights Network asked the Danish Parliament to demand that a four point list of conditions be met before negotiations with Israel can be resumed.

DPP Nationalists side with colonizers

Only the Danish People's Party (DDP), that defends the right of indigenous Danes faced with Muslim mass immigration, has decided that in the case of Israel, it will defend the Jewish land grabbers against the indigenous population.

The party's spokesman on foreign affairs and one of the DPP's central figures who got married to an Israeli woman and has been a dedicated Zionist since Soren Espersen, said that 'Denmark ought to take the lead in persuading the European Union to normalize relations with Israel.'

Danish Foreign Minister Per Stig Moller in contrast criticizes Israel for allowing Jewish settlements in the occupied territories, but does not object to Arab settlements and Muslim colonization in Danish cities.

Another article in Berlingske Tidende refers statements by the Jewish extremist Avigdor Lieberman:

The former night club bouncer said that Arab-Israeli members of Parliament who talk with Hamas must be executed like the Nazi-collaborators after the Nuremburg trials. When Ariel Sharon in 2003 gave amnesty to 350 Palestinian prisoners, Lieberman said: 'It would be better to drown these prisoners if possible in the Dead Sea, since it is the lowest point on earth, and offered in his capacity as transport Minister to supply busses for the trip.

Lieberman is currently under investigation by the Israeli police who suspect him of money laundering and fraud in connection with million dollar payments to a consulting firm owned by Lieberman's daughter during his time as a Member of Parliament. Liberman denies the accusations.

Comment: What is most interesting is how many people from most established parties in Europe gladly side with Israel, and are joined by Nationalists such as the DPP, while at the same time distancing themselves from a party such as the British National Party (BNP) or in case of the Danish People's Party, get all upset when one of their candidates is supported by volunteers from a slightly different patriotic organization. And we're not even talking about Nazis. Yet it is perfectly ok. to support Israeli hardline policies, which are about as racist and radical as they come. What Israel really would be capable of doing if the eyes of the world were not permanently closely monitoring the Jewish state is not all that hard to imagine; just listen to Lieberman. Stories about Israeli abuses and war crimes are 'one sided exaggerated anti-Israel, anti-American and even anti-Semitic propaganda' . At the same time the sleezy lies about the 'extreme and racist BNP' are to be taken at face value. Here anti-nationalist humanitarians, globalists, eurocrats, and nationalists find common ground. And I wonder, still I wonder, who'll stop the rain?


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