Hundreds of Muslims and fascists from the extremely violent left wing fringe group UAF (United Against Fascism) attacked demonstrators and police when a legal demonstration organized by the human rights group SIOE (Stop Islamification of Europe) was to be held held in front of Harrow Central Mosque.

Thousand Muslims invaders and UAF fascists ran amok

Police were affraid to get killed!

A senior police sergent was quoted for saying that 'he didn’t want any of his policemen killed.'

See footage from a BBC report here:

Nyfascisten Leif Nørholm opfordrer på sin blog til vold:

Hvad gør vi antifascister og antiracister?

Vi må og skal bekæmpe enhver form for racisme og fascisme når som helst og hvor som helst, både den “private” og den statsautoriserede.

Kampen skal efter min overbevisning ske med alle til rådighed stående midler.

Modstandsbevægelsen under 2. verdenskrig nøjedes heller ikke med at bruge de midler og metoder, som de ret så tyskvenlige (racistiske og nazistiske) magthavere havde godkendt!

Bekæmp racismen og racisterne!

(Danish neo-fascist blogger promoting violence against political opponents)

Hundreds of Muslims and UAF fascists go wild at peaceful SIOE demonstrators and police
UAF and Muslims thugs attacked police near Harrow Central Mosque - SIOE demonstration
BBC: Interview with Stephan Gash (SIOE)
Sky News
Crowd shouting Allah O Akbar! - Note Al Queda flag!
The Religion of Peace outside Harrow Mosque | Hattip Hodja
Press TV Iranian 'journalist' - Wayman Bennet
Pro-muslim attempt to confront anti-Islam protesters at Harrow Central Mosque riot
Video from Swedish TV broadcast September 12: Four weeks of riots in Göteborg
No time to translate, but let the images speak for themselves!
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  Caught in the act - Stone throwing thug

Danish newspapers only spoke about 'clashes between anti-fascist protestors (sic!) and anti-Muslim demonstrators', and didn't even mention the Muslim rioters, even though there were about a thousand Muslims involved!

Same thing the Danish media did when reporting on the EDL demonstration in Birmingham, where they called the English Defence League for 'an ultra right wing organization' , and didn't mention the muslims who were involved in the violent attacks against police and peaceful British demonstrators!

Peaceful protest leader arrested!

Because of the UAF and Muslim threat, the police called the legal demonstration off, and arrested SIOE leader Stephan Gash.

Superintendant Julia Pendry said: "What police set out to do was to police peaceful protests. Unfortunately what unfolded was a series of acts of disorder and even cases of violence.

Officers came under attack from bricks and bottles and we had to deploy our staff in protective equipment a number of times.

Nine arrests were made for possession of offensive weapons [..] The protesters gathered outside the mosque on Station Road, close to Harrow and Wealdstone Station.

The mood soured when a gang of at least 100 pro-Islamic demonstrators broke away from the main body to chase away a small number of the anti-mosque marchers.

Police wearing riot gear responded by closing roads and kettling in the protesters outside the mosque, refusing to allow movement between their lines. More at Google News

Comment on biased Mail on Sunday story by Muslim Councillor Jeremy Zeid:

Right, lets CORRECT what has been written, as I WAS THERE supporting our Mosque.

There were, at most about 20 "right wingers" and they were outnumbered hundreds to one. The violence was started by the LEFT wingers who came from outside, intent on violence, to "make their point".

People descended from all over, hiding their faces like the cowards that they are. I removed several face-coverings. The speaker at prayers urged members to go straight home after prayers which most did.

The "protest" was a damp squib and the trouble was started by ignorant leftist idiots who were bored at the lack of "action". "Unite Against Fascism", what a joke. Petty revolutionaries and Trots spoiling for a fight.

Ironically, those who were seeking to split our community FAILED UTTERLY as we all stood together from all religions and none. My total contempt for the FASCISTS of the Right, and of the Fascist LEFT who try to fool us that they aren't.

- Cllr Jeremy Zeid (Conservative), Harrow, HMP-Loonybin-England,

Labour fascist John Denham is trying to stir up violence against peaceful protestors
Mail on Sunday 12 September 2009 - Labour minister John Denham: Anti-Islam extremists no better than Oswald Mosley's 1930s fascists

Ulla Lauridsens blog 15 september 2009 - Plat, vi taber, krone, de vinder

Uriasposten 12 september 2009 - Daily Mail fortsætter: Anti-fascister fra Hizb ut-Tahrir

Politiken 11 september 2009 - Demonstration ved moske i London ender i ballade

Ritzau (Danish Press agency) Clashes between 'group hostile to Islam' and 'youngsters'
Although nothing in the article suggests that the SIOE demonstrators in any way were involved in the clashes, still the misleading headline suggests different!

Berlingske Tidende 11 september 2009 - Ballade ved moské i London (Ritzau)

BBC September 11, 2009 - Ten arrested over mosque protest

SIAD 11 september 2009 - Politiet aflyste SIOE demo!

SIAD 11 september 2009 - News on SIOE demo

BBC September 11, 2009 - Ten arrested over mosque protest

SIOE September 6, 2009 - 11th September Harrow demo approved

Snaphanen 12 september 2009 - I don’t want any of my policemen killed

Vlad Tepes 11 september 2009 - Democracy and rule of law dead in England? Legal protester arrested, violent Muslims allowed to rampage


More Danish News:

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