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As usual the traditional opponents of free speech have found some useful idiots to make the whole censorship thing smell a little less Jewish. On this occasion they also recruited representatives of the Armenians and a Hutu Tutsi organization based in France. The Armenians surely are 'useful idiots', since the Jewish state Israel does not recognize the Armenian holocaust as genocide, probably because of its close ties to the Turkish government (and perhaps because Jews also played the role of henchman in this orgy of murder because of the Jewish influence in the Young Turks movement). Abraham Foxman, the director of the most influential Zionist pro-censorship organization ADL even campaigned against recognition of the Armenian holocaust, amongst others because the holocaust™ of the Jews thereby would loose some of its exceptional status.

Brussels: October 6 there will be held a conference about 'holocaust denial' in the EU-Parliament

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  Zypries - High Priestes of Holocaust Enforcement Unit

The conference is being organized by the Jewish Laic Community Centre (Belgium), the European Armenian Federation, and the French based IBUKA (apparently a Hutu Tutsi organization)

In an announcement from CRIF, the French Counterpart of the Central Council of Jews in Germany' it said on September 7:

'This conference takes place in connection with the planned paneuropean penalization of critical views pertaining to certain aspects of history as seen by Jewish and Zionist special interest groups.

The so called Framework Decision of the European Union, which enforces criminal prosecution of opponents of government prescribed history enforced by EU countries must be transposed in the 27 Member States legislations before the end of 2010.

Holocaust denial and Democracy in Europe

The conference titled 'Holocaustdenial and Democracy i Europe' is held under the patronage of the infamous German anti-free speech activist and man hunter Elmar Brok (CDU), aims at convincing politicians in the European Union why appreciations of history which are not comliant with the views of Jewish and Zionist special interest groups, left wingers, and multicult fanatics are 'a perversion of free speech', and 'a threat to the fundamentals of the democratic society'. [All right, I got it. Free speech is a threat to democracy, or should I say judeocracy?]

The politically responsible judiciary, historians and social scientists - great opponents of none Jewish authorized opinions about history, will present the comparable items among competing views about several different alleged genocides.

Their aim is to convince European leaders of the necessity to expand provisions in criminal law dealing with 'denial of genocide in all areas', as planned in the EU resolution.


Joining the conference is free, but it is only possible to join by registering before September 28. Join here [One even has to disclose ones passport number - Remember this conference is taking place in Belgium, where the slightest doubt of Jewish versions of history is a criminal act]

(Please note that the article above is not a translation. I have chosen in many instances to replace terms and expressions which are defamatory towards non-Jewish white intellectuals with a description of what those hateful and defamatory expressions really mean.)


CRIF 7 september 2009 - Une conférence sur le négationnisme au Parlement européen

Altermedia Deutschland 9 september 2009 - Maulkorb für alle?

Armenian News September 8, 2009 - European Parliament to host a conference on struggle against Genocide denials

Comment: I wonder whether there will be anybody there to defend the right to free speech for non Jewish European intellectuals at this Jewish censorship conference, or will it once more be a free ride for the traditional opponents of free speech?



Under the Crescent Moon and the Holocaust

In a not to far future the word 'Holocaust' will have lost any connection to the mass murder of Jews during WWII, in stead it will be remembered as a hated symbol of organized Jewry's ruthless suppresion of the indigenous European populations.

'The Jews are our Misfortune', a saying often heard during the National Socialist 11 years Reich. It will be the Jewish Umma itself that will decide how the truth of that saying will be judged in the future.

So far it seems hard to mobilize any warm feelings towards organized Jewry and the State of Israel, the survival of which depends on the ongoing activism of these organizations, which beside being Jewish for most part are Zionist battle stations. You will reap what you have sown my friends...

Wouldn't it be a bit more in place if these Jewish participants went to combat racism and discrimination in Israel, where the extremist foreign minister Avigdor Liebermann even proposed a law which would ban Israeli Arabs from remembering their own Palestinian holocaust; Naqba?

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