Danish rapper Niarn

A 43 year old plain clothes policeman was shot in the belly and in his arm, a white rapper named Niarn [real name Niels Roos] was slightly injured by a grazing shot, and a civilian whose identity was not disclosed was also hit by a bullet in the violence plagued borough of Noerrebro [Nørrebro] in Copenhagen last night around 22:30.

The incident happened outside Jaegersborggade 114. According to officer Mads Firlings from the Copenhagen police none of the victims was in a life threatening condition.

According to Ritzau 10 - 12 shots were fired, after which a car drove away with squeeling tires. The rappers injuries appear to be cause by a stray bullet. The crime scene happens to be a neighborhood where several members of Hells Angels support group AK81 live, so the fact that the shooting occurred there could indicate that an immigrant gang has been at work.

It is not yet clear for sure if this episode is realated to the ongoing conflict between gangs of aliens and predominently white groups such as Hells Angels and their support group AK81. The Hells Angels recently extended their presence to another area in Denmark, in Jutland near Fredericia, the bikers' spokesman Jorn Jonke Nielsen will take up residence there.

Shots were fired i Tingbjerg in the north west of Copenhagen as well. This incident occurred about 15 minutes before the shooting of the police offficer in Noerrebro.

This is the second time this week that there have been shots fired aimed at police.

Police have begun checking cars on the bridges connecting Denmark's islands and the bridge to Sweden. A massive man hunt is to be expected.


This morning it was announced that up to 23 shots may have been fired.Several bicycles in the area had parts penetrated by bullets.


TV2 News and

Ekstra Bladet August 20, 2009 - Betjent og rapperen Niarn ramt af skud

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Again: Shots fired in Odense

Around the same time the police in the city of Odense, about 150 KM from Copenhagen dispached a large number of cars and personel to the immigrant ghetto Vollsmose, after a dusin or so shots were fired. Again it was the resident block Boegeparken became a crime scene.

It is only a few days ago a criminal immigrant fired shots at the police after a traffic incident, where the police were met by a angry and threatening immigrant crowd.

The suspect, a known criminal, even managed to get an interview with the Mayor Jan Boeje and appeared on local TV as an agitated 'protestor' against police behavior in connection the traffic accident, which by the way was caused by an immigrant who tried to flee the police. He was arrested shortly after, suspected of having fired the shots at the police. So far he denies complicity.

A car with a bullet hole was found, but all night the area has been resounding with the sound of police sirens.


Fyens Stiftstidende August 20, 2009 - Politi undersøger skud i Vollsmose

This and last year's violent developments have resulted in more resolve to identify and address the problem by the Conservative Party, whose leader Deputy PM Lene Espersen made headlines a few days ago by anouncing that the 'Muslim threat is bigger than climate problems'. As part of a larger plan the Conservative Party also launched a proposal to ban the burka in public places, an idea that got support from the Social Democrats, and of course from the Danish People's Party. [Funny how Espersens remarks were treated, or rather how they were not treated by the press. Had it been the DDP who said the same thing, hell would have broke loose] The Party observed a significant jump in the polls after the frank statements from mrs. Lene Espersen.

In spite of an enormous media propaganda most Danes are happy to part with the almost three hundred rejected Iraqi asylum seekers who until recently occupied Brorsons Church in Copenhagen, backed and organized by known left wing extremists and professional provokateurs that are the mainstay of the anarchist organization Church Asylum. A number has been rounded up, and a smaller number has already been dispatched to their country of origin.

Most of Denmark also sighed of relief when 4 Iraqi asylum seekers who took part in the mass rape of a 14 year old virgin Danish girl were finally sentenced to be deported after a lower court first had made the deportation order dependent on future behavior. The higher court stressed that unconditional deportation is obligatory in cases such as this.


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