Update October 14 2010 - Arabic Newspapers, sheik Ahmed Tayeb, The Egyptian Gazette, and others said that Danish Foreign Minister Lene Espersen apologized for the Muhammed Cartoons, and pointed to 'Denmark's efforts to criminalize offending religions'. But Lene Espersen vehemently denies any such apologies or efforts to criminalize offending religions. On the contrary; Denmark wants to abolish all laws regulation freedom of speech, blasphemy and racism. Lene Espersen, was formerly justice minister, then Minister of economic and business affairs, and now Minister of Foreign Affairs, leader of the liberalistic party 'Conservatives' and Denmark's vice Prime Minister. Related: Denmark apologises to Muslims for cartoons.

Social Democrat opposition leader Helle Thorning Schmidt follows suit

Danish politics take another turn to the right

  Lene Espersen Kons. leader & Deputy PM
'Muslim threat worse than climate problem'.
  Helle Thorning Schmidt Social Democrat &
opposition leader: 'Iraqis got to go home'

For many years the 'nationalist xenophobic' Danish People's Party was the only one pointing out the threat posed to the formerly so peaceful Danish society by the hundreds of thousands of immigrants who have established a parallel society.

They 'enriched' Hans Christian Andersen's fairytale country by turning it into a multicultural hell hole with honor killings, rapes and even mass rapes of Danish girls and woman, attacks on innocent Danes, police, ambulances and firemen, swindling asylum seekers, and shootouts with automatic weapons now being everyday news.

The Danish People's Party and its leader, the charismatic Pia Kjaersgaard, used to be the target of virulent accusations and venomous slander [Nazi, racist, xenophobe] by the socialist opposition, and to a lesser degree by some politicians of the traditional centre right parties.

But now it seems most of the Danish political spectrum agrees the DDP has been right all along, and has now begun copying the party's anti-Muslim rethorics and policies.

Muslim threat more serious than climate problems

Lene Espersen, former justice minister, now Minister of economic and business affairs, leader of the liberalistic party 'Konservative' and Denmark's vice Prime Minister, said in an interview that 'the Muslim threat against our society is more serious than the climate problems', according to one of the country's largest newspapers 'Ekstra Bladet'.

Lene Espersen in Ekstra Bladet August 16:

'The biggest threat against Denmark and Danish values comes from Muslims, says conservative leader and vice prime minister Lene Espersen, now speaking in a tone normally only heard from her collegues from the Danish People's Party.'

'Lene Espersen is happy that many of them are active in the working place, but this does not solve the problem,' she points out.

'The problem is that if those who are working are not a part of Danish society in spite of that, things don't work. They go to work, and earn their own money, but live in a parallel society, where they sit and watch Arab and Pakistani television when they come home, and thus are not connected with Danish society,' says Lene Espersen (K).

She sees a strengthening of 'value politics' as the way out of what she calls a growing problem.

And she is not alone....

  Brian Mikkelsen Conservatives
At that time Minister of Cultural Affairs
  Speech - Party Convention Sep 24 2005:
We have also begun fighting the multicultural ideology, which says that everything is equally good. Because if everything is equally good, everything is trivial, and as Conservatives we can not accept that.. A medieval Muslim culture is never going to be just as good in this country as the Danish culture which as it happens has grown on the piece of land. [..] In the middle of our country, our own country, a parallel society is emerging where minorities practice their medieval standards and anti-democratic way of thought. We neither can nor will accept that. It is here we have the new front in the cultural struggle. Read the rest
  Lillian Gjerulf Kretz Danmarks Radio
  Iraqis - Helle Thorning backs police
(Lillian Gjerulf Kretz Danmarks Radio)
  Helle Thorning: Denmark is based on law, and it applies in a sacred space such as a church as well, and if one doesn't qualify for asylum, one should not be in this country, and we have to respect that authorities apply the necessary measures.
  Poul Nyrup Rasmussen = Old Europe
  Villy Soevndal Socialist Party Tony Blair style. Tough on immigration and crime, support for the war in Afghanistan.
  Left to right: Carsten Hansen, Helle Thorning Schmidt, Henrik Sass Larsen
  Helle Thorning Schmidt announced her support of police action and strict immigration policies at a party meeting
  Odense Mayor Jan Boye visits Vollsmose ghetto after shooting episode.
  Heated discussions arose and bizarre accusations against the police flew through the air. The mayor who is a regular visiter of local mosques, was accompanied by integration consulent Ra Ranunkel Olesen (long hair down left), to apologize for the shooting, I suppose.
  Jan Boye (left) shaking hands with 35 years old convicted criminal Auni Hassan (right) after Hassans long rant: 'We have the right to be here,' the apparantly aggrevated immigrant said in an aggressive voice. The mayor was wise to get away quickly from the lunatic.
  Auni Hassan - Vollsmose
'We have the right to be here!'

After several month of massive campaigning by the left wing media including the two major Danish TV stations Danmarks Radio and TV2, on behalf of rejected Iraqi asylum seekers who occupied the Copenhagen Brorson's Church, according to polls a massive majority of the Danes supports the arrests and the incarceration of the rejected asylum seekers, among whom are families and children, as well as a number of convicted criminals.

The violent protests from extreme left fringe demonstrators, now calling them selves 'Church Asylum' [Kirkeasyl], and the statements of a number of left leaning pastors hasn't changed that.

On the contrary, in spite of the left wing extremists, refugee organizations, Amnesty International, and the media's attempts to blame the police for being to heavy handed during their cleansing of the Copenhagen Brorsons Church of Muslim occupiers and their left wing extremist Danish supporters, not only most of the general population, but also the Socialdemocratic leadership showed its support for the actions of the Copenhagen police.

In a new 'integration strategy' to be published next Tuesday, Lene Espersen and her party will propose that Imams loose the right to marry people, because of massive abuse in the past. Imams who violate the law would be deported if they are not Danish citizens.

Social democrats support police action against Iraqi Church occupiers

The Social Democratic opposition leader Helle Thorning Schmidt appeared on television yesterday, and said she completely supported the actions of the police, and that there will be no room for extremist activists and rejected asylum seekers trying to undermine Danish law. Rejected asylum seekers who in some cases have been proceeding in Denmark for more than 7 years after having been rejected, only have themselves to blame and will have to leave the country no matter what.

She added in no uncertain terms, that the Social Democratic Party stands for the current 'strict immigration policy', [in reality we see record immigration numbers this year!] which will continue even if a Social Democrat led government would take over government after the next elections.

The former Social democratic Party Leader, and candidate for the leadership of the European Union, Poul Nyrup Ramussen who voiced concerns about 'the unworthy treatment of people in need', and a number of other of the Party's internal critics, were told that their time as a policy maker was over, and that they no longer were in charge of the Social Democratic Party line.

And even the leader of the extreme left Party Socialist People's Party (SF) Villy Soevndal won more popular support when also he began using rhetorics resembling those which traditionally have been used mainly by the moderately nationalist Danish People's Party.

His party gained so much popular support, that it may turn out larger than the Social Democrat party of Helle Thorning Schmidt after the next elections, and will be the main coalition partner of a possible eventual Social Democrat led new government.

Job stealing immigrants include underpaid Eastern Europeans

The financial crisis has made Danes more aware of the consequences of the later years' disastrous immigration policies. Loss of jobs to extremely low paid workers from Eastern Europe, Europan Union directives undermining the Danish labor markets traditional rules, and threatening to undermine Danish autonomy on subjects such as immigration.

More job losses every day

Not a day goes by without new reports of major businesses closing down and thousands of workers losing their jobs. AP Moeller Maersk container shipping, air travel company SAS, work intensive export slaughter houses, windmill producer Vestas, pump manufactorer Grundfos, Danfoss, HIFI designer equipment producer Bang & Olufson, Carlsberg Breweries, Aalborg Portland, Coloplast and numerous other companies are cutting down jobs at an alarming rate.

Many Danes who traditionally have stretched their mortgages and bank loans to the limit, fear they will have to say goodbye not only to their jobs, but to their homes as well. The collapse of the housing market hasn't made things any better either for those whose economic survival is threatened by the massive layoffs, which are expected to increase for a long time to come. Danish banks such as Danske Bank and Nordea were hit hard after the collapse of the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme as well, in addition Denmark had it's own 'Madoff affair'; the Stein Bagger case which left thousands of investors, amongst them high profile celebrities without a dime.

There are large numbers of applicants for almost any kind of job vacancy now, even those jobs which formerly were hard to fill.

Hard line justice and stricter immigration policies gaining ground

All of these financial troubles together with the clear signs of the decay of Danish society, with daily shootouts in major cities, an alarming rise in the number of a formerly unknown crime; 'home robberies' often perpetrated by immigrants from Eastern European countries, and the growing conscience of the threat to society by ever increasing numbers of clearly non integrationable backward Muslim immigrants has turned public opinion in favor of hard line justice and restrictive immigration policies.

'Law and order' is no longer just a right wing priority, but has now been adopted by the Social Democrats as well. The Social Democrat's extrem left wing coalition partner, the Socialist Party (SF) headed by Villy Soevndal tried to cash in on the trend by demanding stricter justice and higher sentences. His language came close to soundbites formerly heard from his arch enemy George W. Bush.

More and more voices are suggesting that Muslim immigrants should be offered money for leaving the country side by side by demands that whole families of Muslim rapists and criminals be deported. Finally also the demographic threat by fast breeding unintegrated Muslim immigrants has become obvious to a number of main stream politicians and have become legitimate concerns among ever widening political circles.

Mass Media Deception Scheme fails miserably

It is important to remember that these developments are happening in spite of years and years of continuous, massive campaigns by the two major TV stations and most of the press, who at every opportunity try to diminish the gigantic problems caused by Muslim immigration, single out 'role models' [who invariably fail and are caught in criminal acts later] and leave microphones accessible to every left wing extremist, Muslim fundamentalist, and expert Islam apologist who feels the need to address the Danish people.

Every broadcast which exposes Muslim terror, swindle and other immigrant inconveniencies is immediately followed by clips about 'growing racism', anti-Semitism, dangers from extreme right, 'homegrown terrorism' in the US, etc.

The same day the TV stations all day and all night left the microphones to the use and benefit of the left wing extremists who were fighting the police around the Brorsons Church, letting the extremists use their channels as a message board for info on coming demonstrations, both of them broadcast undiluted lies and propaganda from the infamous SPLC, or Southern Poverty Law Center, a disgraced private American anti-white hate group comparable to the ADL [Danish Version here].

Now that's a coincidence!

One of the two stations also showed a clip about Auschwitz the very same day!


Ekstra Bladet August 16, 2009 - Lene Espersen: Militante muslimer truer de danske værdier (the Muslim threat against our society is more serious than the climate problems, says vice PM Lene Espersen [K])

Politiken August 15, 2009 - Konservative: Skoler skal undervise i danske værdier [Christian Hüttemeier] (Konservative Party wants to force arab-Muslim schools to teach democracy and Danish values)


The Conservatives have proposed a ban on the Muslim burka and niqab dress codes in the public space. A poll shows a majority in favour.
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The Conservative Party Integration Spokesman Naser Khader is calling for a ban on the burka or niqab in the public space.
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  Politiken August 14, 2009Church Iraqis on hunger strike

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