Family and friends of four Iraqi rapists went amok in a Danish court (Venstre Landsret), when all four were sentenced to be deported from Denmark for good after serving their sentences.

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The four men are all Iraqis living in the city of Odense.

In February they were found guilty of mass raping a 14 year old Danish girl at a local fair; Vorbasse Market June 18 2008. During the horrifying episode the Iraqis took turns, raping the child orally, vaginally and anally. According to her mother this was her first serious 'sexual experience'.

They were sentenced to long prison sentences [according to Danish standards], but avoided being deported so far. But the high court [Landsretten] decided otherwise.

The verdicts now are as follows:

Abdullah Maayuf Al-Badri, age 20: Two years and 9 month in prison. Expelled from Denmark for good.

His brother Hussein Maayuf Al-Badri, age 20: Two years and nine month in prison. Expelled from Denmark for good.

Fahad Maziad Masaad, age 18: Two years and nine month in prison. Expelled from Denmark for good.

Abdulaziz Khazar Jebir, age 17: Two years and six month in prison. Expelled from Denmark for good.

Note: Criminals who are being deported after serving their prison sentences usually only have to serve half their time befor being flown back to their country of origin.

The sentencing caused much excitement among family and friends of the sexual predators, and the judges had to leave the courtroom in a hurry, to avoid being hit by furniture the rest of the Arab congregation began throwing around.

After raping the 14 year old child the Iraqi predators also stole her cell phone and identification papers, so the whole family has lived in fear of retaliation for having reported the incident ever since and had to install surveillance equipment in their home.

The girl has suffered severe psychological damage and is currently being treated by psychologists.


Politiken august 12, 2009 - Fire unge udvist for gruppevoldtægt (4 'youngsters' deported for gang rape)

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Extremely many problems with Iraqi asylum seekers in Denmark

  Balen Aziz Abdulla - Kurdistan Parl.
Swindle: Social benefits, Citizenship
  Samia Aziz Mohammed (62) Iraqi Parl.
Swindle: Social benefits, Citizenship
  Down: Convicted Iraqi criminals
  Taleb Said Morad Ansari Iraq Convicted Drugsdealer Spokesman Rejected Iraqi Asylum seekers in Brorson's Church
  Taleb Said Morad Ansari Iraq Convicted Drugsdealer Spokesman Rejected Iraqi Asylum seekers in Brorson's Church
  Ghassan Younis - Iraqi Gangster

Just a few days ago several Iraqis who were receiving a life long disability pension in Denmark, were found to hold extremely well paid positions in the Iraqi and Kurdish Parliaments. They had not reported their foreign income to the Danish tax authorities, and some were denying that they held paid positions in Iraq together with other blatant lies.

It is expected that this only is the tip of the iceberg, and it has been decided that all Iraqis in Denmark who receive different forms of social benefits will be investigated by a special task force. It has been common knowledge for years that Somali, Iraqi, Pakistani, Palestinian, Lebanese and other Middle-east asylum seekers leave Denmark for long stays in their countries of origin, very soon after they obtain status as legal refugees in Denmark.

The case of the Iraqi fraudsters was brought to the attention of the public and authorities by the Danish daily Ekstra Bladet, who sent an investigating team to Iraq, spoke to government officials and found that the 'disabled' pensioned Iraqis held high positions. One was a general in the Iraqi army.

All of the people concerned have obtained Danish citizenship, and unless the Iraqi government accepts foreign nationals to serve in its ranks this adds another dimension to the case as Denmark doesn't accept dual citizenship, they risk losing their Danish passports.

Police raid against Copenhagen church

Iraqis jailed until deportation

Last night the Danish police raided a Copenhagen church, Brorson's Kirke, where about 40 rejected Iraqi asylum seekers had installed themselves in a desperate bid to avoid deportation after all of their many appeals had been exhausted.

Among the Iraqis who had installed themselves in the church, there were several convicted criminals who originally had obtained legal status in Denmark, but who were caught selling drugs, illegal possession of fire arms and other types of crime.

17 single Iraqi males were arrested by the police and will have to spend their last days in Denmark in custody, because they failed to obey the rules which say that they have to report to the police at regular intervals. The rest of the Iraqis are said now to have left the church.

The nightly action by the Copenhagen police was met by a large number of protestors from the extreme left who forcefully tried to stop the arrest of the Iraqis.

Five left wing radicals arrested

Apart from the 17 Iraqis, five red fascists were arrested for attacking the police. The windshield of a police bus was smashed with bricks, and the police had to use dogs, clubs and pepper spray to keep the left wing extremists at bay.


تغطية احداث قضية اللاجئين العراقيين المعتصمين في الكنيسة ومشاهد اقتحام

الشرطة الدانماركية للكنيسة في كوبنهاكن


Politiken: Demonstrators attempted to prevent a police bus containing the 17 men from leaving the area, resulting in violent scenes during which police used batons and pepper spray to clear the way for the bus to leave. Some 60 Iraqis, whose applications for asylum have been rejected, have been seeking sanctuary in Brorson’s Church since May of this year after Denmark and Iraq signed an agreement under which Iraqi nationals, whose asylum requests had been denied, could be repatriated.
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