Interference by Hells Angels support group AK81 may have saved elderly couple from tragic fate

  Public feels safer with AK81
Police unable to protect citizens
  Saint Jønke and the Jackal  - Skt. Jønke og Sjakalen
  Saint Jønke and the Jackal
  Jonke (Jørn Jønke Nielsen) is a spokesman for Hells Angels Denmark who recently became famous for publishing the so called 'Jackal Manifesto' which resonated deeply with large parts of the Danish public and even a number of mainstream politicians.
  The Jackal Manifesto
We use the word “jackal” about those we despise for good reason. A term that fits well in this context, and, seen from the true character of the animal, is well chosen. Jackals are easy to recognize from their stupid attitudes and cowardly patterns of conduct. Using this term for them is not based on prejudice or narrow-minded unwillingness to understand their “difficult circumstances”. Instead it is a term chosen after extensive consideration based on countless experiences and a life among them. From when there were just a few of them until today, when they are numerous enough to gather in groups. The Jackal Manifesto is not to be considered a derision of people with a certain tone of skin or a particular religion, nor is it a derision of the animal whose name is being used. Some self-righteous individuals will probably think of it in that way — peace be upon them, and then leave the victimization to them. No, the Manifesto is to be thought of as a usable tool for understanding those individuals who through threats, terror and violence hold innocent Danes, children, young and older, of all races and both genders, in an iron grip of fear. More

Mark Von Vogel suffered two immigrant attacks - the third time he didn't even bother to call the cops

After three incidents with immigrant youth, Mark Von Vogel has learned his lesson - there's no help to be found anywhere.

Twice Mark von Vogel, 39, a former swimming trainer and now coach, has experienced attacks by groups of immigrant youth aged 13 - 17 years.

Both times he miraculously succeeded to get away without suffering serious injuries. The incidents cost him a broken tooth, blows and spit in his face. Both times he found that the police at the Bellahoj Station (Copenhagen) were utterly uninterested in catching the young immigrants.

- It was my impression that the police didn't seem to find it worthwhile to arrest them and drag them through the legal procedures, because they would not suffer any serious sanctions anyway, Mark Von Vogel says.

Harassed elderly couple

Just a few weeks ago he saw an elderly couple being harassed by 4 - 5 immigrant males near Vesterport Station in the center of Copenhagen.

- I shouted at them and asked what the hell they were doing. They looked at me, and I just had time to think 'oh no not again'.

But then two crew-cut guys wearing vests and leather jackets appeared - I don't know if they were AK81 - and ran after them.

I then helped the elderly couple instead, both were rather shaken. I followed them to the Hundige train, and they were not interested in involving the police. And I had already learned from my former experiences: There was no reason to call the police, because nothing comes of it, Mark Von Vogel says.

Hells Angels biker Jonke is right

It is sad to have to say this, but Jonke is absolutely right in what he writes in the Jackal Manifesto.

The immigrant youth has never experienced any consequences from the side of Danish society, Mark Von Vogel says.

The first time he was mugged he broke a tooth after having been attacked by a group of 10-15.

He succeeded Mark Von Vogel to flee and get to the Bellahoj police station in order to file a complaint. The police told him they would call if they had any news.

They never called, he says.

Three years ago a police patrol refused to let Mark Von Vogel find security inside a police car, when he was attacked by a mob of immigrant youth who struck him and threw stones at him in Norrebro in the heart of Copenhagen

The police said there was no reason to stir up a situation, Mark Von Vogel remembers.


Translated from:

B.T. July 6 2009 - Optrappet kriminalitet men ingen hjælp

Masked immigrant gang members show off their weapons to the press
and threaten the natives with murder - English subtitles
(Hat tip Counter Jihad)



Copenhagen police believe a young man who was shot and wounded yesterday evening in the Nørrebro district of the capital, was mistaken for a well-known member of the Hells Angels support group AK81. Shots were fired at the corner of Raadmandsgade and Mimersgade streets from what is believed to have been be a black BMW 525 containing four young immigant men. The target of the attack was a group of young men who police say have nothing to do with the current gang warfare. Wednesday's shooting was the third in just over a week. More:
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