Wilders: It is five minutes to twelve for the survival of Europe. It is time for harsh measures. If they break the law or indulge in sharia or jihad; send them home the same day.

  Kurt Strand - Geert Wilders

Wilders is to speak at The Free Press Society's (Trykkefrihedsselskabet) free speech conference Sunday June 14, 2009. Participants are apart from Wilders amongst others Wafa Sultan, Diana West and Ann Fishman. Images and situation report (so far only in Danish) live coverage at Snaphanen.

The conference will be held in the Danish Parliament building Christiansborg in Copenhagen.

Extreme security measures are in place in order to protect Geert Wilders, who is under constant threat from islamists and left wing extremist lunatic 'lone wolves' such as Volkert Van der Graaf who murdered the Dutch patriot and adversary of Islam Pim Fortuyn.

The danger of a lone gunman is ever looming, but also actions from organized islamic and extreme left wing groups which pose a growing threat to our democratic institutions and the rule of law can not be ruled out.

Geert Wilders on Danish TV interview - DR Deadline June 13, 2009 -
| YouTube
Freedom of Speech Summit: Geert Wilders Synagogue Speech part I - April 27, 2009 | Part 2


How much of a free speech advocate is Wilders really?

  Wilders and Barry Madlener Celebrating Freedom Party Victory
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  Wilders speaks at the Free Speech Society
  Part 1/4 | Part 2/4 | Part 3/4 | Part 4/4

There's no doubt that Wilders is a patriot who wants to counter the onslaught of Islam in Europe. But how much does Geert Wilders actually support freedom of speech? His proposal to ban the Koran has been cause for speculation about his position as a self appointed free speech advocate. Will we get answers to some of the basic questions concerning that subject at the free speech conference in Copenhagen today?

EJC: Geert Wilders' Freedom Party, the Danish People's Party, the Austrian Freedom Party (FPÖ), Hungarian Jobbik, and the British National Party which all made surprisingly big gains in the recent European Parliament elections, were demonized as right wing radical, xenophobic, anti-Semitic, racist etc. by the European Jewish Congress. In a letter to the EU, the Jewish organization demanded more legislation against opinions it does not approve of.

The Danish People's Party (Dansk Folkeparti) was also on the list, but was taken off the list after Danish Jews complained, while Wilders' extremely pro-Jewish and pro-Israel Freedom Party so far remains. Much more:

Balder Blog June 13, 2009 - Danish People's Party kosher certified: EJC Jews remove DDP from blacklist

So far I have found no comments from Geert Wilders on the actions of the European Jewish Congress.

No comments are known either on Wilders' position on the proposal of his former party member VVD chairman Mark Rutte, to expand freedom of speech, which would include decriminalization of revisionism (often hatefullly described as 'holocaust denial') and lifting the ban on Adolf Hitlers book 'Mein Kampf'.

Translation / transcript of the programme Knevel & Van den Brink where Mark Rutte first mentioned the intended expansion of free speech, including decriminalizing revisionism, which caused furious reactions amongst others from Jewish groups.

Balder Blog June 5, 2009 - Holland: VVD’s Mark Rutte’s plea for more freedom of expression in the Netherlands - transcript



Interessant artikel om Geert Wilders fjender i Holland:
Partnerskab fra Helvede 16 juni 2009 - Smædekampagnen
mod Geert Wilders fortsætter

De Telegraaf 15 juni 2009 - Probleemmoslims Europa uit

The Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant spent an entire article on this video, and brings a resume of what Wilders says in the interview. This was the most viewed article in local news.
De Volkskrant 14 Juni - Wilders: miljoenen moslims moeten weg

More Dutch Newspapers:

Nederlands Dagblad: Wilders: probleemmoslims weg uit Europa

Nieuws.nl Wilders wil miljoenen moslims Europa uitzetten

Nieuwslog - Excite Spotlight - De Dagelijkse Standaard

Madbello15 juni 2009 - Wat is er mis met deze tekst ?

DR TV-avisen 14 juni 2009 kl. 21:00 - Caroline Bruun Pedersen (DR): Alligevel var der ikke mange fra andre partier end Dansk Folkeparti der var mødt op, Henriette Kjær fra de konservative var en af de få fra de regeringsbærende partier der viste flaget..
Balder Blog Juni 14, 2009 - Geert Wilders på Christiansborg - Blandt tilskuerne Karen Jespersen, Naser Khader og Henriette Kjær (a large number of prominent prominent politicians participated in the conference. Denmark is not Britain) 

Balder Blog June 14, 2009 - Video - Geert Wilders In Copenhagen: I might be Prime Minister of Holland next time

Snaphanen blogger live fra Trykkefrihedsselskabets konference om “Free speech and Islam”:
Snaphanen 14 juni 2009 - Christiansborg online, søndag d. 14.6.

DR 13 juni 2009 - Wilders: Jeg har ikke noget imod muslimer

Uriasposten 14 juni 2009 - Geert Wilders og Kurt Strands jagt på M-ordet

Politiken 22 maj 2009 - Geert Wilders på vej mod Europaparlamentet

EU-Parliamentary Elections - 2009

Balder Blog 13 juni 2009 - Danish People’s Party kosher certified: EJC Jews remove DDP from blacklist 

Balder Blog 12 juni 2009 - Protest: Islamkritiker Geert Wilders afstår fra plads i EU-parlament   

Balder Blog 8 juni 2009 - Gennembrud i England: BNP vinder to pladser i EU parlamentet

Balder Blog 8 juni 2009 - Ungarns nationalsindede parti Jobbik stormede ind i EU-parlamentet med 3 pladser

Balder Blog 5 juni 2009 - Holland: VVD’s Mark Rutte’s plea for more freedom of expression in the Netherlands - transscript

Balder Blog 3 juni 2009 - Holland - Holocaust Controversy - ex party leader Bolkestein supports Rutte’s free speech advocacy

Balder Blog 3 juni 2009 - Denial of the Holocaust in Holland - The Judicial Aspects


Part 1 of 2 (Introduction in Danish) Geert Wilders Danish TV interview June 13, 2009 Part 2 of 2 (English with Danish subtitles)

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