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  Moshe Kantor President - EJC
  Moshe Kantor President - EJC
  Finn Rudaisky - Jewish DPP Councillor
  Finn Rudaisky - Jewish DPP Councillor
  August 2008 - Finn Rudaizky, a former leader of the Jewish Community in Denmark, [Mosaisk Trosssamfund] member of the Danish anti-Nazi league, member of the Danish Council for Refugees, and former member of International Network against Islamophobia and Anti-Semitism, joins the xenophobic, nationalist, anti-EU Danish People's Party (DPP). More
  Geert Wilders - Wailing Wall, skullcap
  Geert Wilders - Wailing Wall, skullcap

What will poor Wilders say..., when the blame won't sail away....?

I am wailing, I am wa-ai-ling, Oh Moshe hear me, set me free,.... I am saying, devoutly pray-ing, to be near you to be free....

  Kosher Stamps - Kosher Tax
  Above: Kosher stamps found on foods
  Morten Messerschmidt - MEP - DPP
  Many a Danish teenage girl's walls are decorated with images of young and good looking Messerschmidt (mind you NOT Messerschmitt!). But they will have to linger in vain, because Morten already gave his heart to 49 year old singer Dot Wessman, who vowed to keep a watchful eye on him in Brussels! (Also Zionist)
  Anna Rosbach Andersen - MEP - DPP
Campaign poster: 'Give us Denmark back'
Has since defected from DPP ungracefully
  Soren Krarup - DPP [Søren]
  Moderate physical pressure - Arne Melchior [right] is a real friend. Here he is talking to a convicted Iraqi criminal who is to be booted out of Denmark, inside a Copenhagen church the deportees have hijacked in order to try and stop the coming return to their homeland. 'If the victims have enough blankets and food, and how are the sanitary conditions..' Tell it to me and I'll bring it along, with love from me to you.. Some years ago the same Melchior helped enrich Denmark with a couple of hundred Palestinians and made Israel a better place to live (for Jews) using the exact same methods. They grew into several hundreds and left a trail of crime and social problems which is still growing today.
  Bent Melchior - B'nai B'rith Danmark
  Bent Melchior - B'nai B'rith Danmark

(Late, sorry!) Update: According to information I received from the Dutch blogger Snouck Hurgronje, now also Geert Wilders Freedom Party (PVV) has been taken off the list of evil nationalists. I left the rest of the article below as it was.

According to the Copenhagen newspaper Politiken Friday June 12, the European Jewish Congress (EJC) announced yesterday that the DPP is no longer to be branded as a 'radical right wing party'.

European Jewish Congress removes Danish People's Party from list of 'right wing extremist parties', that recently celebrated victories in the EU-parliament.

The Danish People's Party is no longer lumped together with right wing radical parties such as Geert Wilders' Freedom Party (PVV) in Holland.

This was announced by the European Jewish Congress (EJC), which is an umbrella organization for Jewish organizations in Europe.

ECJ had expressed great concern because of the turn to the right under the EU parliamentary elections, and wrote in an official statement to the EU:

'The Danish People's Party and others will regrettably fire up under those who embrace dangerous concepts such as extreme nationalism, racism, anti-Semitism and xenophobia'.

Danish Jews put pressure on the European Jewish Congress

The Jewish religious community in Denmark (Mosaisk Trossamfund) in Denmark has applied pressure to the Jewish organization in order to have the Danish People's Party removed from the list of right wing radical parties.

The Danish People's Party does not indulge in anti-Semitic statements. I am not a member of the party myself, and I haven't been asked to interfere on behalf of the Danish People's Party, but things got to be right when one expresses criticism', says Finn Schwarz chairman of the Jewish religious community in Denmark.

The Danish People's Party is not anti-Semitic

That's why Finn Schwarz wrote an e-mail to the president of the European Jewish Congress, and asked the organization to withdraw their criticism of the Danish People's Party.

'The Danish People's Party is a democratic party that beliefs in democratic traditions and is a regular partner of the two governing center right parties. The Jewish religious community has had a good co-operation with most of the important parties in Parliament, and the Danish People's Party is no exception', Schwarz wrote in the e-mail.

Wilders remains on the list

At a meeting on Thursday the EJC decided to remove the Danish People's Party from the alert against the 'rabid groups' on their home page, such as Geert Wilders' Freedom Party in Holland (PVV), The Freedom Party in Austria (FPÖ), the British National Party and the Hungarian Movement for the Betterment of Hungary (Jobbik), which according to the Jewish organization regrettably fire up under those who embrace dangerous concepts such as extreme nationalism, racism, anti-Semitism and xenophobia.


Politiken June 12, 2009 - Jøder sletter DF fra sort liste


Kosher Stamp: So now the openly confessing and demonstratively pro-Zionist Danish People's Party finally has got the much sought after kosher stamp, after years of serving Israeli wine at party meetings, after dutifully having approved Danish participation in the Iraq war peace keeping effort, and parts of its leadership's and following's participation in demonstrations justifying the Israeli invasion of Gaza.

As recent as yesterday one of the party's EU candidates who did not get elected, wrote an article titled 'Israel is welcome in the EU'..

But will that be enough for the British Tories, who also wring their noses at the Danish 'Nationalist Light' version of the wicked BNP?

So far it seems newly elected Mr. Morten Messerschmidt (28 year old genius and charmer) and Anna Rosbach Andersen (63) have a hard time finding playmates to form a group. Messerschmidt wooed the British Conservatives, but so far the response has not been very enthusiastic.

Will the Jewish approval change this?

The DPP on it's side has similar reservations towards Le Pen's Front National and the British National Party, Vlaams Belang, and probably most other real nationalist candidates.

It's a bit like a hierarchy based on a scale of political correctness, and the DPP would rather stay on the kosher side of the fence.

What all of this shows, is that if one just dilligently keeps on working, month after month, year after year, no matter the headaches after all the Israeli wine, (and not mentioning those in public), the desired result will come in the end.

It's all a matter of dedication and wanting something bad enough.

But it didn't all come without a struggle; as recent as 2004 one of the partys top ideologues, the reverend Soren Krarup MP for the DPP, was to fight charges of anti-Semitism in court.

The charges were brought by Arne Melchior (MP), brother of the Danish president of B'nai B'rith Bent Melchior. I don't remember how that ended exactly, but I do remember that at some time Mr. Arne Melchior was kicked out of his extreme pro-multicult party Centrum Democrats, because he defended the (in)famous Israeli ambassador to Denmark Carmi Gillon and his methods of extracting information from 'Palestinian terrorists' known as 'moderate physical pressure' . I think this was before waterboarding became popular in those circles though..

I heard it through the grape vine, honey honey....

Well what's more entertaining than some gissip... Some people also questioned Krarups publication of a new translation of Martin Luther's famous classic 'On the Jews and Their Lies' (Von den Jüden und iren Lügen).

Krarup and Co. argued that the purpose was to present a better translation than the one made by some National Socialist sympathiser in the thirties, which was the only one available at that time. Here's som in German and in Danish about the reverend's troubles.

By the way; I suppose the former Chief Rabbi and current president of B'nai B'rith Bent Melchior was not consulted by his fellow Jews from the European Jewish Congress when the decision to overturn the blacklisting was made.

I don't think he would have approved. He usually prefers to have close ties to one of Denmarks most infamous and fundamentalist Imams, and the Muslim community whom he generously offers his support:

'Although it is impossible to know what factors led to the increasing secularization of the Jewish community in Denmark, Bent Melchior attributes some of the loss of religious Jewish life to assimilation, stating that in country as homogeneous as Denmark, the majority culture wins in the long run. The ongoing process of Muslim integration gives Denmark an opportunity to welcome a new culture and religion in Denmark without assimilation.'
(The Danish-American Dialogue On Human Rights) | Danish


A quick look at any European society today should be enough to convince all enlightened Jewish and muslim communities and individuals that cooperation is in their own interest.

Muslim groups have many members, but little influence, while the Jewish community does not have many members, but is well organized and is prepared to share its experience and knowledge. (Politiken March 17 2008)


  'Israels's voice in Parliament' (DPP poster)
  Finn Rudaizky - DF Valgplakat |
Jyllands Posten 23 november 2009:
DF-politiker misbruger offentlige midler

Split in the Jewish community

I suppose it becomes clear now even to the to the uninitiated, that there is some kind of a split inside the Jewish community in Denmark.. While the DPP's foreign affairs spokesman and the party's main strategist Israeli wed Soren Espersen hugs Denmark's chief Rabbi at demonstrations, Mr. Bent Melchior is organizing 'anti-racist' activities together with the islamists..

Makes you wonder, doesn't it?

Anyway the new certification of the DPP is very much welcomed by Danish Israel and DPP supporters, who immediately seized the opportunity to point their fingers at their Norwegian brothers, who of course are the real anti-Semites..

Snaphanen 13 juni 2009 - Another Year of Anti-Semitism and Anti-Israelism in Norway

Poster right - translation:

Election Campaign poster from Jewish DPP candidate Finn Rudaizky (2009 - Denmark has 0.02% Jews):

Finn Rudaizky - Vote Danish, also locally

* No experiments with ISRAEL'S security
* Permanent government funding for Danish-Jewish Museum
* Continuing financial support for Danish-Jewish Film Festival
* Mill Street cemetary shine up and opening to the public (DPP has just secured 1 million Dkr. for that purpose)
*Israel Square (in Copenhagen) shall NOT be renamed Palestine Square




Ideologisk Uren 14 september 2013 - Dansk folkeparti i Israels tjeneste

Balder Blog 13 februar 2013 - Denmark: Politician from the patriotic philo-semitic Danish People’s Party supports genital mutilation of boys and girls (Former anti-multicult party bends to Jewish demands - and the 'Judeo Christians', in this case the Krarup Family; Marie Krarup (MP), Katrine Winkel Holm (Theologican) & father Soren Krarup (Lutheran Priest) as well as the Lutheran Priest; Jesper Langballe led the way - by showing solidarity towards 'religion'! All prominent members of the DPP.

Balder Blog 24 november 2010 - Lene Espersen: “Det arabiske initiativ lever” | Med Dansk Folkepartis støtte; af hensyn til Israel

Klaus Rothstein 18 juni 2009 - Israelsk Frugt

Raapils Blogged-in 18 juni 2009 - Rothstein og de antimuslimske zionister

180grader 22 juni 2009 - Messerschmidt får ikke plads i konservativ gruppe

More philosemitic contamination of European patriotism from Henrik Raeder Clausen (EU candidate for the European Parliament) amongst others linking to 'The Nazi Roots of Palestinian Nationalism'.
Europe News June 12 2009 - A misinterpretation of the European Parliament elections

Politiken 10 juni 2009 - Jøder angriber Dansk Folkeparti (Sanne Fahnøe, Bruxelles)

European Jewish Congress June 9, 2009 - Correction

“As we assess the results of this week’s elections, one disturbing trend has already crystallized ; the gains made by extreme-right groups is a Europe-wide phenomenon. The success of the far-right and nationalistic parties that won seats in the elections on the basis of racist, anti-Semitic and xenophobic platforms points to a clear erosion of tolerance and a clarion call to European officials to immediately engage in intercultural dialogue.

[..] The success of groups as The Freedom Party in the Netherlands, the Freedom Party in Austria (FPO), the Danish People’s Party, the British National Party, and Jobbik in Hungary, among others,..
EJC - June 9, 2009 - European Jewish Congress Alarmed by Extreme Right’s Success in European Elections

Finn Rudaizky, a former leader of the Jewish Community in Denmark, member of the Danish anti-Nazi league, member of the Danish Council for Refugees, and former member of International Network against Islamophobia and Anti-Semitism, joins the xenophobic, nationalist, anti-EU Danish People's Party (DPP).
Balder Blog August 5 2008 - Jewish leader, anti-Nazi League member and Labour councilor in Copenhagen joins the ‘far right’

Mosaisk Upps - More about the Danish People's Party and its Jewish connections

Kulturvänster blir pophöger - June 13, 2009 - "Filosemitisk" är en ärebetygelse i dessa dagar av stigande antisemitism

European Parliament Elections 2009

Balder Blog 13 juni 2009 - Danish People’s Party kosher certified: EJC Jews remove DDP from blacklist 

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