False Flag? Serious suspicions of foul play by the media


As many people will know there was a large anti-islamic manifestation in the German city of Cologne May 10 this year, organized by Pro Köln [Now also a political party] .

Several prominent politicians from European nationalist parties such as Vlaams Belang [Belgium] and FPÖ [Austria] were present and gave speeches.


Pro-Köln is a coalition of political groups based in Cologne that seeks to halt the Islamization of the city, as well as the rest of Germany.

It has been active in forming alliances with groups in other countries, and September 2008 an Anti-Islamization Congress in Cologne was forcibly shut down by “anti-racist” anarchist groups with the tacit support of police and the city authorities (from Gates of Vienna)



Translation from German Blog

Here follows a translation of an article from the German Blog 'Politically Incorrect' (PI) where suspicion is aired about a small group that stood out from the rest of the demonstrators in dress, stature, and behavior.


Politically Incorrect, May 14 - Did WDR cooperate with 'cliché Nazis'?

For the Media they were the 'usual focus of interest' at the Pro Köln Manifestation at the Barmer Square: The two 'cliché Nazis' (Photo 1), let's call them 'Fatty and Stupid', who acted suspiciously trying to get the most attention possible.

Remarkable: At all times they were close to German TV (WDR - West Deutsche Rundfunk) camera man Oliver Köhler, who used three different clips, showing the two 'cliché Nazis' for his report about the event, one shot at the railway station in Siegburg (0:05 Sec.), and then twice during the main event (0:35 Sec. and 2:00 Min.).


Both of them first joined the manifestation at a later time (around noon), and immediately caught the attention of several participants in an an unpleasant manner.

Not only because they in a media savvy way immediately placed themselves on the first row, right in front of the stage, without any consideration for those who already had been there for a longer time, but in the first place because their striking appearances, which set them apart from all the other participants.

Fatty - (Dick) Stupid - (Doof)  

Fat 'Fatty', the unshaved one with the high forehead and the double chin, wore a shirt from the right extreme Berlin band “Deutsch - Stolz - Treue” (D.S.T.) (German - Proud - Faith). Under that it said with red letters “Ave & Victoria” (Hail & Victory), on the back side the shirt read: 'Your gallows are already being made...'.

When the National Anthem was sung, he acted extremely pathetic.

Stupid 'Stupid', the shorter one of the two, had a shaved head and this way he played the part of the classical neo-Nazi - only the jack boots as too obvious a sign were left out. Stupid looked rather nervous during his whole act; when the National Anthem was played he held his right hand to his chest, just as his companion Fatty.

For the media Fatty and Stupid were the perfect cliché Nazis, who could help to put Pro Köln into an ambiguous, extremist light.

Not surprisingly the photographers were all over the two agent provocateurs, especially when the National Anthem was sung:


Here a 5 seconds video clip from the main speech:


The uncoordinated arm movements from both subjects that suggested insecurity were noteworthy.

  The Danish Media...
TV2 - News
Michael Trangbæk - TV2 News
Michael Trangbæk

...are no better than the German manipulators. Only one TV station; TV2 mentioned the Pro Köln Manifestation. As far as I know the clip was only broadcast once, and it is not available on the Internet. After having shown several minutes of footage of red fascist thugs who were setting fire to the streets of Copenhagen the same day, without even once mentioning the word, 'left wing', 'extremists' or any other reference to their political background, (only youngsters, autonomous, activists) a short clip was shown from the Pro Köln event in which the word 'right wing extremists' referring to the organizers and participants in the demonstration, was pronounced at least four times... [Balder comment]

Suspicious: Stupid reaches for his right ear. Did he have to adjust his ear plug? If yes, why did he wear earplugs during a speech, when one usually listens to the speaker?

Fatty and Stupid made their 'strongest' effort, when left wing antis arrived at the site of the manifestation and began provoking. Of course they wormed themselves into the center of the crowd, and scolded into the microphone in bad German:

'Go home you old shitheads'

The newspaper Cologne Express (Kölner Express) picked up this example and presented it to their readers as a video.

Skurril: The two provocateurs were also noticed by Pro Köln official Jörg Uckermann, and he asked the police to remove them from the premises.

The police refused, saying that such could only be ordered by the leader of the manifestation, in this case Manfred Rouhs. So Uckermann got hold of Rouhs, who at that time was on stage, and click! The Express got their much wanted photo; Rouhs on one photo with the two cliché Nazis.

After Roughs intervention 'Stupid' had to pull a jacket over his shirt.



And this way the story was published in the Sunday edition of the Cologne Express:


<-- Newspaper photo

Manfred Rouhs and a right winger.

On his T-shirt it says; 'Your gallows are already being made'.


Also the newspaper 'Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger' published a photo of both of them in its photo gallery

All coincidental?

In the meantime also (Pro-Köln leaders) Markus Beisicht and Jörg Uckermann spoke up about the incident:

Markus Beisicht zu dem Mann mit dem unsäglichen T-Shirt auf dem Anti-Islamisierungs-Kongreß
Jörg Uckermann zu den beiden "Klischeenazis" auf dem Anti-Islamisierungskongreß 2009


Translated from:

Politically Incorrect (PI) May 14, 2009 - Köllewood: Kooperierte WDR mit “Klischeenazis”?

Comment Balder:

The Main Stream Media are the greatest criminals of this day and age.


Deutschland, Deutschland über Alles
  The German National Anthem, sung by 1,000 patriots on May 9, in Cologne, a date Nordrhein Westfalen will remember for a long time to come! More videos from Pro Köln
  'Objective German MSM' camera man displays contempt of Pro Köln activists (detail - click to see whole picture)

The Danish media often complain about the situation for the press and the conditions for journalists in Putin's Russia.

I don't know about the Russian press, but the German the British, and Danish press would deserve some intervention by a higher authority.

Distorting, manipulating and telling straight lies whenever it suits their multicultural agenda. Perhaps we could use some more Putin, and we could send our 'brave freedom loving' media liars to Russia in return.

What use is 'freedom of the press', when that freedom is only being used to brainwash, manipulate, and misinform the public?


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